What Happened to Splikity After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Splikity?

Splikity is a clear and easy-to-use password management tool.

They may use Splikity to securely save, manage, and remember their passwords, removing the risk of forgetting them.

They may use Splikity to safeguard their passwords from hackers seeking to steal their identities.

They may also use Splikity to sync and backup your password across all of their devices.

Additionally, utilizing the Splikity app, they can generate unique and complicated passwords for new sign-ups, keeping you entirely protected from hackers.

Who Founded Splikity?

Splikity was founded by Chad Clark and Doug Clark. Recognizing their lack of technological expertise, the brothers were inspired to develop user-friendly software that reduced the need to memorize passwords while maintaining security.

Most importantly, they made certain that the software was accessible to all users, including older ladies.

Because the brothers lacked technological expertise, they recruited a team to create their application. There was noticeable interest in the program once it was created.

As a result of one of these interests, a business paid $50,000 for the right to use their software.

What Happened to Splikity at the Shark Tank Pitch?

They founded their firm in 2015. Chad and Doug enter Shark Tank and immediately begin telling their story.

Kevin informs them that they have not yet sought cash, but they claim that they are looking for $200K for a 20% interest in the company, indicating a $2 million value.

They both live with their parents and have no technological expertise.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, withdraws quickly because he sees the product as an all-too-easy tool for hackers to steal people’s passwords.

Robert Herjavec wants to understand more about the app’s autonomous features.

Lori Greiner illustrates how simple it would be for a woman, even if she is unskilled with computers, to gain access.

They charge $4.99 per month for a monthly membership or $49.99 for a yearly subscription. Because of a royalty arrangement, their sales had totalled $55,000 since the beginning of the previous month.

Barbara Corcoran wonders whether it just aggregates your passwords, given how often she forgets her own.

Cuban, on the other hand, expresses his displeasure that they are being so secretive about their royalty arrangement since they are unable to reveal who gave them with the offer.

Herjavec, a business titan, admires their efforts but fears he knows “too much,” so he departs.

Corcoran is perplexed, but she walks out since she cannot make money till she understands it.

Greiner leaves as well since she was unable to absorb it soon enough.

The final shark in, O’Leary, tells them that there is demand, but offers 200,000 as a venture loan, repayable with 10% of earnings until the $600,000 is paid back. He also wants a 5% interest in the company.

They appreciate the offer but decline it.

“It is not my job to listen; it is your responsibility to persuade me to listen,” Herjavec responds as they express their dissatisfaction with their unwillingness to give them two more minutes to explain. He says Cuban was very rude.

What Happened to Splikity After the Shark Tank Pitch?

There was minimal demand for the Tank app once it was released.

As of 2021, Doug’s LinkedIn page still describes the company as “open.” The website is still up and running, but their social media accounts are dormant, and their app has only five reviews on the Apple App Store.

What is the Net Worth of Splikity?

Chad Clark and Doug Clark are asking $200,000 for a 20% stake in the company, indicating a $2 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Splikity?

Splikity’s competitors include 1Password, Bitwarden, BlindHash, and Cyclonis.

Splikity FAQS?

What became to Splikity following the shark tank?

There was minimal demand for the Tank app once it was released.

As of 2021, Doug’s LinkedIn page still describes the company as “open.”

The website is still up and running, but their social media accounts are dormant, and their app has only five reviews on the Apple App Store.

Is Splikity still operational?

According to the Splikity LinkedIn page, the company is still in operation.

The Splikity Password management app’s social media pages, on the other hand, have been deactivated for a prolonged length of time.

Furthermore, the app has just 1000+ downloads and 37 reviews on Google Play, earning it a 2.7-star rating.

Did Splikity get a deal from the Sharks?

Splikity tried to negotiate a $200,000 agreement with the sharks. They were all rebuffed, with the exception of Kevin O’Leary, who made an offer but Splikity declined.

How does Splikity differ from other websites in terms of security and safety?

Splikity will never need access to the information they save.

Furthermore, because they do not need access to their data, they encrypt all of it on their device, making it difficult for anybody else to decode it.

They will never be able to decode any of their data, and if they cannot, no one else will be able to either.

Is the data they save with Splikity private?

Yes. Splikity encrypts and decrypts the data saved on their device, guaranteeing that only they have access to it.

Their data is secured using AES-256, an extremely advanced encryption technology used by the government to safeguard and keep TOP SECRET information.

Is it possible for anyone at Splikity to access my passwords?

No. Because Splikity employs industry-leading security, only they have access to their passwords.

On their device, all passwords saved with Splikity are secured with AES-256.

Does Splikity know their Splikity Master Password?

No. Splikity will never be able to gain or remember their Master Password. Their Master Password is only known to them.

Why is it necessary for them to remember their “Splikity Master Password”?

Their Splikity Master Password is crucial because it serves as the encryption and decryption key for the data they keep with Splikity.

It is never stored and is only known to them. This ensures that their data is only available to them.

This also means that they are required to keep a record of their master password.

Because it is the decryption key for their Splikity data, they will be unable to access it if they forget it.

It is vital to create a strong master password that only they know and cannot be guessed by anybody else.

Is their Splikity Master Password stored in Splikity?

Splikity wants people to feel safer than they have ever felt before.

The encryption and decryption key for all of their data is their Splikity Master Password. As a result, they do not save their Splikity Master Password.

What happens if they forget their Splikity Master Password?

They will be unable to reset their Splikity Master Password if they forget it.

They must maintain track of their Splikity Master Password at all times. This is the only password they will have to remember.

What if Splikity gets hacked?

Security is of the utmost importance at Splikity. They’ve gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that their security is the best on the internet, including AES-256 and a staggering 250,000 rounds of PBKDF2 SHA-256.

They do security tests on their system on a regular basis to look for flaws and assure Splikity’s security.

With all of these precautions and systems in place, it is exceedingly unlikely that Splikity will be hacked.

Even if a breach does occur, their data is secure since it is encrypted using the industry-leading AES-256 technology

Where is Splikity’s server located?

Splikity is hosted on AWS, the world’s most trusted cloud computing platform.

Amazon goes to great lengths to secure its data centres, both physically and digitally, and they take further precautions to protect their data.

Who owns Splikity?

Chad Clark and Doug Clark owns the business.

Splikity appeared on which season of Shark Tank?

It was in episode 2 of Season 7.

What can be done with Splikity?

Splikity is a password management application.

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