Shark Tank Dermovia Lace Face Masks Update

What Happened to Lace Your Face after Shark Tank?

What exactly is Lace Your Face?

Lace Your Face is a skin-care business that invented the silicone lace face mask, a groundbreaking skin-care product. This product is a flexible lace fabric infused with moisturizing serum that covers the face to allow you to listen to music, read, relax, work, wash your face, and even sleep while getting full facial treatment.

Lace Your Face is a one-of-a-kind face mask that combines fabric with compression technology and a beneficial skin treatment solution that pushes active ingredients through all layers of the skin.

The masks are composed completely of natural components and are eco-friendly, reusable, and hypoallergenic. The masks increase moisture, smoothness, wrinkles, texture, and other aspects of the skin.

Who is the inventor of Lace Your Face?

Dermovia Lace Your Face was established in 2012 by Anita Sun and Mariella Scott. They are visionaries with a strong desire to provide practical solutions to everyday skincare issues.

They are setting the bar for skin health and beauty innovation, and they are now bringing these results-driven products to the rest of the globe, starting with Dermovia superior shape wear lace face masks.

Dermovia CEO Anita Sun, a Medical Esthetician, and Co-Founder Mariella Scott, a Beautypreneur, are both enthusiastic about providing practical solutions to everyday skincare challenges.

This fueled the founder’s goal to develop specialized solutions that were not only affordable and simple to use, but also performed as well as a visit to the Esthetician.

Many clients had to make sacrifices during the economic downturn in order to save time and money on skincare treatments.

This fueled our founder’s aim to develop specialized items that were not only inexpensive and simple to use, but also functioned as well as a trip to the dentist.

Anita used cotton gauze to help burn plastic surgery patients’ skin recover after treatment. The cloth aided in compressing the skin while also providing nutrients and retaining moisture.

There’s an exfoliating mask, a moisturizing mask, a pimple buster mask bundle with four different masks for weekly usage, and more masks for specific skin issues.

Each mask may only be used twice. Simply put it on and keep it on for 15-20 minutes as advised.

After that, store or discard your mask and massage the leftover stuff into your skin. A set of four or five masks costs $55 and is available on Amazon.

Category Details
Product Lace Your Face – Silicone lace face mask with moisturizing serum
Founders Anita Sun (Medical Esthetician) and Mariella Scott (Beautypreneur)
Company Dermovia
Founded 2012
Shark Tank Pitch Asked for $350,000 for 10% equity (valuation $3.5 million)
Deal Made $350,000 for 15% equity with Lori Greiner (valuation $2.33 million)
Sales $1.3 million (2016), $750,000 (2017), $1 million retail sales after Shark Tank
Patents 4 patents (1 design, 3 utility)
Products Exfoliating mask, moisturizing mask, pimple buster mask bundle, cleansers, serums
Features Reusable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, increases moisture and firmness
Competitors Skin Mask, LUMI PILLAR, EASTSOAP, Sisley Paris, Latisse, Face Lace Mask, Rejuva Mask Range
Estimated Net Worth (2021) $4 million annual revenue

What Happened to Lace Your Face during a Shark Tank Pitch?

Lace Your Face was a skincare product that claimed to protect skin from UV damage and other harmful environmental factors. It was featured on an episode of Shark Tank, where the founders sought investment to expand their business

Following the product’s creation, Anita and Scott agreed to offer it to the Sharks’ investors in order for them to aid them in securing broader offline distribution of their product.

Mariella and Anita enter the Tank seeking $350,000 for a 10% stake in their firm, which is worth $3.5 million.

The Sharks chuckle as they offer their patch since the masks looks ludicrous on the women. They give out samples, and Robert disguises himself as a bank robber.

They continue by stating that each product costs $15 to make and that a four-pack costs $55. In 2016, they sold $1.3 million, and in 2017, they sold $750,000. Nordstrom, Barney’s, and other department stores, as well as Amazon, are among them.

Similarly, they stated that they had four patents, one for the design of the masks and three for utility.

Robert sees too many roadblocks and is the first Shark to back out of the deal.

Mark believes he is not bound by the agreement since he does not know enough about such matters.

Bethenny is offering $350,000 for a 30% discount if the 4-pack is lowered to $39.99.

Daymond claims he knows nothing about the health and beauty sector and he quit it.

Lori is leaving the company because she feels that unless it becomes a bigger brand, people will not buy it.

They notify Bethenny that they have a 1 million unit offer and counter with $350,000 for 15% ownership of the enterprise at a value of $2.33 million.

Lori counters the offer after learning that the firm has received a $1 million unit order, offering $350,000 for 15% ownership at a valuation of $2.33 million, and they make an agreement. Finally, Anita, Scott, and Lori reached a deal.

Shark Tank Dermovia Lace Face Masks Update 1

What happened to Lace Your Face after Shark Tank?

After the three of them reached a deal, the deal was completed, and the firm has thrived in business. In just one year since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has sold $1 million in retail sales.

Lace Your Face has grown in recent years, and it now has an online presence as well as multiple brick-and-mortar locations.

It is a firm that has outperformed its founders’ expectations, and it is a rising corporation whose silicone shape wear lace face masks are widely accessible.

The website provides all of the most recent news, product videos, and other information.

They marketed dry masks as well as their Skin Cycle collection of lotions, serums, cleansers, and scrubs in 2018. In 2021, this company’s annual revenues will be $4 million.

Lace Your Face’s competitors

Skin Mask, LUMI PILLAR, EASTSOAP, Sisley Paris, Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution), Face Lace Mask by Sarah Brooke Cosmetics, Inc., and Rejuva Mask Range by Rejuva Skincare, LLC are among the company’s rivals.

Lace Your Face’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $3.5 million; following the agreement with Lori, the company valuation was $2.33 million, and they have completed multiple sales, which would boost the company valuation in 2021.

Lace Your Face FAQs

How long do the masks stay on skin?

The masks stay on the skin for 20 minutes; however, they can be washed off earlier if desired.

Do the masks leave an unpleasant feeling?

The masks leave a sensation of firmness, but they do not cause any irritation.

 How long are the effects of the masks visible?

The effects last for about a week and could vary depending on the skin type of each individual user.

Does the product help with wrinkles?

The product does not have any wrinkle-fighting properties; however, it provides hydration to the skin.

How to apply the masks?

Put on a comfort layer of cream or lotion before applying the mask and pay attention to the face shape.

 Are there any allergic reactions?

No allergic reactions occur when using this product, and they are safe for most individuals’ skin types.

7How long does it take to see results?

Users could see results in just seven days, but it also depends on their skin types.

How often should the masks be used?

The masks must be applied once or twice a week or as advised.

How much is to purchase all the different masks?

Each mask is $15. Customer can purchase a set of five for $55. A four-pack costs $55 as well.

 What does the product do?

The masks provide hydration and firmness to the skin, and they can reduce the visibility of facial wrinkles by up to 30%.

 Does the product contain sulfates?

The product does not have sulfates.

 Are there any harmful ingredients?

No harmful ingredients are present in the Lace Your Face silicone face mask and lace eye serum.

Are the masks comfortable?

The masks are very comfortable and do not leave any unpleasant sensations on the skin.

Are there any side effects with this product?

No side effects occur when using this product and it is safe for most users’ skin types.

Can you wear makeup with the masks on?

Users can wear makeup with the masks on.

Does the mask work for all skin types?

The mask is suitable for all types of skin. This product also comes in a dry version and it promises to reduce wrinkles and improve firmness in just minutes.

Will it be uncomfortable to wear the masks?

The masks are not uncomfortable for any user, but one may want to remove them after 15 minutes if the sensation becomes strong enough.


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