About Shark Tanks And Products

“Shark Tank” is a popular American reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas or products to a panel of wealthy investors (the “Sharks”) in hopes of securing investment funds in exchange for equity in their company.

The show provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations and business acumen to a wide audience.

Each episode typically features several entrepreneurs who present their products or business ideas to the Sharks. The Sharks, who are successful entrepreneurs and investors themselves, then decide whether to invest in the ventures presented.

They may negotiate with the entrepreneurs on the spot, offering capital in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the business.

The products and businesses featured on “Shark Tank” vary widely, ranging from innovative consumer products and technologies to unique services and entertainment concepts.

Successful pitches can lead to significant investments and strategic partnerships that help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and bring their products to a broader market.

List of All Shark Tank Products

Here is a table with a brief description of each Shark Tank product:

Product Description
180Cup Reusable silicone cup that folds flat for easy storage and portability
2400 Expert Fitness tracker that provides personalized workout plans and nutrition guidance
50 State Caps Hats featuring the outlines of all 50 U.S. states
54 Thrones Luxury toilet paper and bathroom accessories made from bamboo
A Perfect Pear Pear-shaped wine bottle holder and pourer
ABS Protein Pancakes High-protein, low-carb pancake mix
Action Glow Glow-in-the-dark activewear and accessories
Action Rocket Skates Motorized roller skates that can reach speeds up to 12 mph
Addison’s Wonderland Handmade children’s clothing and accessories
Ade + Ayo Sustainable, ethically-made activewear brand
Adventure Hunt Subscription box service that sends clues for scavenger hunts
Afresheet Reusable, washable sheets made from African wax print fabrics
Air Car Compressed air-powered vehicle
AIRA AI-powered virtual assistant for the visually impaired
AirBedz Inflatable mattresses and accessories for camping and travel
Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Skincare products made with glacial mud from Alaska
Aldo Orta Men’s dress shoes with interchangeable soles
Alice’s Table Floral arranging classes and event hosting services
ALL33 Ergonomic office chair designed to improve posture and back health
Alpha M Men’s grooming and lifestyle brand founded by image consultant Aaron Marino
Amber Jewelry made from real Baltic amber
American Ghost Walks Ghost tour company offering paranormal experiences
AngelLift Anti-aging facial device that uses microcurrent technology
Angel Shave Club Subscription service for high-quality razors and shaving products
Angels & Tomboys Clothing line for tween girls
Animated Lure Fishing lure that mimics the movements of live bait
Anytongs Multi-purpose kitchen tongs that can grip, pinch, and lift
Apolla High-performance socks designed for dancers and athletes
Apollo Peak Wine for cats and dogs made from all-natural ingredients
Aqua Vault Portable, lockable beach safe for storing valuables
Aquapaw Pet bathing tool that makes bath time easier
Arber Plant health products to revive and maintain houseplants
Arkeg Portable, self-contained home draft beer system
Ash & Anvil Clothing brand offering well-fitting shirts for shorter men
Atlantic Candy Co. Gourmet, handcrafted salt water taffy
Atlas Monroe Plant-based, vegan “chicken” made from soy and wheat protein
AU Baby Organic, eco-friendly baby products
Aura Bora Sparkling water infused with botanicals and herbs
Autio Portable, rechargeable air compressor for tires
Ava the Elephant Plush elephant-shaped humidifier for children’s rooms
Avocaderia Fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in avocado-based dishes
Baby Loves Everything Subscription box for new parents featuring useful baby products
BabyQuip Baby gear rental service for traveling families
Baby’s Badass Burgers Gourmet, high-quality burger food truck
Back 9 Dips Healthy, protein-packed dips and spreads
Bad Birdie Stylish, performance-focused golf apparel
Bag Bowl Reusable, collapsible bowl that attaches to grocery bags
Baker’s Edge Baking pans designed to ensure even browning of baked goods
Bala Bangles Stylish, weighted wrist and ankle bands for fitness
Balloon Distractions Balloon-based party entertainment and event services
Balm Chicky All-natural, organic personal care products
Bambooee Reusable, biodegradable bamboo paper towels
Banana Loca Frozen banana-based treats and snacks
Banana Phone Novelty banana-shaped smartphone holder and stand
Bang Shack Healthy, protein-packed snack bars
Bantam Bagels Bite-sized, gourmet stuffed bagel balls
Baobab Superfood-infused snack bars and powders
Barbees Customizable, interchangeable doll accessories
Barbell Apparel Stylish, high-performance athletic apparel for men
Bare Ease Reusable, silicone nipple covers for breastfeeding mothers
Bark ‘Ems Edible, all-natural dog treats made from human-grade ingredients
Basepaws At-home DNA test kits for cats to assess health and traits
Basic Outfitters Affordable, high-quality basics and essentials for men
BatBNB Handcrafted, decorative bat houses for backyard wildlife
Baubles + Soles Customizable, interchangeable shoe charms and accessories
Bear Minimum Portable, collapsible camping gear and outdoor products
Beard King Beard grooming and styling tools and accessories
Beardaments Holiday-themed beard ornaments and accessories
Beardbrand Premium men’s grooming products for beard and hair care
Beardhead Knitted hats with built-in face masks and neck warmers
Beartek Touchscreen-compatible gloves with built-in controls
Beatbox Beverages Portable, rechargeable beverage cooler and speaker system
Beddley Luxury, high-thread count bed sheets and bedding
Bedjet Climate comfort system that regulates bed temperature
Bedryder Motorcycle-style seat attachment for wheelchairs
Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Honey-based, low-alcohol mead and wine
Bee Free Honee Plant-based, vegan honey alternative made from apples
Bee Thinking Beekeeping supplies and educational resources
Beer Blizzard Reusable, silicone beer glass chiller sleeves
BEERMKR Countertop home beer brewing system
Beesweet Lemonade / Me & The Bees Lemonade Lemonade made with honey instead of sugar
Behave Bras Wireless, seamless bras designed for comfort and support
Bello Verde Organic, plant-based skincare products
Bellybuds Wearable speakers that play music for unborn babies
Beloved Shirts Customizable, high-quality t-shirts and apparel
Beneath the Ink Temporary tattoos that reveal hidden messages
BenjiLock Fingerprint-enabled padlocks and security devices
Bermies Stylish, high-performance men’s swimwear
Bertello Portable, wood-fired pizza oven
BeSomebody Online platform connecting people with expert-led classes and experiences
Best Wardrobe Solutions Space-saving, multi-functional clothing storage solutions
Better Back Ergonomic, posture-improving backpacks and bags
Better Bedder Fitted sheet holder that keeps sheets in place
Better Life Plant-based, eco-friendly household cleaning products
Beulr Portable, rechargeable electric blanket
Bev Buckle Hands-free, wearable beverage holder
Beverageboy Portable, collapsible beverage cooler and carrier
Beyond Sushi Plant-based, vegan sushi restaurant chain
Biaggi Lightweight, collapsible luggage and travel accessories
Bibbitec Stylish, stain-resistant bibs for babies and toddlers
Biem Butter sprayer that transforms solid butter into a fine mist
Big Bee, Little Bee Handmade, eco-friendly beeswax candles and products
Bird Dogs Stylish, high-performance men’s shorts with built-in compression liners
Bite Toothpaste Bits Chewable, tablet-form toothpaste alternative
Bits Box Subscription box service for LEGO enthusiasts
Black Paper Party Eco-friendly, reusable party supplies and decorations
Black Sands Entertainment Comic book publishing company focused on diverse, Afrocentric stories
Blendtique Custom, personalized wine blending kits
Bleni Blend Portable, rechargeable personal blender for smoothies and shakes
Blinger Hair accessory that applies glitter and crystals to hair
Blondie’s Cookies Gourmet, handcrafted cookie company
Blowzee Hands-free, battery-powered hair dryer
Blueland Eco-friendly, refillable cleaning products and household essentials
Body Jac Fitness device that helps strengthen and tone core muscles
Body Walking Wearable fitness device that improves posture and gait
Bohana Healthy, plant-based snacks made from popped water lily seeds
Boho Camper Vans Custom-built, eco-friendly camper vans for adventure travel
Bolly X Bollywood-inspired fitness classes and workout programs
Bombas Comfort-focused, high-quality socks with a social mission
Bon Affair Low-calorie, low-alcohol wine spritzer
Boarderie Customizable, artisanal charcuterie and cheese boards
Boo Boo Goo All-natural, plant-based first aid ointment
Boobie Bar Lactation-boosting nutrition bars for breastfeeding mothers
Boobypack Hands-free, wearable fanny pack designed for breastfeeding
Boogie Box Fitness At-home fitness classes and workout programs
BoomBoom Natural, plant-based nasal inhalers for congestion relief
Boona Portable, rechargeable air purifier and white noise machine
Boost Oxygen Portable, supplemental oxygen canisters for altitude and athletic performance
Boot Illusion Footwear accessory that creates the illusion of taller boots
BootayBag Subscription service for high-quality, sustainable women’s underwear
Booty Queen Activewear and athleisure apparel designed for curvier figures
Bot-It Robotic, self-cleaning litter box for cats
Bottle Breacher Bottle openers made from recycled .50 caliber shell casings
Bottle Bright Effervescent cleaning tablets for water bottles and hydration gear
Bottlekeeper Insulated, protective sleeves for glass beer bottles
Bounce Boot Camp High-intensity trampoline fitness classes
Bouquet Bar Subscription service for fresh, seasonal floral bouquets
BoxLock Smart padlock that secures packages delivered to your home
Brake Free Technologies Motorcycle brake light that activates during hard braking
Brand Yourself Online platform for creating personalized, professional websites
Brass Roots Sustainable, eco-friendly home and lifestyle products
Bravo Portable, rechargeable electric scooter
Brazi Bites Gluten-free, Brazilian-style cheese bread bites
Brazyn Collapsible, portable foam rollers for muscle recovery
Breathometer Smartphone-connected breathalyzer device
Brellabox Automated, self-service umbrella rental kiosks
Brewers Cow Craft beer-flavored ice cream and sorbet
Bridal Babes Customizable, interchangeable doll accessories for weddings
Bridal Buddy Slip-on garment that prevents wedding dress from dragging on the floor
Brightwheel Mobile app for daycare and preschool management
Brilliant Pad Self-cleaning, automatic dog potty system
Broccoli Wad Healthy, plant-based snack made from dehydrated broccoli
Browndages Bandages designed for diverse skin tones
Brümachen Portable, rechargeable beer foamer and dispenser
Brush Hero Motorized, water-powered cleaning brush for vehicles and surfaces
Bruw Pour-over coffee maker that uses a reusable filter
Bubbly Blaster Handheld, battery-powered device that launches bubbles
Buck Mason Men’s apparel and accessories focused on quality and simplicity
Buckle Me Baby Coats Outerwear designed with built-in safety harness systems for children
Budsies Custom-made plush toys based on children’s drawings
Buena Papa Gourmet, artisanal potato chip company
Buffer Bit Magnetic, adjustable drill bit holder and organizer
Bug Bite Thing Suction tool that removes insect venom and irritants
Buggy Beds Portable, collapsible pet bed and carrier
Bumbling Bee Handcrafted, eco-friendly beeswax candles and products
Bunch Bikes Cargo bikes designed for transporting children and gear
Bundil Cryptocurrency investment and portfolio management app
Bunny Eyez Stylish, functional eyewear for pets
Burlap & Barrel Specialty, single-origin spice company
Business Ghost Ghostwriting and content creation services for businesses
Busy Baby Mat Reusable, silicone placemat with built-in toys for babies
BusyBox Subscription box filled with educational toys and activities for kids
Buttercloth Innovative, wrinkle-resistant dress shirts for men
Buzzy Handheld device that uses vibration to reduce pain from injections
Byoot Customizable, interchangeable shoe accessories and charms
BZBox Portable, collapsible storage containers and organizers
Cab 20 Smartphone-connected, GPS-enabled luggage tracker
Cabinet Health Personalized, at-home health testing kits
Caddy Girls Stylish, functional golf bags and accessories for women
Caddy Swag Customizable, interchangeable golf bag accessories
Caffeindicator Wearable device that tracks caffeine intake and withdrawal
CAKES body Natural, plant-based skincare and body care products
Calm Strips Dissolvable, CBD-infused strips for stress and anxiety relief
Camp No Counselors Adult summer camp experiences and retreats
Candi Customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories
Captain Ice Cream Gourmet, artisanal ice cream company
Carsik Bib Disposable, absorbent bibs for car sickness relief
Cashmere Hair Luxury, high-quality hair extensions made from cashmere
Cat Amazing Puzzle-based cat toys and enrichment products
Cate App Mobile app that provides personalized dating and relationship advice
Cave Shake Keto-friendly, low-carb protein shake mix
CBS Foods [aka: The Original Shrimp Burger] Frozen, pre-made shrimp burger patties
Cellhelmet Smartphone cases with built-in accidental damage protection
Cereal Killerz Gourmet, artisanal cereal company
Cerebral Success Nootropic supplements for cognitive enhancement
Certifikid Online marketplace for discounted family-friendly activities and experiences
Changed Mobile app that provides personalized dating and relationship advice
Chapul Cricket Bars Protein bars made with cricket flour
Cheek’d Online dating service that provides members with business cards to hand out to potential matches
Cheese Chopper Handheld tool for easily cutting cheese into slices
Chef in Black Gourmet spice blend company
Chefee Portable, rechargeable electric coffee maker
ChessUp by Bryght Labs Smart chess board that connects to an app for interactive gameplay
Chi’Lantro Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant chain
Chill-N-Reel Fishing reel that attaches to a cooler
Chill Soda Carbonated, non-alcoholic cocktail mixers
Chill Systems Portable, rechargeable air conditioner
Chirp Fitness wheel designed to improve posture and core strength
Chirps Protein-packed snacks made from cricket flour
Chocomize Online custom chocolate bar maker
Chopstick Art Decorative chopsticks with interchangeable tips
Chordbuddy Device that helps teach people how to play guitar
Christmas Tree Hugger Decorative tree skirt that wraps around the trunk
Chubby Buttons Oversized, easy-to-use buttons for clothing
Cincha Travel Luggage strap that doubles as a shoulder strap
Cinnaholic Gourmet, customizable cinnamon roll bakery
Circadian Optics Bright light therapy lamps for treating seasonal affective disorder
CitiKitty Toilet training kit for cats
Classroom Jams Educational music videos for kids
Clean Bottle Water bottle with removable bottom for easy cleaning
Clean Cube Portable, collapsible laundry hamper
Clean Sleep Mattress protector that blocks dust mites and allergens
Click & Carry Ergonomic shopping bag holder
Clip N Go Reusable, refillable snack bags
Co.alition Subscription box service for sustainable, eco-friendly products
Coatchex Automated coat check system for events
Coco Jack Tool for easily opening coconuts
Coco Taps Coconut water tapping system
Coconut Girl Coconut-based skincare and beauty products
Codi By Pillar Wearable posture correcting device
Coffee Brand Gifts Subscription box for gourmet coffee and tea
Coffee Joulies Stainless steel “beans” that regulate coffee temperature
Coffee Meets Bagel Dating app that provides curated matches
CoinOut Mobile app that rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to charity
COLDEST Portable, rechargeable cooler that keeps items cold for up to 2 years
Collars & Co. Stylish, high-quality dog collars and leashes
College Foxes Tutoring and test prep service for college students
Combat Flip Flops Footwear company that employs artisans in war-torn countries
Controlled Chaos Hair care products for curly and frizzy hair
Cookie Dough Cafe Edible cookie dough dessert shop
Cookie Kahuna Gourmet cookie company
Cool Wazoo Reusable, insulated lunch bag
Cool Wraps Reusable, flexible ice packs
Coolbox Cooler with built-in speakers, chargers, and other features
Coolpeds Portable, foldable electric scooter
Copa Di Vino Single-serve, pre-packaged wine glasses
Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese pour-over coffee kits
Copy Keyboard Keyboard that allows users to copy and paste text
Cordaroy’s Convertible bean bag chairs that unfold into beds
Corks Away Wine bottle stopper that removes corks
Cornucopia Express Gourmet food delivery service
Cougar LTD Luxury, high-performance electric vehicles
Cousin’s Maine Lobster Food truck and restaurant serving Maine-style lobster rolls
CoverPlay Portable, collapsible playpen for babies
Cow Wow Cereal Milk Flavored milk made to taste like cereal milk
Coyote Vest Heated vest for outdoor activities
Cozy Bug Wearable blanket with sleeves
Crea Products Eco-friendly, reusable food storage bags
Create a Castle Reusable, collapsible sand molds for building castles
Creation Nation Custom 3D printed figurines and collectibles
Crio Bru Brewed cocoa drink made from roasted cocoa beans
Crispy Cones Waffle cone maker for ice cream shops
Critter Pricker Humane, reusable rodent deterrent device
Crooked Jaw Mouthguard designed to reduce teeth grinding
CropSticks Reusable, biodegradable chopsticks made from crop waste
Cubicall Soundproof phone booth for office spaces
Cuddle Tunes Stuffed animals that play lullabies
Cup-A-Bug Edible insect snacks
Cup Board Pro Cutting board with built-in storage compartments
Cup Bop Korean fast food restaurant chain
Curie Natural, aluminum-free deodorant
Curl Mix Haircare products for curly hair
Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili Gourmet hot dog chili sauce
Cut Buddy Hair cutting guide for fades and tapers
Cycloramic App that takes panoramic photos by spinning the phone
Da Vinci Eye Portable, handheld projector for artists
DadWare Clothing designed for breastfeeding fathers
Daisy Cakes Gourmet cake company
Dance With Me Wearable device that helps teach dance moves
Dapper Boi Clothing line for masculine-presenting women
Dare-U-Go! Portable, disposable urinal for women
Dart Drones Drone racing league and training program
Dating By Blaine Matchmaking service for busy professionals
DDP Yoga Yoga program developed by wrestler Diamond Dallas Page
Debbie Brooks Handbags Handbags with interchangeable covers
Deboned Baby Back Ribs / Bubba’s Boneless Ribs Pre-cooked, boneless baby back ribs
Define Bottle Water bottle with built-in fruit infuser
Delighted by Hummus Gourmet, flavored hummus
Deskview Portable, foldable laptop stand
DetraPel Stain and water repellent spray for fabrics
Deux Vegan, gluten-free cookie dough
Diaper Dust Powder that absorbs diaper odors
DigiWrap Reusable, eco-friendly food wrap
Dino Don Robotic dinosaur exhibits and attractions
Dirty Cookie Edible cookie dough dessert shop
DNA Simple At-home DNA test kits for health and ancestry
Do Amore Ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamond jewelry
Doc Spartan Natural skincare and grooming products for men
Dog Threads Stylish, matching outfits for dogs and their owners
Dogue Luxury pet hotel and spa
Dollop Gourmet Gourmet, flavored marshmallow toppings
Doorbot Smart video doorbell that connects to a smartphone
Doorman Delivery service that provides a virtual address for packages
Doughp Edible, gourmet cookie dough
Draft Top Tool that removes the top of aluminum cans
Drain Strain Reusable, stainless steel drain cover
Drain Wig Reusable hair catcher for shower drains
Dreamland Baby Weighted sleep sack for babies
Dreampad Pillow that plays soothing music through vibrations
Driftline Sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear
Drip Drop Reusable, silicone wine bottle stopper
Drive Suits Stylish, comfortable travel suits
Drop Stop Car seat gap filler to prevent items from falling through
Drumpants Wearable, electronic drum pads
Dude Products Men’s grooming and hygiene products
DudeRobe Hooded, wearable blanket for men
Dura-Tent Portable, durable camping tent
DynoSafe Portable, rechargeable safe for valuables
Earth Log Eco-friendly, biodegradable fire logs made from recycled materials
Easy Treezy Artificial Christmas tree with built-in lights
Eat Your Flowers Edible flowers and flower-infused products
Echo Valley Meats Gourmet, artisanal meat company
Eco Flower Eco-friendly, preserved flower arrangements
Eco Nuts Natural, eco-friendly laundry detergent made from soap nuts
Ecomowers Robotic, solar-powered lawn mowers
eCreamery Customizable, gourmet ice cream and gelato
EDN Eco-friendly, biodegradable diapers and wipes
Eggmazing Egg Decorator Motorized, rotating egg decorating tool
Electra Sports Drink Electrolyte-infused sports drink
Element Bars Protein bars made with clean, whole food ingredients
Elephant Chat Mobile app for connecting with strangers
Elephant Pants Comfortable, stylish pants with elephant designs
Emazing Lights LED gloves and accessories for light shows
Emergencee Compact, reusable feminine hygiene products
Energy Bits Nutritional supplements made from spirulina algae
Enso Rings Silicone wedding rings for active lifestyles
Esso Watches Luxury, minimalist watches
Eterneva Service that turns cremated ashes into diamonds
Eve Drop Wearable device that monitors breast milk production
EverlyWell At-home health testing kits for various conditions
Everytable Healthy, affordable meal delivery service
EVP Extreme Vehicle Protection Protective film for vehicle paint and surfaces
Evrewares Reusable, eco-friendly food storage containers
Expedition Subsahara Ethical, sustainable clothing made in Africa
Extreme Sandbox Heavy equipment operation experience for the public
Eyebloc Privacy cover for webcams to prevent hacking
Eyewris Eyewear with built-in biometric security features
EZ-Pee-Z Portable, disposable female urination device
EZ PZ Silicone placemats with raised edges to contain messes
EZ VIP Portable, collapsible VIP access pass holder
EZC Pak Herbal supplement packs for immune system support
Face Blok Reusable, silicone face masks with replaceable filters
Face Yoga Facial exercise program to improve skin and muscle tone
Fairytale Wishes, Inc. Personalized storybooks and gifts for children
FairyTail Pet Care Luxury pet hotel and spa
Fashiontap Mobile app for discovering and purchasing fashion items
Fat Ass Fudge Gourmet, decadent fudge company
Fat Shack Fast-casual restaurant chain serving indulgent comfort foods
Father Figure Clothing line for masculine-presenting women
Felt Customizable, interchangeable felt accessories
Fiber Fix Repair tape that bonds to itself to fix broken items
Fidgetland Fidget toys and tools for focus and stress relief
Fila Manila Sustainable, ethically-made activewear brand
Final Straw Reusable, collapsible metal straw with cleaning brush
Fire Avert Automatic stovetop fire suppression system
FireFighter Turnout Bags Repurposed firefighter turnout gear made into bags
FireFighter1 Subscription box for firefighter-themed products and gear
First Defense Nasal Screen Nasal filters that block allergens and pollutants
First Saturday Lime Subscription service for fresh, seasonal limes
Fish Fixe Subscription service for high-quality, sustainable seafood
Fishwife Canned, gourmet seafood products
FitDeck, Inc. Deck of exercise cards for at-home workouts
FitFighter Strength training equipment and workout programs
Fitness Stride Wearable fitness tracker that analyzes gait and posture
Fixed Bicycle repair and maintenance subscription service
Fizzics Countertop beer dispenser that enhances flavor and foam
Flag Customizable, interchangeable flag designs
Flasky Flowers Floral arrangements inside liquor bottles
Flated Portable, inflatable furniture and home decor
Flaus Natural, aluminum-free deodorant
FlexScreen Flexible, removable window screens
Fling Golf Hybrid sport combining golf and frisbee
Flip It Cap Baseball cap with a built-in visor that flips up
Flip Outz Reversible, double-sided clothing and accessories
Flipstik Adhesive phone grip and stand
Float Baby Infant float and tub for gentle bathing
Float ‘N’ Grill Floating, portable grill for on-the-water cooking
Floating Mug Mug that appears to float above its saucer
Flora Eco-friendly, biodegradable feminine hygiene products
FlyWithWine Portable, leak-proof wine carrier for air travel
Foam Party Hats Customizable, foam party hats and headpieces
Fohawx Mohawk-style hair extensions and accessories
Foot Cardigan Subscription service for high-quality, fun socks
Foot Fairy Foot care products and treatments
Fort Modular, customizable furniture for kids
Fort Magic Reusable, building kit for creating indoor forts
Fortress Clothing Tactical, protective clothing for outdoor activities
Forus Athletics Sustainable, ethically-made activewear brand
Frameri Interchangeable, customizable eyeglass frames
Freaker USA Insulated, knitted can and bottle holders
Freeloader Portable, rechargeable phone charger
Frends Luxury, high-performance headphones
Frescos Naturales Organic, plant-based skincare products
Fresh Bellies Organic, plant-based baby food
Fresh Patch Subscription service for real grass potty pads for dogs
Freshly Picked Stylish, high-quality moccasins and accessories for babies
Fridge Fronts Customizable, magnetic refrigerator door covers
Fried Green Tomatoes Gourmet, Southern-style fried green tomato company
Frill Clothing Stylish, feminine activewear for women
Frozen Farmer Gourmet, farm-to-freezer ice cream and sorbet
FryAway Cooking oil that solidifies for easy disposal
Frywall Splatter guard that attaches to pans to contain oil
Fun Time Express Mobile, interactive entertainment for parties and events
Funbites Food cutter that transforms foods into fun shapes
Fun Cakes Gourmet, customizable cake pops and desserts
FunkkOFF! Odor-eliminating, reusable deodorizer discs
Funky Mello Gourmet, flavored marshmallow treats
Fur Natural, plant-based hair and skincare products
Fur Zapper Reusable, eco-friendly lint and pet hair remover
Fuzzibunz Reusable, high-performance cloth diapers
Gallant At-home sperm testing and fertility analysis kits
Gameday Couture Stylish, high-quality women’s sports apparel
Gameface Customizable, interchangeable sports facemasks
Games2U Mobile, interactive gaming and entertainment for events
Garage Celebrations Subscription box for garage-themed party supplies
Garage Door Lock Keyless, smartphone-controlled garage door lock
GarmaGuard Protective, anti-chafing garment liners
Gato Cafe Cat cafe and adoption center
Gatsby Chocolate Gourmet, handcrafted chocolate truffles
Gayla Bentley Luxury, high-fashion clothing line for plus-size women
Geek Chic Stylish, geeky-themed apparel and accessories
Geek My Tree Customizable, interchangeable Christmas tree toppers
Genius Juice Organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices
Genius Litter Self-cleaning, odor-eliminating cat litter
Gently Soaps Natural, plant-based bar soaps and bath products
Geo Orbital Wheel Motorized, omnidirectional bicycle wheel
GetAway Subscription service for discounted travel experiences
GHIA Non-alcoholic, botanical-infused aperitif
Gift Card Rescue Online marketplace for discounted gift cards
Glace Cryptotherapy Cryotherapy-based skincare products
Gladiator Lacrosse High-performance lacrosse equipment and gear
GloveStix Deodorizing, sanitizing inserts for sports gloves
Glove Wrap Fingerless, convertible gloves with built-in hand warmers
Glow Recipe Natural, fruit-based skincare products
Go Go Gear Motorcycle apparel and accessories
Go Oats Oatmeal-based, on-the-go snack bars
Goalsetter Adjustable, portable basketball hoops for home use
Goat Pet Subscription service for renting a goat for lawn mowing
Gobie H2O Reusable, filtered water bottles
Goga Goat Yoga Goat yoga classes and experiences
Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Bucket filled with real gold nuggets for prospecting
Golf Kicks Stylish, high-performance golf shoes
Good Grief Celebrations Grief support and memorial planning services
Good Hangups Damage-free, removable wall hooks and hangers
Gotta Have S’more Gourmet, artisanal s’mores kits
Goumi Organic, bamboo-based baby clothing and accessories
Goverre Spill-proof, portable wine glasses
Grace and Lace Stylish, versatile women’s clothing and accessories
Graffiti Removal Service Professional graffiti removal and cleaning services
Granola Gourmet Gourmet, artisanal granola and snack mixes
Grease Bags Reusable, leak-proof bags for disposing of cooking oil
Grease Monkey Wipes Heavy-duty, grease-cutting cleaning wipes
Greenbox Subscription service for eco-friendly household essentials
Green Garmento Reusable, collapsible garment bag for dry cleaning
Grill Charms Customizable, interchangeable grill accessories
Grind Basketball High-performance basketball training equipment
Grinds Nicotine-infused coffee pouches for oral stimulation
Grip Clean Heavy-duty, natural hand cleaner for mechanics
Groovebook Photo printing and album subscription service
Grouphug Solar-powered, portable phone chargers
Grypmat Non-slip, flexible tool mats for mechanics
Guard Llama Portable, wearable personal safety alarm
Guardian Bikes Bicycles with built-in safety features for kids
Gunnar Optics Blue light-blocking computer and gaming glasses
Guzzle Buddy Reusable, silicone wine bottle topper and pourer
H2W – Sunstache Sunglasses with built-in UV-blocking mustache
HairFin Hairbrush with built-in hair extensions
Hairy Grabster Reusable, sticky lint and hair remover
Halloween Moments/Pumpkin Glove Scraper Reusable, silicone pumpkin carving tools
Hamboards Longboard-style skateboards for surfing-inspired riding
Hammer & Nails Upscale, men’s grooming and nail salon franchise
Hampton Adams Luxury, high-performance men’s dress shirts
Handbag Raincoat Reusable, waterproof cover for handbags
Handout Gloves Fingerless, convertible gloves with built-in hand warmers
Handy Pan Nonstick, multi-purpose cooking pan
Hangease Adjustable, ergonomic hanger for clothing
Hannukah Tree Topper Customizable, interchangeable Hanukkah tree toppers
Happi Floss Biodegradable, plant-based dental floss
Happy Feet Therapeutic, heated foot massager
Hargitt Marine Services Boat repair and maintenance services
Hatch Baby Smart nursery devices that track baby’s health data
Hater Mobile app for finding compatible matches based on dislikes
Haven Lock Keyless, smart home security lock system
Heart Pup Plush, heart-shaped dog toys
Heat Helper Portable, rechargeable electric blanket
Heather’s Choice Nutrient-dense, dehydrated meals and snacks for outdoor adventures
Heidi Ho Plant-based, vegan cheese alternatives
Hello Prenup Online platform for creating customized prenuptial agreements
Hell’s Bells Customs Custom-built, high-performance motorcycles and accessories
Henry’s Humdingers Gourmet, artisanal hot sauce company
Hibear Multi-functional, insulated water bottle with various accessories
HiccAway Disposable, patented device that stops hiccups
Hidrent Portable, refillable water bottle with built-in purification
Hill Billy Brands Apparel and accessories featuring Appalachian-inspired designs
Himalayan Dog Chew All-natural, long-lasting dog chews made from Himalayan yak and cow milk
Hip Chixs Stylish, high-performance athletic apparel for women
Hire Santa Marketplace for booking professional Santa Claus performers
His & Her Bar Customizable, gender-neutral soap and skincare products
Hold Your Haunches Shapewear and activewear designed to flatter the figure
Holiball, The Inflatable Ornament Reusable, inflatable Christmas ornaments
Honey Bunchies Gourmet, honey-infused granola bars and snacks
Honeyfund Crowdfunding platform for honeymoon and wedding-related expenses
Hood Hat Hooded baseball cap with built-in face mask
Hoodie Pillow Wearable, hooded travel pillow
HoopMaps Customizable, interactive basketball training aids
Hoppy Paws Reusable, silicone stamps for decorating holiday cookies
Hopscotch Mobile app that connects parents with babysitters and nannies
Hot Mama Gowns Stylish, comfortable hospital gowns for new mothers
Hot Shot Handheld, battery-powered bug zapper
Hot Tot Portable, rechargeable baby bottle warmer
Hotels By Day Marketplace for booking hotel rooms during the day
How Do You Roll? Customizable, made-to-order sushi restaurant chain
How To Be a Readhead Haircare products and resources for redheads
Hug Sleep Weighted blanket designed to provide comfort and relaxation
Hugo’s Amazing Tape Reusable, super-strong adhesive tape
Human Bobber Inflatable, wearable personal flotation device
HummViewer Handheld, digital microscope for observing hummingbirds
Hungry Harvest Subscription service for imperfect, surplus produce
HyConn Reusable, leak-proof connectors for garden hoses
Hydromax Portable, handheld water pressure booster
Hydroviv Customizable, under-sink water filtration system
I love Chamoy Gourmet, Mexican-inspired snack and condiment company
I Want to Draw a Cat for You Online platform for custom cat drawings
IceBeanie Insulated, reusable beverage holder that keeps drinks cold
Ice Age Meals Frozen, pre-made, nutrient-dense meals
Ice Chips Crunchy, low-calorie, sugar-free candy made from xylitol
Ice Shaker Insulated, stainless steel shaker bottle for protein drinks
ICPooch Smartphone-connected, remote-controlled pet treat dispenser
Icy Breeze Portable, battery-powered personal air conditioner
iFork Utensil that combines a fork and knife into one tool
Illumibowl Motion-activated, color-changing toilet night light
Ilumi Solutions Smart, color-changing LED lighting products
Inboard Electric, high-performance skateboards and scooters
Inchbug Reusable, customizable clothing labels for kids
Incredible Eats Gourmet, artisanal food company featuring unique flavor combinations
Influencers in the Wild – The Game Party game that challenges players to imitate social media influencers
Inirv Smart, voice-controlled kitchen safety system
Inkflip Online platform for creating custom-designed t-shirts and apparel
Innovation Pets Innovative, high-quality pet products and accessories
InstaFire Compact, lightweight fire starter cubes made from renewable materials
Instant Lifts Reusable, self-adhesive bra lift pads
Intelli-Stopper Technology Automatic shut-off device for household water leaks
Invisarack Discreet, wall-mounted storage racks for household items
Invisiplug Camouflaged, tamper-resistant electrical outlet covers
Ionic Ear Wearable, rechargeable device that relieves ear pain
iRetron Retro-style, handheld gaming console
iSlide Customizable, interchangeable sandals and slides
Jack’s Stands and Marketplaces Portable, collapsible stands and displays for outdoor markets
Jackson’s Honest Organic, non-GMO potato chips and snacks
Jada Spices Gourmet, artisanal spice blends and seasonings
Jared Joyce [aka: Five Minute Furniture] Innovative, modular furniture that assembles in minutes
Jarrett & Raja Productions Live magic and entertainment shows and experiences
Jax Sheets Luxury, high-thread count bed sheets and bedding
Jay’s Pet Butter All-natural, peanut-based dog treats and supplements
Jeska Shoe Company Stylish, high-quality women’s shoes and accessories
JicaFoods Healthy, plant-based snacks made from jicama
JiggAerobics Fitness program that combines aerobics with vibration training
Jiggy Puzzles Customizable, high-quality jigsaw puzzles featuring artwork
Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry Seasoned, pre-breaded fish fry mix
Jolly Roger Telephone Co. Novelty, vintage-inspired telephone products
Jones Scones Gourmet, artisanal scone mixes and baked goods
Jump Forward Portable, collapsible trampoline for fitness and fun
Jungle Jumparoo Inflatable, interactive bounce house for kids
Junobie Reusable, eco-friendly menstrual pads and liners
Just the Cheese Baked, crunchy cheese snacks
K3 Shooting Band Wearable, reusable rubber band for target practice
K9 Mask Protective face masks for dogs to filter air pollutants
Kahawa 1893 Specialty, single-origin coffee brand from Kenya
Kalyx Customizable, modular hydroponic gardening systems
Kane & Couture Luxury, high-fashion pet apparel and accessories
Kanga Portable, collapsible storage containers and organizers
Ka-Pop! Healthy, popped ancient grain snacks
Kawaii Lighting Whimsical, decorative LED lighting products
Kazam Smartphone-connected, voice-controlled home security system
Keen Home Smart, energy-efficient home ventilation systems
Kent Luxury, high-performance men’s grooming products
Kettle Gryp Portable, adjustable grip that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell
Kidrunner Hands-free, jogging stroller for active parents
KidsLuv Organic, plant-based kids’ beverages and snacks
Kin Apparel Stylish, high-quality activewear for women
Kinfield Natural, plant-based insect repellent and skincare products
Kisstixx Lip balm that comes in complementary flavors for couples
Kitchen Safe Timed storage container that locks to limit access to snacks
Kit Lender Rental service for outdoor gear and equipment
Kitty Kasas Modular, customizable cat furniture and scratching posts
Knife Aid Mail-in knife sharpening and repair service
Kodiak Cakes Whole grain, protein-packed pancake and waffle mixes
Kookin’ Cap Baseball cap with built-in cooking utensils
Krapp Strapp Portable, collapsible toilet seat for outdoor use
Kreyòl Essence Sustainable, ethically-sourced Haitian beauty products
Kronos Golf High-performance, customizable golf clubs
Kudo Banz Reward system that encourages positive behavior in children
Kudos Healthy, protein-packed snack bars
Kwik Hang Damage-free, removable wall hooks and hangers
Kymera Board Electric, high-performance surfboard
Kymera Body Board Electric, motorized body board for water sports
LA Haunted Hayride Immersive, horror-themed haunted attraction experience
Lace Your Face Reusable, silicone face masks with interchangeable designs
Lady Alpha Stylish, high-performance activewear for women
Laid Brand Luxury, sustainable bedding and sleepwear
Lapel Project Customizable, interchangeable lapel pins and accessories
LARQ Self-cleaning, UV-light water purification bottles
Las Vegas Wedding Wagon Mobile wedding chapel and elopement services in Las Vegas
Last Lid Reusable, silicone lids that fit various container sizes
LavaBox Portable, rechargeable power bank and outdoor lighting device
Le-Glue Reusable, super-strong adhesive glue
Leaux Racing Trikes High-performance, recumbent tricycles for fitness and recreation
Ledge Pillow Ergonomic, adjustable pillow for side sleepers
Legacy Shave Luxury, high-quality shaving products for men
Legal Grind Specialty coffee shop and law office hybrid
Legendary Burgers Gourmet, high-quality burger restaurant chain
Let Them Eat Candles Edible, chocolate-based candles for desserts and celebrations
Liberate Studio Customizable, modular furniture for small spaces
Liddup Motion-activated, LED-illuminated toilet night light
Life Lift Systems Portable, motorized lift chair for elderly and disabled individuals
Lifebelt Wearable, inflatable personal flotation device
Life Caps Nutritional supplements designed to support overall health
Liftid Neurostimulation Wearable device that uses neurostimulation to relieve pain
Lifter Hamper Laundry hamper with built-in lift mechanism for easy transport
Light Film (Power Decal) Adhesive, solar-powered LED lights for decor and safety
Like Air Puffcorn Healthy, low-calorie popcorn made with air-popping technology
Lil Advents Customizable, reusable advent calendar for children
LineCutterz Fishing line cutters and accessories
Linka Smart, keyless bike lock and security system
Lion Latch Secure, tamper-resistant door latch for homes and businesses
Lip Bar Vegan, cruelty-free lipstick and lip care products
Lipstix Remix Customizable, interchangeable lip gloss and lipstick components
Liquid Money Portable, reusable, silicone money clip
Lit Handlers Rechargeable, LED-illuminated oven mitts and pot holders
Lite-Netics Magnetic, modular lighting system for home and office
Litter Eco-friendly, biodegradable cat litter made from renewable materials
Little Burros Handcrafted, artisanal Mexican-inspired home decor
Little ELF Portable, rechargeable electric foot warmer
Little Nomad Foldable, portable play mats for children
Living Christmas Co Rental service for live, potted Christmas trees
Liz Lovely Cookies Gourmet, all-natural cookie company
Llama Brew Craft beer infused with llama milk
Locker Board Modular, customizable locker organizer system
Lockerbones Portable, collapsible locker shelves and storage
Lockstraps Reusable, adjustable straps for securing items in lockers
Loctote Slash-resistant, lockable bags and backpacks
Loliware Edible, biodegradable cups and tableware made from seaweed
Lollacup Spill-proof, straw-equipped sippy cups for toddlers
Long Table Portable, expandable dining table for outdoor gatherings
Long Wharf Supply Co. Nautical-inspired home decor and accessories
Lord Nut Levington Gourmet, artisanal flavored peanuts and nuts
Lord von Schmitt Luxury, high-performance electric motorcycles
Lose 12 Inches In 12 Workouts Fitness program that claims to reduce inches in 12 workouts
Lovepop 3D pop-up greeting cards and gifts
LoveSync Device that discreetly signals interest in intimacy to a partner
Love Is Project Jewelry and accessories that empower artisans worldwide
Love & Pebble Handmade, personalized pebble art and home decor
LUCIDArt Customizable, LED-illuminated wall art
LugBug Portable, collapsible luggage cart for easy transport
Lugless Luggage delivery service that ships bags directly to your destination
LuLuBang Portable, rechargeable wireless speaker and lantern
Luma Soda Sparkling, probiotic soda made with real fruit juice
Lumi Portable, rechargeable lighting solutions for camping and emergencies
Luminaid Inflatable, solar-powered lanterns for outdoor use
Lumio Transformable, origami-inspired lamps and lighting
Luna Magic Cruelty-free, vegan makeup and beauty products
Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles Artisanal, small-batch pickled vegetables
M Tailor Custom-fitted, high-quality men’s dress shirts
M3 Girls Stylish, high-performance activewear for tween girls
Mad Rabbit Tattoo Natural, plant-based tattoo aftercare products
Magic Cook Portable, rechargeable induction cooktop
MagicDates Matchmaking service that uses astrology to find compatible partners
Magic Moments Customizable, interactive greeting cards with recorded messages
Major Mom Organizational solutions and storage products for busy families
Makeup Junkie Bags Stylish, functional makeup bags and organizers
Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Artisanal, small-batch kimchi products
Mama Sing My Song Personalized lullaby recordings for newborns
Mama’s Milkbox Subscription service for breastfeeding and postpartum products
Man Candle Masculine-scented, soy-based candles
Man Medals Customizable, engraved medals and awards for men
Man-Pack Tactical, multi-functional backpacks and bags for men
Mango Mango’ Mango Preserves Gourmet, artisanal mango preserves
Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Custom, hand-carved pumpkins for Halloween and events
Manscaped Men’s grooming and personal care products
Marz Sprays Natural, plant-based insect repellent sprays
Matador Meggings Stylish, high-performance men’s leggings
Maven’s Creamery Gourmet, small-batch ice cream and frozen treats
MAXPRO Fitness Portable, all-in-one home gym system
MB Lashes Magnetic, reusable false eyelashes
McClary Bros Artisanal, small-batch drinking vinegars and shrubs
mcSquares Reusable, dry-erase sticky notes and whiteboards
Mealenders Chewable, appetite-suppressing lozenges
Measuring Shovel Gardening shovel with built-in measurement markings
Meat the Mushrooms Gourmet, plant-based meat alternatives made from mushrooms
Mee-Ma’s Homestyle, Southern-inspired baked goods
Mella Pet Care Natural, plant-based pet care products
Melni Customizable, interchangeable jewelry components
Mensch on a Bench Plush, Hanukkah-themed toy that teaches Jewish traditions
Metric Mate Portable, digital kitchen scale with unit conversion
Mighty Carver Electric, motorized knife for carving meats and vegetables
Milk & Brookies Gourmet, hybrid cookie-brownie treats
Milk Snob Nursing covers and car seat canopies for breastfeeding moms
Milkify Subscription service for personalized, lactation-boosting teas
Mini Materials Miniature, realistic construction materials for model building
Minus Cal Low-calorie, sugar-free sweetener made from monk fruit
Mir Mir Customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories
Misfit Foods Upcycled, nutrient-dense snacks made from surplus produce
Miso Media Music education software and learning tools
Mission Belt Ratchet-style, adjustable belts without holes
MistoBox Subscription service for specialty, small-batch coffee
Mix Bikini Customizable, mix-and-match swimwear separates
Mo’s Bows Handmade Bow Ties Stylish, handcrafted bow ties and accessories
Mobcraft Beer Crowdsourced, custom craft beer brewery
Moberi Portable, pedal-powered blender for making smoothies on the go
Mod Mom Eco-friendly, modern furniture for kids
Modern Picnic Stylish, insulated lunch bags and food storage containers
Modern X-mas Tree Modular, customizable artificial Christmas trees
Moink Subscription service for high-quality, ethically-sourced meat
Moki Doorstep Portable, collapsible step stool for accessing high shelves
Moment Smartphone camera accessories and lenses
Monkey Mat Portable, waterproof mat for outdoor activities
Monosuit Minimalist, one-piece swimsuits and bodysuits
Monti Kids Montessori-inspired educational toys and learning kits for babies
Morninghead Disposable, absorbent hair cap for quick hairstyling
MOSH Natural, aluminum-free deodorant and personal care products
Mother Beverage (Poppi) Sparkling, probiotic soda made with real fruit juice
mountainFLOW Eco-Wax Plant-based, eco-friendly ski and snowboard wax
Mr. Poncho Reusable, waterproof ponchos for outdoor activities
Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Gourmet, artisanal meat pies and baked goods
Muddy Water Camo Customizable, high-performance camouflage patterns
Muff Waders Insulated, waterproof waders for cold-weather fishing
Mural Painters Inc. On-demand, professional mural painting services
Mush Foods Gourmet, plant-based meat alternatives made from mushrooms
Must Love Subscription box service for dog owners and their pets
MuteMe Portable, discreet microphone mute button for video calls
Muvez Convertible, slip-on shoes that transform into sandals
My Cold Snap Reusable, flexible ice packs for pain relief and cooling
My Fruity Faces Edible, fruit-based decorations for baked goods and desserts
My Therapy Journal Guided journal and planner for mental health and wellness
My Wonderful Life Online platform for creating personalized eulogies and tributes
MyoStorm Portable, rechargeable massage gun for muscle recovery
Myself Belts Adjustable, customizable belts without holes
NailPak Portable, travel-friendly nail polish organizer
Naja Sustainable, ethically-made lingerie and loungewear
Nana Hats Stylish, reversible sun hats for women
Napwell Wearable, light-blocking sleep mask that simulates sunrise
Nardo’s Natural Natural, plant-based skincare and personal care products
National Association of Bubble Soccer Organizes and promotes the sport of bubble soccer
Natural Grip Reusable, non-slip grip pads for weight lifting
Naturally Perfect Dolls Diverse, inclusive line of dolls representing different ethnicities
Nature’s Wild Berry Gourmet, artisanal berry-based jams and preserves
Nearly Newlywed Online marketplace for pre-owned wedding dresses and accessories
Neat Cheeks Reusable, silicone facial cleansing pads
Neo Innovations Innovative, high-tech home and lifestyle products
NERDiT NOW Smartphone and electronics repair franchise
Nerdwax All-natural, beeswax-based product that prevents glasses from slipping
Neuro Nootropic supplements for cognitive enhancement
New Era Brands (Clip n Go) Reusable, clip-on food storage bags
Nexersys Interactive, AI-powered home boxing and fitness system
Nice Pipes Stylish, high-performance smoking accessories
NightCap Wearable, light-blocking sleep mask that blocks blue light
NightRunner 270 Rechargeable, LED-illuminated shoe lights for nighttime running
Ninja Cards Customizable, interchangeable playing cards with ninja-themed designs
Nitro Force Nitrous oxide-infused energy drink
No Fly Cone Reusable, collapsible dog cone to prevent licking and biting
No Limbits Adaptive, adjustable clothing for individuals with limb differences
No Mo-Stache Wax strips that remove unwanted facial hair
No Phone Minimalist, distraction-free mobile phone alternative
Noene Shock-absorbing insoles and athletic accessories
Noggin Boss Adjustable, protective headband for infants and toddlers
Nohbo Dissolvable, zero-waste personal care products
Nomiku Sous vide immersion circulator for home cooking
NootroBox Nootropic supplements and cognitive enhancement products
Nopalera Skincare products made with prickly pear cactus
Noshi Food Paint Edible, plant-based food coloring and decorations
Notehall Online marketplace for buying and selling college notes
Nourish and Bloom Organic, plant-based baby food and supplements
Novel Effect Voice-activated, interactive children’s books
Nowhere Bakery Gourmet, artisanal baked goods and pastries
Nubrella Hands-free, self-standing umbrella
Nuchas Gourmet, artisanal empanada company
Nui Keto-friendly, low-carb cookie company
Numilk At-home nut milk maker and dispenser
Nutr Personalized, plant-based protein powder blends
Nuts ‘N More High-protein, low-sugar nut butters and spreads
OA Foods / Palmini Low-carb, plant-based pasta alternatives made from hearts of palm
Oat Haus Oat-based, plant-powered snacks and baked goods
Oatmeals Gourmet, artisanal oatmeal restaurant and cafe
Obvious Wines Organic, low-intervention wines
Odang Hummus Gourmet, plant-based hummus made with Korean ingredients
ODR Sled Dogs Handcrafted, high-quality dog sleds and accessories
Off the Cob Gourmet, artisanal popcorn company
Oilerie USA Specialty olive oil and balsamic vinegar retailer
Omni Modular, customizable furniture system
One Sole Customizable, interchangeable shoe soles
ooakshell Eco-friendly, biodegradable phone cases made from seashells
oogiebear Baby nasal aspirator and ear cleaner
ootBox Subscription service for outdoor gear and equipment
OpulenceMD Beauty Luxury, high-performance skincare products
Ora Organics Plant-based, vegan supplements and superfood powders
Origaudio Customizable, eco-friendly tech accessories
Original Comfy Wearable blanket with sleeves and pockets
Original Runner Co. Customizable, high-quality doormats and runners
Original Stretchlace Reusable, adjustable shoelaces
Ornament Anchor Reusable, damage-free Christmas tree ornament hooks
Oru Kayak Origami-inspired, foldable kayaks
Overplay Subscription service for high-quality sports equipment
Outer Eco-friendly, outdoor furniture company
OverEZ Chicken Coops Portable, easy-to-assemble chicken coops
Packback Books Affordable, on-demand textbook rental service
Paddlesmash Portable, collapsible ping pong table
Paintbrush Cover Reusable, silicone paintbrush covers
Painted Pretzel Gourmet, artisanal pretzel company
Pair Eyewear Customizable, interchangeable eyeglass frames
Paleo Diet Bar Paleo-friendly, low-carb protein bars
Pandaloon Panda-themed activewear and athleisure apparel
Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Plant-based, vegan jerky made from mushrooms
Paparazzi Proposals Proposal planning and photography services
Paper Box Pilots Subscription service for paper airplane kits
Parker Maple Farm Maple syrup and maple-infused products
Partie Poche Reusable, insulated snack bags
Parting Stone Service that transforms cremated remains into stones
Pashion Footwear Convertible high heels that transform into flats
Pashko Luxury, high-performance activewear for women
Pasta by Hudson Gourmet, artisanal pasta company
Pavlok Wearable device that helps break habits and addictions
Pawnix Subscription service for pet supplies and accessories
PC Classes Online Online computer programming courses and tutorials
PDX Pets Luxury pet hotel and spa franchise
Peaceful Fruits Organic, fair trade fruit snacks
Peanut Butter Pump Hands-free, automatic peanut butter dispenser
Pearachute Subscription service for kids’ classes and activities
Peekaboo Organics Organic, plant-based baby food and snacks
People’s Design Customizable, interchangeable jewelry components
Perfect Pear Pear-shaped wine bottle holder and pourer
Pet Paint Non-toxic, pet-safe nail polish and paw polish
Pet Plate Subscription service for fresh, human-grade pet food
Pete + Pedro Men’s grooming and skincare products
Petnostics At-home pet health testing kits
Petrol Luxury, high-performance motorcycle apparel and accessories
Phonesoap UV-light sanitizing devices for smartphones and electronics
Phoozy Thermal capsules that protect phones from heat and cold
Pick-Up Bricks Toy vacuum that collects Lego pieces and debris
Pick-Up Pools Portable, inflatable swimming pools
Pie Wine Gourmet, artisanal wine infused with pie flavors
Pili Hunters Sustainable, ethically-sourced pili nuts and nut butters
Pillars of Slippers Customizable, interchangeable slipper tops
PinBlock Modular, magnetic building blocks for kids
Pinch Me Therapy Dough Therapeutic, stress-relieving dough for anxiety
Pink Picasso Paint-by-numbers art kits featuring breast cancer survivors
Pink Shutter Photobooths Vintage-inspired photo booth rentals for events
Pinole Blue Superfood-infused energy bars made with pinole
PiperWai Natural, aluminum-free deodorant
Pips & Bounce Portable, collapsible mini trampoline for fitness
Pipsnacks (Pipcorn) Gourmet, artisanal popcorn company
Pitmoss Eco-friendly, sustainable potting soil alternative
Pizza Pack Portable, insulated pizza delivery bag
Plated Meal kit delivery service with chef-designed recipes
Platetopper Reusable, silicone plate covers that keep food fresh
Play Maysie Subscription service for educational toys and games
Plop Star Toilet plunger with built-in brush and storage
Plufl Oversized, dog-inspired napping pillow for humans
Pluie Hands-free, automatic umbrella
Plunge Portable, collapsible hot tub
Pluto Pillow Customizable, personalized memory foam pillows
PMS Bites Chocolate-covered, PMS-relief supplements
P-nuff Crunch Crunchy, puffed snacks made from peanuts and navy beans
Podillow Ergonomic, adjustable pillow for side sleepers
Polar Pro High-performance camera filters and accessories
PolyGlide Reusable, eco-friendly furniture sliders
Pooch Paper Eco-friendly, biodegradable dog poop bags
Pooch Selfie Smartphone attachment that helps dogs focus on the camera
Pop It Pal Reusable, silicone pop-it fidget toy
Poplight Renter-friendly, rechargeable wall sconces
Popslate Customizable, interchangeable phone cases
PopUp Play Portable, collapsible playhouse for kids
Pork Barrel BBQ Gourmet, artisanal barbecue sauce and rub company
Postcard on the Run Mobile app for sending personalized postcards
Posture Now Wearable device that improves posture and back alignment
Potato Parcel Gourmet, personalized potatoes shipped in the mail
Potty Safe Portable, collapsible toilet seat for outdoor use
Powerpot Thermoelectric generator that charges devices using heat
Prank-O Gag gift company that specializes in prank boxes
Prep Expert (2400 Expert) Fitness tracker and coaching app for optimal performance
Prepdeck All-in-one meal prep station with built-in storage
Prepwell Academy Online platform for college admissions test prep
Press Waffle Co. Gourmet, liège-style waffle company
Pretty Padded Room Soundproofing and acoustic treatment company
Pretty Rugged Durable, outdoor-friendly handbags and accessories
Pricetitution Luxury, high-end prostitution booking service
Pricklee Cactus Water Refreshing, hydrating cactus water beverage
Pridebites Pet Products Customizable, personalized pet products
Prime 6 High-performance, low-carb protein bars
Priority One Canine Scent detection training for dogs and their owners
Pristine Cleansing Sprays Natural, plant-based cleaning products
Pro-NRG Nootropic supplements for cognitive enhancement
Probiotic Maker At-home fermentation kit for making probiotic-rich foods
Profender Wearable, rechargeable mosquito repellent device
Project Pollo Plant-based, vegan fast food restaurant chain
ProntoBev Portable, rechargeable beverage chiller
Proof Eyewear Eco-friendly, sustainable eyewear made from natural materials
Proper Good Shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals with minimal processing
Proven Skincare Customized, AI-powered skincare formulations
PRX Performance High-performance, compact home gym equipment
Psi Bands Acupressure wristbands for nausea relief
PSYONIC Advanced, affordable prosthetic limbs
Pullypalz Reusable, silicone hair clips and accessories
Pulp Pantry Upcycled, nutrient-dense snacks made from vegetable pulp
PupBox Subscription service for puppy training and supplies
Puppy Cakes Gourmet, all-natural cake mixes for dogs
Pure Ayre Natural, plant-based air freshener and odor eliminator
Pursecase Convertible handbag and smartphone case in one
QBall Portable, rechargeable massage ball for muscle recovery
QeepSake Online platform for creating personalized keepsakes
QFlex Reusable, adjustable hair ties and accessories
Qubits Modular, magnetic building blocks for kids
Quevos Low-carb, high-protein chips made from egg whites
Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools Innovative tools for fire sprinkler maintenance
Quikflip Apparel Reversible, double-sided activewear and athleisure
R. Riveter Handbags and accessories made by military spouses
Radiate Portable, inflatable campfire alternative
Rags to Riches Upcycled, eco-friendly pet beds and accessories
Raising Wild Outdoor adventure gear and apparel for families
Range Beauty Inclusive, cruelty-free makeup for diverse skin tones
Rapid Ramen Cooker Microwave-safe ramen noodle cooker
Rapid Rope Reusable, adjustable rope for securing loads
RareForm Upcycled, eco-friendly phone cases made from skateboards
Readerest Hands-free, adjustable eyeglasses holder
ReadyFestive Subscription service for holiday-themed decor and supplies
Ready, Set, Food! Allergy prevention system for babies
Rebel Cheese Vegan, plant-based cheese alternatives
Recharj Meditation and nap studio franchise
Red Dress Boutique Online women’s fashion retailer
Reely Hooked Fish Gourmet, sustainable seafood delivery service
Rekkie Portable, rechargeable electric blanket
REMYXX Sustainable, eco-friendly sneakers made from recycled materials
Rent A Goat Goat rental service for lawn mowing and vegetation control
Rent A Grandma Childcare and household help service provided by grandmas
Rent Like A Champion Online platform for renting homes near sporting events
Rescue Ready Emergency preparedness kits and supplies
ReThink Sustainable, plant-based food packaging solutions
Retold Recycling Subscription service for recycling hard-to-recycle items
Return Home Relocation and moving services for seniors
Revestor Platform that connects real estate investors with properties
Reviver Portable, rechargeable clothing and fabric deodorizer
Revolights Bicycle lighting system that mounts on the wheels
Reward Stock Loyalty and rewards program management platform
Richualist Luxury, high-end concierge and lifestyle management services
Rick Smith Outdoor gear and apparel brand focused on sustainability
Ride FRSH Subscription service for car air fresheners and odor eliminators
Ride on Carry-on Suitcase that transforms into a rideable scooter
RinseKit Portable, pressurized shower system for outdoor activities
Robin Lawn Care Subscription-based lawn care and landscaping services
Roboburger Automated, robotic burger-making kiosk
Rock Bands Customizable, interchangeable guitar strap accessories
RocketBook Reusable, cloud-connected notebooks and notepads
RokBlok Portable, wireless record player that plays vinyl on any surface
RollinGreens Plant-based, frozen meal company
Rolodoc Telemedicine platform that connects patients with doctors
Romp N’ Roll Franchised indoor play and enrichment centers for kids
Romperjack Convertible, all-in-one romper and jacket for babies
Roominate Educational, construction-based toys for girls
Rootsuit Sustainable, plant-based clothing and apparel
Roq Innovation Innovative, high-tech home and lifestyle products
round21 Customizable, interchangeable jewelry components
Rounderbum Shapewear and compression garments for men
Ruckpack Energy bars and supplements for active lifestyles
Rufflebutts & Ruggedbutts Stylish, high-quality children’s clothing and accessories
Rugged Races Obstacle course and adventure race event organizer
Rule Breaker Snacks Vegan, gluten-free baked goods and snacks
Rumi Spice Ethically-sourced, premium spices from Afghanistan
Rumpl Durable, technical blankets and outdoor accessories
Ryan’s Barkery [aka: Ry’s Ruffery] Gourmet, all-natural dog treats and baked goods
Saavy Naturals Natural, plant-based skincare and personal care products
Safe Catch Sustainably-sourced, mercury-tested canned tuna
Safe Grabs Heat-resistant, silicone oven mitts and pot holders
Safety Nailer Nail gun safety device that prevents accidental discharge
Salad Sling Reusable, microfiber salad spinner and drying bag
Salespreneur Online platform for sales training and coaching
Salted Gourmet, artisanal popcorn and snack company
Samson Martin Luxury, high-performance men’s grooming products
Sanaia Organic, plant-based baby food and snacks
SandCloud Eco-friendly, sustainable beach and lifestyle products
SandiLake Customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories
Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox Personalized, interactive mailbox for Christmas letters
SAP! Maple-based, low-calorie sports drink and mixer
Sarah Oliver Luxury, handcrafted handbags and accessories
Saucemoto Hands-free, silicone dipping sauce holder for cars
Savy Subscription service for personalized, plant-based supplements
SBU Self-Balancing Unicycle Compact, self-balancing electric unicycle
Scan Smartphone-connected grocery shopping assistant
Scholly Scholarship search and application platform for students
Schulzies Bread Pudding Gourmet, artisanal bread pudding company
Scratch & Grain Baking Co. Healthy, whole-grain baking mixes and kits
Screenmend Reusable, self-adhesive screen repair patches
Scrub Daddy Innovative, texture-changing cleaning sponges
Sealed By Santa Personalized, interactive Santa Claus mailbox for Christmas
See/Rescue Streamer Bright, high-visibility safety streamer for outdoor activities
See the Way I See Eyewear designed to enhance color perception for the colorblind
SeedSheet Pre-seeded, biodegradable gardening mats for easy planting
SENDaBALL Hands-free, remote-controlled ball launcher for dogs
Seriously Slime DIY slime and putty kits for kids
Seventy2 Survival and emergency preparedness kits
Shake It Pup Portable, rechargeable dog treat dispenser
Shark Wheel Innovative, triangular-shaped skateboard wheels
Shed Defender Breathable, full-body dog onesie to reduce shedding
Sheets Laundry Club Subscription service for high-quality, eco-friendly laundry products
Shefit High-impact, adjustable sports bras for women
Shell Bobbers Handcrafted, decorative fishing bobbers made from seashells
Shemie Stylish, functional diaper bags and accessories
Show-No Discreet, reusable menstrual underwear
Shower Pill Portable, disposable body wipes for quick cleaning
Shower Toga Hands-free, wearable towel for post-shower drying
ShredSkinz Protective, removable grip tape for snowboards and skis
Sienna Sauce Gourmet, artisanal hot sauce and condiment company
Sierra Madre Outdoor gear and apparel focused on sustainability
Signal Vault Faraday cage-based phone cases and wallets to block signals
SiliDog Reusable, silicone dog food and water bowls
Silkroll Luxury, high-quality silk bedding and sleepwear
Simple Habit Meditation and mindfulness app for busy individuals
Simple Sugars Natural, handmade sugar scrubs and body products
Simply Fit Board Balanced fitness board for core strengthening exercises
Simply Good Jars Healthy, pre-portioned salads and meals in jars
Singtrix Karaoke machine with voice-enhancing technology
Sip Herbals Organic, caffeine-free coffee alternative beverages
Ski-Z Portable, collapsible ski and snowboard storage rack
Skinny Mirror Mirrors that provide a slimming, flattering reflection
Skinnyshirt Compression undershirts that conceal body imperfections
Skyride Electric, high-performance personal flying vehicle
Slate Milk Lactose-free, plant-based milk alternatives
Slawsa Gourmet, all-natural coleslaw condiment
Sleep Styler Heated hair rollers that style hair while you sleep
Sleeping Baby Weighted, swaddle-style sleep sacks for infants
Slice of Sauce Shelf-stable, pre-portioned sauce packets
Slick Barrier Reusable, silicone-based anti-chafing cream
Sliimey Honey Honey-based, probiotic health and wellness products
Slumberkins Plush, educational toys that teach emotional intelligence
SlumberPod Portable, blackout sleep tent for babies and toddlers
Slyde Handboards Handplanes for bodysurfing and wave riding
Smart Baker Intelligent, app-connected kitchen scale and tools
Smart Cart Motorized, self-driving shopping cart for grocery stores
SmartGurlz Coding-enabled, programmable dolls that teach STEM skills
Smartplate Intelligent, AI-powered nutrition tracking plate
Smartwheel [aka: Inventioneers] Motorized, self-balancing unicycle
Snacklins Crunchy, plant-based snacks made from mushrooms
Snactiv Portable, wearable snack holder and dispenser
Snag A Stool Portable, collapsible stool for outdoor activities
Snap Clips Reusable, silicone food storage clips
Snarky Teas Humorous, novelty tea blends and accessories
SneakERASERS Reusable, eco-friendly sneaker cleaning wipes
SnoofyBee Hands-free, wearable baby blanket with built-in pacifier
Snow in Seconds Instant, portable snow-making device
Soapen Reusable, silicone soap dish and dispenser
Soapsox Exfoliating, washcloth-style soap pouches
Sobe Stroller Convertible stroller that transforms into a scooter
Socktabs Reusable, silicone sock tabs to prevent lost socks
SoleMates Shoe accessories that prevent blisters and chafing
Solemender Heated, massaging foot care device
SolSource Portable, solar-powered cooktop and grill
Sominifix Wearable device that helps prevent sleep apnea
Songlorious Personalized, custom-written songs and music
Sonnet James Stylish, functional dresses for busy moms
SORSOAP Natural, plant-based bar soaps and body products
Soul’s Calling Inspirational, motivational apparel and accessories
Soundbender Portable, rechargeable audio amplifier for smartphones
Souper Cubes Silicone molds for making and freezing homemade broths
Soupergirl Gourmet, fresh-frozen soup company
Southern Comfort Foods Artisanal, Southern-inspired food and snack company
Southern Culture Artisan Foods Specialty, small-batch Southern food products
Soy-Yer-Dough Edible, vegan cookie dough
Space Traveler Portable, rechargeable personal air purifier
Spare Subscription service for on-demand car maintenance and repairs
SparkCharge Portable, modular electric vehicle charging stations
Sparketh Online platform for art and design education courses
Spergo Streetwear and athleisure apparel brand for urban youth
Spikeball Outdoor, net-based sports game similar to volleyball
Spirithoods Whimsical, animal-themed hoodies and accessories
Splash Place Swim Goggles Comfortable, adjustable swim goggles with fabric straps
SplashZen Portable, inflatable hot tub and spa
Splikitty Customizable, interchangeable cat toys and accessories
Spooner Boards Innovative, curved skateboards for surf-inspired riding
Spoonful of Comfort Gourmet, homestyle soup and baked goods delivery service
Spretz Reusable, silicone food storage bags and containers
Springer Portable, collapsible dog leash and waste bag holder
Sproing Fitness High-intensity, low-impact fitness trampoline workouts
Spy Escape & Evasion Hands-on, immersive training for real-world safety and survival
SquareKeg Portable, collapsible beer keg for home brewing
Squatty Potty Ergonomic, step-like toilet stool for improved posture
Squeeky Knees Knee pads designed to reduce noise and friction
Squid Socks Colorful, patterned socks with tentacle-inspired designs
Squirrel Boss Humane, reusable squirrel deterrent device
Sseko Designs Ethical, sustainable fashion accessories and footwear
Stakt Modular, customizable furniture system
Stasher Reusable, silicone food storage bags and containers
Stealth Bros & Co. Tactical, high-performance outdoor apparel and gear
Stella Valle Luxury, high-fashion jewelry and accessories
Stem Center Educational STEM toys and learning kits for kids
StepNpull Hands-free, hygienic door opener attachment
Sticky Note Holder Reusable, magnetic sticky note holder for refrigerators
Storage Scholars Subscription service for college dorm and apartment organization
Storm Stoppers Reusable, weatherproof covers for outdoor electrical outlets
Stormbag Waterproof, floating dry bag for outdoor activities
Stress Free Kids Children’s books and resources for emotional intelligence
Stryx Men’s grooming and skincare products
Sub Zero Ice Cream Liquid nitrogen-frozen, customizable ice cream
SubSafe Waterproof, floating phone case and dry bag
Suds2Go Portable, rechargeable washing machine for camping and travel
Sullivan Generator Portable, solar-powered generator for emergency power
Sunday Night Slow Jams Subscription service for curated, relaxing music playlists
Sunflow Portable, collapsible beach chair and accessories
Sunniva Eco-friendly, plant-based sunscreen and skincare
Sunscreen Mist Continuous spray sunscreen applicator
SunScreenr Portable, retractable sunscreen dispenser
Super Potty Trainer Wearable, vibrating device that teaches potty training
Supermix Studio Customizable, modular furniture for small spaces
Supply Direct-to-consumer, high-quality razor and shaving products
Surf Band Pro Waterproof, wearable music player for surfing and water sports
Surfset Fitness Surfboard-based fitness equipment and workout programs
Surprise Cake Customizable, hidden-surprise birthday cakes
Surprise Ride Subscription box of creative, educational projects for kids
Susty Party Eco-friendly, compostable party supplies and tableware
SWAG Customizable, interchangeable clothing accessories
Sway Portable, rechargeable hammock stand
Sweep Easy Cordless, electric broom and dustpan set
Sweet Ballz Gourmet, bite-sized cake balls and desserts
Sweetkiwi Freeze-dried, crunchy kiwi fruit snacks
Swift Paws Automated, remote-controlled dog toy launcher
Swimply Online marketplace for renting private swimming pools
Swimzip Convertible, zip-up swimsuits and rash guards
SwipenSnap One-handed diaper cream applicator
Switch Witch Plush toy that “switches” Halloween candy for a gift
Sworkit Customizable, app-based fitness and workout programs
Swoveralls Convertible, zip-off overalls that transform into shorts
Syndaver Realistic, synthetic human body parts for medical training
TA3 Swim Swimwear designed for transgender and non-binary individuals
Ta-Ta Towel Hands-free, wearable towel for post-shower breast support
Taaluma Totes Handmade, globally-inspired tote bags and accessories
Tabby Subscription service for high-quality, sustainable cat toys
Table 87 Pizza Frozen, coal-fired Neapolitan-style pizza
Table Jacks Portable, adjustable table legs for uneven surfaces
TactiBite Fish Call Electronic fish attractant and lure
Tadah! Subscription box of DIY craft kits for kids
Tailgate N Go Portable, modular tailgating and camping gear
Tail Lightz LED light-up dog collars and leashes for nighttime visibility
Talbot Teas Gourmet, artisanal tea blends and accessories
Tandem Boogie Tandem surfboard for two-person wave riding
Tangle Pets Detangling hairbrushes shaped like cute animals
Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Natural, plant-based skincare products
Tanoshi Educational, tablet-based computers for kids
Taylor Robinson Music Personalized, custom-written songs and musical gifts
Teaspressa Gourmet, artisanal tea-infused coffee and beverages
TEC Portable, rechargeable power bank and lighting device
Teddy Needs a Bath Plush, interactive stuffed animals that need “bathing”
TekDry Moisture-removal service for water-damaged electronics
Ten Thirty One Productions [aka: LA Haunted Hayride] Immersive, horror-themed haunted attraction experiences
Tenikle Flexible, multi-purpose smartphone and camera mount
Terra-Core Fitness Versatile, balance-training fitness equipment
The Aqua Boxing Glove Waterproof boxing gloves for aquatic workouts
The Ave Streetwear and athleisure apparel brand
The Baby Toon Animated, educational videos for infants and toddlers
The Bear & The Rat Gourmet, artisanal marshmallow treats
The Beebo Hands-free, wearable bottle holder for breastfeeding mothers
The Big Mouth Toothbrush Oversized, easy-to-grip toothbrush for children
The Bobble Head Place Custom-made, personalized bobblehead figurines
The Bouqs Company Subscription service for fresh, farm-to-table floral bouquets
The Chub Rub Patch Anti-chafing, reusable thigh gap patches
The Coop Modular, customizable chicken coops and accessories
The Dingle Dangle Wearable, interactive toy for babies during diaper changes
The Dough Bar Edible, gourmet cookie dough dessert shop
The Duo Convertible, two-in-one clothing and accessories
The Factionist Customizable, interchangeable clothing accessories
The Fidget Game Educational, fidget-based board game for focus and attention
The Fizz Portable, carbonation-infusing water bottle
The Freaker Insulated, knitted can and bottle holders
The Fun House Project Immersive, interactive haunted house experiences
The Good Promise Eco-friendly, plant-based household cleaners
The Home T Apparel and accessories featuring U.S. state designs
The Hype Company Subscription box service for trendy, high-quality products
The Ice Cream Canteen Portable, rechargeable ice cream maker
The Kombucha Shop Homebrewing kits and supplies for making kombucha
The Kooler Portable, collapsible cooler with built-in speakers
The Longhairs Men’s grooming and lifestyle products for long hair
The Mad Optimists Natural, plant-based deodorant and personal care products
The Matte Matte finish, protective phone case accessories
The Murder Mystery Company Interactive, immersive murder mystery experiences
The Peep Show Customizable, interchangeable peep-toe shoe covers
The Pizza Cupcake Gourmet, bite-sized pizza cupcakes
The Players Trunk Subscription service for sports equipment and apparel
The Pocket Panty Discreet, reusable menstrual underwear
The Pop Portable, rechargeable popcorn maker
The Real Elf Customizable, interactive Santa’s elf toy for Christmas
The Scrubbie Reusable, eco-friendly dish scrubbing pads
The Smart Tire Company Airless, puncture-proof bicycle tires
The Spatty Spatula designed to reach the last bit of product in containers
The Style Club Subscription service for trendy, high-quality women’s fashion
The Swilt Reusable, silicone food storage bags and containers
The Table Tyke Non-slip, silicone placemat with raised edges for babies
The Transformation Factory Customizable, modular furniture for small spaces
The VSeat Portable, inflatable stadium seat cushion
The Wisp Reusable, eco-friendly cotton swabs
The Woobles Beginner-friendly, DIY crochet kits and patterns
The Yard Milkshake Bar Gourmet, over-the-top milkshake and dessert bar
TheMagic5 Custom-fitted, high-performance swim goggles
Thin Gloss Lightweight, breathable makeup primer and setting spray
Third Wave Water Mineral-enhanced water purification system for better-tasting coffee
Thompson Tee Sweat-proof, odor-resistant undershirts
Three Day Rule Personalized matchmaking and dating services
Three Jerks Jerky Gourmet, artisanal beef jerky company
Thrill Builders Immersive, interactive haunted house experiences
Thrive+ Hangover prevention and recovery supplements
Throx Subscription service for high-quality, mismatched socks
Tia Lupita Foods Gourmet, Mexican-inspired condiments and sauces
Tie-Knot Reusable, adjustable tie fastener
Tie Try Online platform for virtual tie-tying tutorials
Tik Pik Magnetic guitar picks that stick to your instrument
Tippi Toes Stylish, high-quality children’s dance shoes
Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday-themed apparel
Titin Weighted compression shirts and athletic gear
Tngnt Ski Bikes Electric, high-performance ski bikes
TOAST-IT Arepas Gourmet, artisanal arepas and Venezuelan cuisine
Toilet Timer Bathroom timer that encourages healthy bathroom habits
Tom+Chee Gourmet, grilled cheese and tomato soup restaurant chain
Tomte Cake Customizable, Scandinavian-inspired cake toppers
Tones of Melanin Inclusive, diverse range of makeup and beauty products
Toor Sustainable, ethically-sourced spices and seasonings
TORCH Portable, rechargeable, multi-functional flashlight
Total Merchant Resources Credit card processing and merchant services
Total Tie Keep Reusable, adjustable tie fastener
Totes Babies Stylish, functional diaper bags and accessories
Touch Up Cup Reusable, silicone nail polish remover cup
Tough Tie Durable, stain-resistant neckties
Tower Paddle Boards High-performance, inflatable stand-up paddleboards
Toybox Labs Educational, programmable robot kits for kids
Toygaroo Subscription service for renting educational toys
ToyMail Plush, interactive toys that send voice messages
Track Days Subscription service for high-performance driving experiences
Traditional Fisheries Sustainable, ethically-sourced seafood company
Tranquilo Mat Vibrating, soothing mat for calming fussy babies
Treasure Chest Pets Subscription service for surprise pet toys and treats
Tree T-Pee Reusable, insulating tree wrap for frost protection
Tremont Electric Portable, rechargeable power generators
Trimi Tanks Compact, collapsible water storage tanks for emergency preparedness
Trippie Portable, foldable electric scooter
Tristen Ikaika Sustainable, eco-friendly activewear brand
Trobo Educational, interactive robot toys that teach STEM concepts
TrophySmack Customizable, 3D-printed trophies and awards
Truffle Shuffle Gourmet, artisanal truffle-infused food products
Trunkster Smart, connected luggage with built-in features
Tucky Reusable, silicone food storage bags
TurboBaster Motorized, self-basting turkey roaster
TurboPup Nutritional dog treats and supplements
Turbo Trusser Automated, hands-free turkey trussing device
TushBaby Ergonomic, wearable baby carrier and hip seat
Tutu Blue Stylish, high-quality tutus and dancewear for girls
Twin Z Pillow Multifunctional, U-shaped pillow for breastfeeding and infant support
Twist It Up Comb Innovative, self-twisting hair comb
Twister Cleaner Reusable, microfiber cleaning cloths and mops
Two Guys Bowtie Handcrafted, high-quality bow ties and accessories
Tycoon Real Estate Online platform for real estate investment education and tools
U-Lace Customizable, interchangeable shoelaces
Umano Stylish, high-quality men’s dress shirts
Umaro Weighted, therapeutic blankets for anxiety and stress relief
UnbuckleMe Assistive device that helps unbuckle car seat straps
Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky Gourmet, artisanal beef jerky company
Under The Weather Portable, inflatable personal shelters for outdoor events
Underease Underwear Discreet, reusable menstrual underwear
Uniform Customizable, high-quality workwear and uniforms
Unikey Technologies Keyless, smart home security and access control systems
UnPack Subscription service for unpacking and organizing new homes
Unreal Deli Plant-based, vegan meat alternatives
Unshrinkit Solution that restores shrunken wool and cashmere garments
Uprising Food Keto-friendly, low-carb bread and baked goods
Urban Float Sensory deprivation float therapy centers
Urbio Modular, magnetic vertical gardening and storage system
Uroclub Discreet, portable urination device for women
Vabroom Cordless, electric broom and dustpan set
Vade Nutrition Keto-friendly, low-carb protein powders and supplements
Validated Online platform that verifies influencer marketing campaigns
Valpark Portable, rechargeable electric vehicle charging stations
Van Robotics Educational, AI-powered tutoring robots for children
Veba Customizable, modular furniture for small spaces
Veggie Mama Organic, plant-based baby food and snacks
Velocity Signs Customizable, digital road signs and traffic displays
Vengo Automated, touchscreen-enabled vending machines
Verbalize It On-demand, professional translation and interpretation services
Vermont Butcher Block & Board Co. Handcrafted, high-quality cutting boards and butcher blocks
Vestpakz Tactical, multi-functional backpacks and vests
Vibe Ride Indoor, immersive cycling workout experience
Vibes Hearing protection earplugs that preserve sound quality
Victoria’s Kitchen Gourmet, artisanal almond-based beverages
Victory Coffee Subscription service for premium, small-batch coffee
Viewsport Activewear that reveals hidden motivational messages when sweaty
Village Scholarships Crowdfunding platform for college scholarships
Villy Customs Customizable, high-performance electric bicycles
Vinamor Sustainable, eco-friendly wine and spirits
Virtuix Omni Omnidirectional treadmill for virtual reality gaming
Virtusphere Immersive, spherical virtual reality platform
VoChill Portable, rechargeable wine chiller and dispenser
Voyage Air Guitar Foldable, travel-friendly electric guitars
VPCabs Customizable, modular arcade cabinets
Vurtego High-performance, pogo stick-style jumping devices
Wad-Free Reusable, anti-wrinkle laundry sheets
WaiveCar Free, ad-supported car sharing service
Wake N Bacon Alarm clock that cooks bacon to wake you up
Walkee Paws Waterproof, reflective dog leggings and paw protectors
Wall Doctor X Reusable, damage-free wall repair patches
Wallet Buckle Minimalist, slim wallet with built-in bottle opener
Wanna Date? Online dating service focused on finding compatible matches
Washed Up Hollywood Upcycled, eco-friendly home decor made from Hollywood memorabilia
Wedfuly Online platform for planning and managing virtual weddings
Wedy Customizable, interchangeable wedding accessories
Wee Can Shop Online marketplace for handmade, sustainable children’s products
Wellingtons Stylish, high-quality rain boots and accessories
Wendy’s Gnome Shop Handcrafted, decorative garden gnomes and accessories
Wicked Good Cupcakes Gourmet, artisanal cupcake company
Wild Earth Plant-based, clean-ingredient pet food and treats
Wild Squirrel Nut Butter Gourmet, all-natural nut butter spreads
Wildwonder Sparkling, probiotic-infused fruit beverages
Windcatcher Portable, inflatable camping and outdoor gear
Wine & Design Franchised paint and sip art studios
Wine Balloon Reusable, silicone wine bottle stopper and pourer
Wingman Life Jacket Inflatable, wearable life jacket for water activities
Wink Customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories
Wired Waffles Gourmet, artisanal waffle company
Wispot Portable, rechargeable wireless charging pad
Wise Pocket Products Innovative, high-tech home and lifestyle products
Wondercide Natural, plant-based pest control and pet care products
Wondry Cocktail Wines Canned, ready-to-drink cocktail-inspired wines
Woof Subscription service for high-quality dog treats and toys
Woosh Portable, rechargeable bidet attachment for toilets
World Record Striper Fishing lure designed to break world records
Worthy Brands Sustainable, eco-friendly consumer products
Wurkin Stiffs Men’s grooming and lifestyle accessories
WYP Aviation Customizable, high-performance electric aircraft
Xcraft Innovative, high-tech drones and aerial vehicles
Xero Shoes Minimalist, barefoot-style footwear
XTorch Rechargeable, multi-functional flashlight and power bank
Yellow Leaf Hammocks Handwoven, fair trade hammocks and accessories
YONO Clip Wearable, discreet period tracking and fertility device
You Go Natural Natural, plant-based haircare products for textured hair
You Kick Ass Motivational apparel and accessories
You Smell Natural, plant-based deodorant and personal care products
Young King Hair Care Haircare products formulated for Black men and boys
Yourself Expression Customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories
Youthforia Clean, vegan makeup and beauty products
Yubo Social networking app for teens focused on community building
Yum Crumbs Gourmet, artisanal cookie crumb toppings
Yumble Healthy, pre-portioned meal kits for families
Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey-based, all-natural health and wellness products
Zinepak Customizable, themed subscription boxes and gift sets
Zipit Bedding Bedding sets with built-in storage pockets
ZipString Reusable, adjustable shoelaces and cord locks
Zipz Single-serve, portable wine glasses
Zomm Wireless leash and locator for keeping track of valuables
Zoobean Personalized book and toy subscription service for children
Zookies Cookies Gourmet, artisanal dog treats and baked goods
Zoom Interiors Online interior design and home decor services
Zorpads Odor-eliminating, reusable shoe inserts
ZuGoPet Portable, collapsible pet carriers and accessories
Zuum Technologies Innovative, high-tech home and lifestyle products
ZUP All-in-one, multi-sport water sports device
Zuvaa Sustainable, ethically-made African-inspired fashion and accessories