Products Featured In Season 2 Of Shark Tank

Here is the list of all Season 2 products from Shark Tank, organized by episode, along with a brief description of each:

Episode 9:

  1. One Sole: Interchangeable shoe tops that allow users to customize their footwear with different designs.
  2. CitiKitty: A toilet training kit designed to teach cats how to use a human toilet.
  3. Samson Martin: A maternity clothing line offering fashionable and comfortable apparel for pregnant women.
  4. Aldo Orta Jewelry: A collection of unique and artistic jewelry pieces designed by Aldo Orta.

Products Featured In Season 2 Of Shark Tank

Episode 8:

  1. Hy-Conn: A quick-connect fitting for fire hoses, allowing for faster and easier connections.
  2. Origaudio: Customizable, foldable speakers made from recycled materials.
  3. Man Candle: Candles with scents specifically designed to appeal to men, such as “Fresh Cut Grass” and “Bacon.”
  4. Original Runner Company: Non-slip fabric aisle runners for weddings and events.

Episode 7:

  1. Games2U: Mobile entertainment services offering video game theaters, laser tag, and other activities.
  2. Hydromax: A fitness and hydration system combining a water bottle with a hand weight.
  3. Ecomowers: Eco-friendly, manual push lawn mowers that don’t require gas or electricity.
  4. Carsik Bib: A bib designed to catch vomit and protect clothing during car sickness.

Episode 6:

  1. Caddy Swag: A cooler bag that fits into a golf bag to keep drinks cold on the course.
  2. Sweep Easy: A broom with a built-in scraper to easily remove stuck-on debris.
  3. Daisy Cakes: Homemade cakes made from scratch using family recipes and shipped nationwide.
  4. Hot Mama Gowns: Stylish and comfortable maternity and nursing gowns for new mothers.

Episode 5:

  1. Clip’n’Go: A hands-free leash clip that attaches to a dog’s collar, allowing owners to clip their dog’s leash to their belt or other objects.
  2. Lightfilm: A peel-and-stick light-up film that can be applied to various surfaces for decoration or safety.
  3. THINgloss: A lip gloss that also helps suppress appetite to aid in weight loss.
  4. Fridge Fronts: Magnetic covers that can be applied to refrigerators to change their appearance.

Episode 4:

  1. Broccoli Wad: A rubber band-style money clip inspired by a method used by mobsters to keep their cash organized.
  2. Hillbilly Brand: A clothing and accessories line celebrating the hillbilly lifestyle.
  3. Ride-On Carry-On: A child seat that attaches to rolling luggage, turning it into a travel-friendly stroller.
  4. Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky: A brand of beef jerky made with high-quality ingredients and unique flavors.

Episode 3:

  1. Mod Mom Furniture: Handmade, modern children’s furniture made from eco-friendly materials.
  2. Fitness Stride: Wearable resistance bands designed to enhance workouts and build strength.
  3. Flip Outz: Collectible, customizable coins that can be traded and worn as accessories.
  4. Pure Ayre: An all-natural, odor-eliminating spray made from plant-derived enzymes.

Episode 2:

  1. Toygaroo: A toy rental service allowing parents to rent toys for their children and exchange them for new ones.
  2. Wake N’ Bacon: An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon.
  3. Vurtego Pogo Sticks: High-performance pogo sticks designed for extreme sports and exercise.
  4. First Defense Nasal Screens: Small, disposable nasal screens that filter out allergens and pollutants.

Episode 1:

  1. Wurkin Stiffs: Magnetic collar stays that keep dress shirt collars in place.
  2. Tippi Toes: A dance program for children that combines fun and fitness with ballet, tap, and jazz instruction.
  3. Chef Big Shake Foods: A line of seafood-based products, including shrimp burgers and other healthy alternatives to traditional burgers.
  4. Copa Di Vino: Single-serving wine packaged in a glass-like plastic container, making wine more portable and convenient.