All Shark Tank Season 13 Products

Shark Tank Season 13 aired from October 8, 2021, to May 20, 2022, featuring sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and guest shark Kendra Scott.

Entrepreneurs pitched various products like satin-lined hoodies, a portable wedding ring storage container, and keto/paleo bread cubes for potential investment.

Season 13 Shark Tank Cast of Judges

  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Barbara Corcoran
  • Daymond John
  • Robert Herjavec
  • Mark Cuban
  • Lori Greiner
  • Emma Grede (Guest)
  • Kevin Hart (Guest)
  • Peter Jones (Guest)
  • Daniel Lubetzky (Guest)
  • Nirav Tolia (Guest)

Shark Tank Season 13 Products

All Shark Tank Season 13 Products

Here is a brief explanation of each product from Shark Tank Season 13, ordered from newest to oldest:

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 24

  • The Transformation Factory: A company offering sea moss-based health supplements.
  • The Players Trunk: A platform for college athletes to sell their game-worn gear and other memorabilia.
  • Aqua Boxing Glove: Water-filled boxing gloves designed for low-impact resistance training.
  • Project Pollo: A plant-based chicken restaurant chain focused on sustainability and affordability.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 23

  • Stryx: A men’s skincare and cosmetics brand.
  • Driftline: Swimwear with a built-in neoprene liner for added comfort and warmth.
  • Springer: A bike attachment for walking dogs safely.
  • Chill-N-Reel: A fishing reel attached to a beverage holder, combining fishing and drinking.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 22

  • Pulp Pantry: Snacks made from upcycled vegetable pulp.
  • Kawaii Lighting: Cute and functional lighting products, including ring lights for content creators.
  • Pricklee: Cactus water beverages for hydration and health benefits.
  • Ooakshell: Customizable and stylish headbands for various activities.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 21

  • CUP BOP: A Korean BBQ food truck and restaurant chain.
  • Plunge: Cold plunge tubs for health and recovery.
  • Handy Pan: A cooking pan with a built-in strainer for easy draining.
  • Hampton Adams Athletic Tape: High-quality athletic tape designed for better performance and comfort.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 20

  • Cat Amazing: Interactive puzzle feeders for cats.
  • Lil Advents: Fun and educational potty training products for children.
  • HairFin: A hair-cutting tool that ensures even lengths for home haircuts.
  • Browndages: Bandages in various skin tones to match and blend with different complexions.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 19

  • LUCIDArt: Drawing tools that help artists achieve accurate proportions.
  • SwiftPaws: Remote-controlled lure coursing toys for dogs.
  • BusyBox: A digital sign that indicates when someone is busy or in a meeting.
  • Dirty Cookie: Edible cookie cups that can be filled with milk or other beverages.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18

  • UMARO Foods: Plant-based bacon made from seaweed.
  • Fort: Modular fort-building kits for kids.
  • No Limbits: Adaptive clothing designed for people with disabilities.
  • Apolla: Compression socks that provide support and comfort.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 17

  • Young King Hair Care: Hair care products designed for young men with textured hair.
  • Pawnix: Noise-canceling headphones for dogs.
  • MagicDates: Healthy snack bars made from dates.
  • round21: Customizable sports equipment and apparel featuring artwork.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 16

  • Sunflow: A beach chair and accessories designed for comfort and convenience.
  • Prepdeck: An all-in-one meal prep station to keep the kitchen organized.
  • ootBox: On-demand, portable office spaces.
  • Do Amore: Ethical and sustainable engagement rings and jewelry.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15

  • Curie: Aluminum-free deodorants and personal care products.
  • Noggin Boss: Oversized hats designed for fun and team spirit.
  • Behave Bras: Bras designed for women with larger busts, focusing on comfort and support.
  • Ade + Ayo: Culturally inspired baby and children’s clothing.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 14

  • Range Beauty: Clean makeup products designed for a wide range of skin tones.
  • Diaper Dust: An odor-eliminating powder for dirty diapers.
  • Pinole Blue: Blue corn products inspired by indigenous Mexican recipes.
  • Junobie: Reusable silicone bags for storing breast milk.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 13

  • Kettle Gryp: A portable device that turns dumbbells into kettlebells.
  • Calm Strips: Sensory adhesive strips designed to help reduce anxiety.
  • The Blowzee: A device that helps blow out birthday candles without spreading germs.
  • OverEZ Chicken Coops: Easy-to-assemble chicken coops for backyard poultry farming.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 12

  • Tania Speaks Organic Skincare: Organic skincare products designed to address acne and other skin issues.
  • TA3 Swimwear: Shapewear-inspired swimwear designed for a flattering fit.
  • HiccAway: A straw-like device designed to stop hiccups instantly.
  • Tristen Ikaika: Customizable rings made from spoons and other unique materials.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 11

  • Vabroom: A broom with a built-in vacuum to make sweeping more efficient.
  • Must Love: Plant-based, dairy-free ice cream.
  • Romper Jack: Stylish and comfortable rompers for men.
  • ROQ Innovation: Innovative, functional accessories including hats and headbands.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 10

  • Snactiv: A tool that allows for snacking without using your hands.
  • Smart Tire Company: Airless tires made from advanced materials for durability and performance.
  • Candi: A platform that allows fans to get personalized video messages from celebrities.
  • Black Sands Entertainment: A media company focusing on comic books and animation that highlight African history and culture.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 9

  • Maxpro Fitness: A portable, all-in-one gym system.
  • Banana Loca: A device that cores and fills bananas with various spreads.
  • Liberate Studio: A fitness platform that offers inclusive workout classes.
  • Tenikle: A flexible, suction cup mount for phones and other devices.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 8

  • Ornament Anchor: A device that secures ornaments to Christmas trees.
  • Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox: A mailbox that sends letters to Santa and returns a magical response.
  • Wendy’s Gnome Shop: Customizable gnome figurines.
  • The Real Elf: A company that provides interactive holiday experiences and products.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 7

  • Sheets Laundry Club: Eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets.
  • Pink Picasso: Paint-by-number kits for adults.
  • Love & Pebble: Skincare products, including a popsicle face mask.
  • Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm: Raw honey infused with various natural flavors.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 6

  • Fish Fixe: A subscription service for frozen, pre-portioned seafood.
  • Hello Prenup: An online platform that simplifies the prenuptial agreement process.
  • Deux: Edible, vegan cookie dough with added health benefits.
  • Hidrent: A platform connecting homeowners with off-duty firefighters for handyman tasks.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 5

  • Beulr: An app that schedules and attends video meetings on your behalf.
  • SPERGO: A streetwear brand started by a young entrepreneur.
  • Wad-Free: A product that prevents sheets from tangling in the washer and dryer.
  • Wedfuly: A virtual wedding planning service.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4

  • TheMagic5: Custom-fit swimming goggles.
  • Tabby: A dating app for cat lovers.
  • SoaPen: A soap-filled pen that encourages kids to wash their hands.
  • 54 Thrones: A skincare brand inspired by African beauty rituals.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 3

  • Sparketh: An online art education platform for kids and teens.
  • Oat Haus: Oat-based spreads in various flavors.
  • Flasky Flowers: A hidden flask disguised as a flower bouquet.
  • Incredible Eats: Edible cutlery made from sustainable ingredients.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 2

  • Songlorious: A service that creates custom songs for special occasions.
  • MuteMe: An illuminated button that mutes and unmutes your computer microphone.
  • Proper Good: Ready-to-eat, healthy meals.
  • Long Wharf Supply Co.: Sustainable clothing made from recycled materials.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 1

  • KIN Apparel: Hair-friendly hoodies designed to protect natural hair.
  • Uprising Food: Low-carb, high-fiber bread and chips.
  • Lion Latch: A small, secure container for storing rings and other small valuables.
  • Paskho: Comfortable, sustainable travel and leisure clothing.