Shark Tank Season 10 Products

Season 10 of Shark Tank featured a wide range of innovative products across its 23 episodes. Here’s a list of some notable products presented during this season:

Product Description
Adventure Hunt Adventure Hunt is an app that turns a scavenger hunt into a fitness workout. The entrepreneurs made a deal with Robert Herjavec for $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity.
Angel Shave Club Subscription service for women’s shaving products
AquaPaw Pet bathing tool
BasePaws DNA testing kit for cats
BatBNB Bat houses
Bear Minimum Collapsible cooking pots for camping
Best Wardrobe Solutions Fashion solutions for wardrobe malfunctions
Beyond Sushi Plant-based sushi restaurant chain
BollyX Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program
Boom Boom Aromatherapy nasal inhalers
BottleKeeper Insulated bottle holders
BoxLock Smart padlock for package deliveries
Bruw Cold brew coffee maker
Bundil App that invests spare change in cryptocurrencies
Butter Cloth Soft, comfortable dress shirts
Cave Shake (now Space Shake) Keto-friendly shakes
CertifiKid Deal website for family activities and services
Coyote Vest Protective vests for small dogs
Cubicall Phone booths for open offices
Cup Board Pro Cutting board with an attached cup
Curl Mix Natural hair care products for curly hair
Dare U Go Bib with built-in food storage for toddlers
DeskView Suction-cup standing desk
Doughp Edible and bakeable cookie dough
Fat Shack Fat Shack is a fast food company that received a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban in exchange for 15% equity.
Final Straw Reusable, collapsible straw
Flip-It Cap Cap that helps dispense every last drop of product from bottles
Fresh Bellies Baby food with vegetables and spices
GoalSetter Savings app aimed at children
Goga Goat yoga classes
Handbag Rain Coat Protective covers for handbags
Haven Smart home lock system
Hire Santa Service connecting people with professional Santa performers
Hydroviv Customized water filters
Jolly Roger Telephone Company Service that fights telemarketers using bots
Kanga Insulated coolers for carrying beverages
Kitty Kasas Modular cat houses
Kombucha Shop DIY kombucha brewing kits
KudoBanz Reward system for children using wristbands
Kymera Electric jet bodyboards
Le Glue Temporary adhesive for building blocks
Life Lift Systems Storm shelters for homes
LockStraps Combination locking tie-down straps
Lug Bug Handle for carrying car seats more easily
Luma Soda Low-sugar soda alternative
Make Up Junkie Bags Waterproof, lay-flat cosmetic bags
Manscaped Male grooming products
Mavens Creamery Macaron ice cream sandwiches
Moink Subscription service for ethically sourced meats
Moki Doorstep Car doorstep for roof access
MontiKids Montessori toys for early childhood development
Mother (now Poppi) Mother Beverage (now Poppi) is a line of apple cider vinegar-infused beverages. The company founders secured a $400,000 deal with Rohan Oza in exchange for 25% equity.
Nuchas Gourmet empanadas
Nui Keto-friendly cookies
OatMeals Gourmet oatmeal cafe
Obvious Wines User-friendly wine descriptions
Pick Up Pools Liners that turn truck beds into pools
Pooch Selfie Smartphone attachment for taking selfies with pets
Pop It Pal Pop It Pal is a zit popping simulator designed for fun and relaxation. The entrepreneurs secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary for $250,000 in exchange for 15% equity and $1.50 per unit in royalties until $750,000 was paid back.
Prank-O (RynArik) Fake prank gift boxes
Press Waffle Gourmet waffle restaurants
Pricetitution Game where players guess how much money others would need to be paid to do certain activities
Pristine Sprays Portable bidet spray. Pristine is a line of eco-friendly cleaning sprays. The entrepreneurs made a deal with Lori Greiner for $50,000 in exchange for 25% equity.
QuikFlip Convertible hoodies that transform into backpacks
RewardStock Platform to maximize travel rewards
Sanaia Gourmet applesauce
SauceMoto Car sauce holder
Shed Defender Onesie for dogs to control shedding
Shower Toga Portable changing garments
SilkRoll Fashion exchange platform using digital currency
Ski-Z Device to help carry skis
Somnifix Mouth strips to improve sleep
Sonnet James Play dresses for moms
Soupergirl Plant-based soups
Spare App that allows you to withdraw cash without an ATM
Sproing Fitness Fitness equipment and training programs
SubSafe Waterproof containers for subs and sandwiches
Swoveralls Sweatpants-overalls hybrid
Tata Towel Towels designed to prevent underboob sweat
The Bang Shack Gourmet chicken dip
Toybox 3D printer for kids to create their own toys
TushBaby Hip seat baby carrier
Twist It Up Comb for styling Afro hair
Uniform Subscription clothing service
UrbanFloat Floatation therapy centers
Vade Nutrition Dissolvable protein packs
Wild Earth Plant-based pet food
Wisp Emergency contraceptive service
Yumble Yumble is a food subscription service featuring meals for children. The founders made a deal with Bethenny Frankel for $500,000 in exchange for 6% equity.
Zookies Cookies CBD-infused dog treats
Zorpads Odor-eliminating shoe inserts
Zugo Pet Car seats for dogs