Shark Tank Season 1 Products | Shark Tank Updates

Season 1 of Shark Tank featured a wide range of innovative products across its 23 episodes. Here’s a brief overview of each product featured in Shark Tank Season 1:

Product Description
50 State Capitals Deck The 50 State Capitals Deck is a product that helps people memorize all the state capitals in the United States. It consists of a deck of flashcards that use phonetics, cartoons, and word association to make it easy to learn and memorize all 50 state capitals in 50 minutes. The deck was pitched on Shark Tank by author Ken Bradford in episode 103, but he was unable to secure a deal from the Shark. As of 2018, the product was still available for sale on Amazon, though it did not appear to be a strong seller.
A Perfect Pear Gourmet pear products
Attached Note Sticky notes with attached pens
AVA The Elephant Children’s medicine dispenser
The Bobble Place Custom bobbleheads
Body Jac Fitness equipment for push-ups
Boogie Box Fitness Dance fitness program
Captain Ice Cream Ice cream truck business
Caffeindicator Device indicating coffee freshness
Chef In Black, Inc. Sauces and seasonings
Chill Soda All-natural soda
Chopstick Art Recycled chopstick products
Classroom Jams Educational music
Coffee Brand Gifts Coffee-themed gifts
Coverplay Play yard covers
Cornucopia Express Meal delivery service
Crooked Jaw Clothing line
Element Bars Custom energy bars
Face Blok Skincare products
The Factionist Online custom apparel
The Fizz Carbonation beverage maker
Fridge Fronts Magnetic appliance covers
The Funhouse Project Children’s playhouses
Gayla Bentley Fashion Plus-size women’s fashion
Gift Card Rescue Gift card exchange platform
Good Grief Celebrations Celebration planning service
Graffiti Removal Services Graffiti removal service
Granola Gourmet Low-glycemic granola bars
Grease Monkey Wipes Degreasing wipes
Grill Charms Grilling accessories
Hells Bells Helmets Custom motorcycle helmets
Ink Flip Custom temporary tattoos
Ionic Ear Implanted Bluetooth device
Jump Forward Athletic recruiting software
Kalyx Technologies Sports bra company
Legal Grind Coffeehouse providing legal services
LifeBelt Seatbelt safety device
Lightfilm LED light-up film
LipStix ReMix Lipstick reusing kit
Llama Brew Llama manure fertilizer
Mr. Poncho iPod accessories
Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Gourmet pie business
My Therapy Journal Online journaling service
New Era Brands Healthy snacks
Notehall Online class notes marketplace
Nubrella (now Canope) Hands-free umbrella
Pillars of Slippers Slippers with interchangeable heels
The Podillow Travel pillow
Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce Barbecue sauce company
Qubits Toys Construction toys
Romp N’ Roll Play and learning centers for kids
SENDaBALL Personalized ball mailing service
Souls Calling, Inc. Inspirational clothing
Soy-Yer-Dough Soy-based modeling dough
Thin Gloss Weight-loss lip gloss
Throx Three-sock sets
Treasure Chest Pets Stuffed animals with hidden storage
TurboBaster Kitchen basting tool
The Twister Fitness equipment
Underease Underwear Flatulence-filtering underwear
The URO Club Portable urinal disguised as a golf club
Virtusphere Virtual reality sphere
Voyage Air Guitar Folding guitar
Washed Up Hollywood Celebrity-themed accessories
Wee Can Shop Online toy store for kids
WiSpots Interactive advertising in waiting rooms