Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen

Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen are the co-founders of Boona, a company that developed the Tandem Shower, a unique shower attachment designed for tandem showering without the need for plumbing modifications.

Both founders have a background in engineering and met while working at Amazon.

The Tandem Shower is designed to allow two people to shower simultaneously by adding a second showerhead that optimizes water pressure. It can be installed easily, much like a pull-up bar, without any professional assistance.

he product has been well-received, raising substantial funds through a Kickstarter campaign and gaining significant attention on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

They appeared on “Shark Tank” seeking $400,000 for 10% equity in their company (a $4 million valuation). Despite a well-prepared pitch and impressive initial sales figures, the Sharks did not invest in Boona. Kevin O’Leary made two offers, but later retracted them when the founders were hesitant to accept.

The primary concerns from the Sharks were regarding the product’s water pressure and market potential​.

Since their appearance on “Shark Tank,” Boona has continued to operate and grow, focusing on improving their product and seeking private investors to expand their market presence.

The company is based in Seattle, Washington, and continues to sell the Tandem Shower through its website and other online platforms.

Boona After Shark Tank

The Background Of Brett Skaloud And Jeff Feiereisen

The background of Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen before they co-founded Boona:

  • Amazon Experience: Both Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen worked as engineers at Amazon before starting Boona.
    • Skaloud worked as a hardware design engineer on projects like Amazon Go and Scout.
    • Feiereisen was an engineering manager involved in hardware development for Amazon Go stores and also worked at Microsoft prior to Amazon.
  • Collaborative Projects: They collaborated on Amazon’s innovative ventures, contributing to the development and launch of technologies like cashierless stores and delivery robots.

This background provided them with extensive experience in technology development and product innovation, which they later applied to their entrepreneurial venture, Boona.

Boona Tandem Showerhead Net Worth (Valuation)

  • After their Shark Tank appearance, Boona’s Tandem Shower product was estimated to be worth $4 million.
  • At the time of filming Shark Tank, Boona projected $1.7 million in annual revenue by the end of that year and $5 million the following year.
  • The company had 5,000 customers, a mailing list of 40,000 people, and a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $774,000.


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