What Happened to Zomm after the Shark Tank?

What exactly is Zomm?

The Zomm wireless leash is a key fob that alerts users when they are more than twenty feet away from their iPhone.

When the gadget reaches the 20-foot mark, it quietly vibrates. If the user ignores the vibrations, a warning will sound, gradually increasing in volume until the user turns it off.

If you misplace your keys, Zomm can assist you in locating them.

Zomm was founded in 2009 by Henry Penix and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

The Penix family sold their preschool to fund the creation of the Zomm multi-use fob key.

Who is the creator of Zomm?

Zomm was formed in 2009 by Henry Penix and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

The Penix sold their preschool to raise funds for the production of the Zomm multi-use fob key.

They also received a pledge of $5 million from another investor, bringing the total investment to $9 million.

Zomm immediately gained a lot of interest in the market. In 2010, it sold for $750,000 and received the CES Innovation Award. With $5,000,000 in sales in 2011, the volume nearly tenfold increased.

What Happened to Zomm during the Shark Tank Pitch?

Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank, Zomm had $5 million in revenues in 2011 and $7.2 million in 2012.

It is available throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as the bulk of Africa, Australia, and China.

The device received several awards, including a CES Innovation award in 2010. Henry approached the Shark Tank with a $2 million offer in exchange for a 10% share in the firm, worth $20 million.

The Sharks are interested in the offering but have reservations about the figures.

Henry invested $4 million of his own money in the company and obtained another $5 million from venture capitalists. They’ve invested over a million dollars in research and development.

The company had a lot of cash to run, according to the Zomm corporate biography. Lori, Mark, Barbara, Kevin, and Daymond, according to the Tankers’ study of the company, were all out of the deal with the Zomm Company due to the firm’s soundness.

What Happened to Zomm After the Shark Tank?

After the Tankers’ contract fell through, they were besieged with new fans and orders as the Shark Tank Effect took hold.

Even with beefed-up servers anticipating a flood of more visitors, the Zomm website was unable to keep up.

This firm may have had the highest valuation of any Shark Tank company. Zomm’s company looks to be prospering, with more new products being added to its already impressive range.

In 2021, the company’s Facebook page is no longer operational, and there is no buying method on the company’s website. Zomm is no longer in business since there has been no website update.

Competitors of Zomm

Tagg Pet Tracker, Whistle GPS Tracker, and Kevo Beast are some of Zomm’s rivals.

Zomm’s net worth

Henry first invests $4 million in the firm, and after a while, the company realizes a profit of $1 million after earning a total of $5 million. The company is no longer in operation and hence the company net worth is not available.

 Zomm FAQs

1What is Zomm?

Zomm is a fob key that gets you back to the iPhone when you forget it, it’s a key finder.

 Where can I get Zomm?

Zomm is available in stores and online locations. The price for this product ranges from $59 to $99 depending on the model customer purchase. The prices also vary between countries like Europe and Australia. They can also get Zomm at Mall stores, eBay, Amazon, and Zazzle.

 How do I order Zomm?

Customers can either place an order online or talk to a sales representative in person at the retail store of their choice.

 Why Zomm?

There are two reasons why Zomm is useful. The first one is that the product alerts users on the iPhone when they have walked too far away from their iPhone. This makes it possible to find their iPhone in case they lost it or forgot where to find it.

The second reason why this product is useful is that customers can take advantage of the app that accompanies this device so as to locate their keys, phones, clothing and other important belongings.

Does Zomm work with Android phones?

Zomm is compatible with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3, OnePlus 5, LG G2, and LG G3. Customers can check out the list of compatible mobile phones on the official website of Zomm before purchasing the product.

How does it work?

User downloads the Zomm app to their Android, iPhone, or iPads and then they can use it to find their belongings.

Does Zomm work with an iPod?

It is possible to use this device with an iPod touch or an iPhone running iOS 7.0 or later. Customers can also pair it with select Android phones running Android 4.4 KitKat and higher versions of the operating system.

Do I need to install Zomm?

No, users do not have to install or set up the app in order to use it on their devices.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone?

No, it is not necessary to jailbreak iPhone in order to use Zomm.

How many steps does it take to find my phone?

On average, users will be able to find their phones within three steps. This can vary depending on the user’s location and how far they have walked away from their phone.

What is Zomm made of?

Zomm is made of anodized aluminum with a matte finish.

Can I change the ringtone?

Yes, users can change the ringtone that will be heard when they walk away from their phone in the Zomm app settings. They can also purchase new tones from iTunes or Google Play store.

Can Zomm be used on Android?

Yes, Zomm can be used on Android phones as long as they are running Android 4.4 KitKat and up.

Do I need to charge Zomm?

No, Zomm does not require any kind of battery or charging as long as it is paired to the iPhone.

What if my phone is lost?

The Zomm app users can use this app to locate a lost phone.

How do I pair Zomm with my iPhone?

First, users have to download the app onto their operating system. After that, they have to press and hold the button on the fob. This will put an alert in their iPhone that they have forgotten something.

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