What Happened to Zipz Wine after Shark Tank?

What is Zipz Wine?

ZIPZ Wine is a single-serving ready-to-drink wine glass that is great for people who like drinking while traveling.

The wine of your choice is contained in the ZIPZ Wine bottle, which resembles a standard wine glass. Simply consume the wine by squeezing it out of the bottle and placing it in your favorite ZIPZ Wine glass.

Zipz Wine was founded by Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott. Before launching their new venture, they had each had prior expertise in a variety of sectors.

McMurry began his career at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he got a business degree. He worked as a sommelier for Vantis Corporate Services and as a product manager for a beverage firm.

McMurry’s passion for wine began at an early age, when, after graduating from college, he undertook an internship at the winery his father operated. McMurry had a passion to work with wine after his time at the vineyard, which inspired him to follow his present professional path.

  1. Henry Scott, McMurry’s business partner, has worked in a variety of sectors before launching Zipz Wine.

Who is the man behind Zipz Wine?

Zipz Wine was established by Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott. Before launching on their new venture, they had each had prior expertise in a variety of sectors.

McMurry began his career at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he got a business degree.

Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott, two wine industry specialists, sought to work together to create a single serving wine glass that was easy to transport and had great packaging.

The original design line was inappropriate since it lacked any wrapping that may enable the wine to leak from the box. Scott was putting in a lot of effort to enhance the packaging design.

The Zipz Wine included a dual-function lid and coaster, making it easy to travel and enjoy while maintaining long shelf life.

What Happened to Zipz Wine During the Shark Tank Pitch?

Following the success of Zipz Wine, Andrew and Scott decided to propose their idea to Sharks investors.

Andrew and Scott make a $2.5 million proposal for a 10% share in the firm at a $25 million value.

He then added that Sharks investors are needed to assist in packaging and licensing. He demonstrates how to open it before distributing samples. The Sharks wonder what makes Zipz different from Copa Di Vino.

Zipz and Copa Di Vino are distinguished by the fact that Zipz has a one-year shelf life whereas Copa Di Vino has a two-year shelf life.

Kevin asks him to clarify the patent. Andrew adds that he paid $130,000 in license fees to get it into major league ballparks. He also says that $8.5 million has been given by a group of investors.

Kevin thinks the packaging is beautiful, but the $2.99 price per glass is outrageous.

Mark reveals his intention to quit, however, Kevin and Andrew disagree.

Kevin goes on to explain how he got into COSTCO through O’Leary Wines. Robert wonders why he does not simply license the packaging. Kevin remains fixated on the price point, and Daymond departs.

Lori likes the design, but the firm is too difficult for her, therefore she went out too.

Robert likes the product, but if there isn’t a straightforward license agreement, he’s out.

Kevin feels that if he teams up with Zipz, the price must be decreased. Andrew argues that by employing scale, he would be able to lower the price.

Kevin then offers $2.5 million for 10% of the firm, with the option to buy another 10% for $25 million if he can get them into COSTCO.

Andrew comes out and informs his colleagues about the deal. Andrew accepts, and he and Kevin O’Leary reach a deal.

What happened to Zipz Wine after it appeared on Shark Tank?

Kevin O’Leary completed the deal with Zipz and is presently negotiating licensing terms with them. Andrew and Kevin toured the facilities, marveling at the automated filling process that filled each glass from the bottom, preventing oxidation.

Zipz also formed a national partnership with Arctic Beverage. The company’s Chilean wine line is called Chillin. Other wineries may be interested in cooperating if Zipz were available in stores where Chillin was already available.

Zipz Wine ceased production and focused only on licensing agreements. Zipz wine packets may be found at a number of locations around the country, as well as on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart.

Zipz Wine’s competitors

Vinebox, Goverre, Copa Di Vino, Winc, Bright Cellars, Lot18, Glassful, Wine Awesomeness, and Lake Liquor are among the competitors.

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Zipz Wine’s Net Worth

The company valuation was placed at $25 million during the presentation, and since the Shark Tank broadcast, they have produced a lot more sales, causing the company valuation to rise.

Zipz Wine FAQs

What does Zipz Wine cost?

Zipz wine can be bought for $2.99 (while supplies last) in a six-pack the size of a standard wine glass. It is available in select stores and online at Amazon and Walmart.com, making it easy to purchase from the comfort of their own home. They can find Zipz Wine at many convenience stores and liquor stores.

How long do Zipz Wine’s expire?

Zipz wine does not have a set expiration date. It depends on the glass or box.

How many servings are in an individual Zipz Wine?

A single serving of the wine contains about 16-20 ounces, which is about what a normal wine glass or decanter would hold (around 12 ounces). In order to fill an entire filled-bottle of wine, they would need to buy around 3 – 6 boxes (12 bottles).

Can you enjoy more than one serving at once?

Yes, but it will depend on the size of the box. However, in order to enjoy a glass of wine with friends, they would need to buy around 24-40 boxes (120-180 bottles) – that would be 6 – 12 dinners!

What type of wine is in Zipz Wine?

Zipz Wine comes in four different types – White, Red, Rosé and Sparkling.

Is Zipz Wine the same quality of wine as a standard glass?

It depends on a number of factors such as the source, age, condition, and region.

Where can Zipz Wine are purchased?

Zipz Wine is only available online at Amazon and at select grocery stores and liquor stores in the United States. It is also available in select ballparks around the US.

Is Zipz Wine gluten free?

Yes, all Zipz products are gluten-free!

Are there any side effects to drinking Zipz Wine?

No, there are no side effects. Zipz wine is safe to drink and has been enjoyed by many consumers.

What is Zipz Wine made of?

Zipz Wine contains: The ingredients are not produced in Zipz’s facility. They were carefully selected to be the best quality wine possible.

How much alcohol is in Zipz?

Zipz contains 7% alcohol and is made with natural ingredients. In the USA, wine with a higher number than 7% percent can only be enjoyed by people 21 years or older. If they are younger than this age and would like to enjoy a glass of wine, they can buy Zipz for those who are of legal drinking age where they live.

Are the ingredients in Zipz safe?

The ingredients are carefully selected from around the world and are produced in the USA. They do not use any sulfites, dyes or any other additives or preservatives. This ensures that the product is safe to consume and produced to its full potential.

Has Zipz Wine been tested?

Yes, Zipz has been tested by independent testing labs to ensure that the product is safe for consumption and does not have any D.O.S. in it.

How long can you store Zipz Wine?

Zipz wine can be stored for up to two years if stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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