What Happened to WYP Aviation After Shark Tank?

What is WYP Aviation?

WYP Aviation Wingboard has been in the works since 2013 and is marketed as “wakeboarding for the sky.” This patent-pending board, designed to be the ultimate thrill ride in the sky, will pique the interest of thrill enthusiasts.

Wingboarding attempts to replicate the experience of wakeboarding, except instead of water, you soar over the skies. The wings, like those of a plane, are long and tapered to provide maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The rider stands on the platform with their feet bound, grasping a handlebar attached to a tow line behind a flying plane.

WYP Aviation’s founder, Aaron Wypyszynski, is interviewed before going into other aspects of the firm. Wing boards take off alongside planes, carrying passengers thousands of feet into the sky.

The parachute on a board automatically deploys at the end of a ride, safely lowering the rider to the ground.

Who is the founder of WYP Aviation?

WYP Aviation’s founder, Aaron Wypyszynski, was interviewed before going into other aspects of the company.

Aaron began flying at the age of 12, and when he was unable to qualify as an Air Force pilot due to his height, he chose to design planes instead. He has a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and works as a flight test engineer in Alabama.

The WYP Aviation Wingboard was inspired by Kit Cloudkicker, a character from the animated Disney series Talespin. Kit’s antics included wakeboarding behind an aircraft. The Wingboard is a little more sophisticated than Kit’s model, but the premise is the same.

Aaron started working on the Wingboard project with 1/10th scale prototypes in 2013. The gadget is currently in “phase three,” which includes a full-scale prototype that he will test in a wind tunnel.

What Happened to WYP Aviation’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Aaron Wypyszynski, designer of WYP Aviation, pitches his wing board with a wake board-like attachment on the Shark Tank season 9 premieres. Aaron is seeking for a Shark with whom he can work and help with product distribution.

Aaron entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $500,000 in return for a 20% stake in his firm, which valued at $2.5 million.

Onstage was his “product,” a huge wing. He delivers his speech and invites Richard Branson to come up and try it out.

The prototype stage of the product was presently underway. A person can either be dragged behind an airplane or ride in a wind tunnel. That, according to Branson, might be a true thrill.

Lori was the first Shark to speak out, claiming that the situation is too hazardous, and she exits.

Mark was afraid of heights and has decided to goes out.

Daymond feels it will take too much time and money, so he exits as well.

Richard, though he thinks it’s cool, doesn’t think it’s investable at the moment, so he’s out.

Robert was experiencing the same feelings as Richard; he also goes out.

Aaron ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to WYP Aviation After Shark Tank?

Aaron revealed plans to build an inside air tunnel that will be “full-blown RETAILTAINMENT” long after the original air date, but he left the pitch without a deal.

As of November 2021, neither the wind tunnel nor the wing boards had materialized. The firm primarily works as a government contractor to create prototypes for novel aeronautical items.

The firm is still in existence and earns $4.5 million per year as of January 2022.

WYP Aviation’s Competitors

WYP Aviation competes with other firms that provide a board that allows a person to fly through the air in the wake of an airplane. Paragliding and Tandem Paragliding are included in the tournament.

WYP Aviation’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $2.5 million. Since then, the firm has maintained$4.5 million yearly revenue as of January 2022.

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WYP Aviation FAQs

What is WYP Aviation made of?

WYP Aviation is made of a wing with an attached platform for the feet. The rider can either be dragged behind an airplane or can try his or her hand at flying in a wind tunnel.

What was the first flight like?

Aaron Wypyszynski, the founder of WYP Aviation, took off for the first time in 2013. He went soaring above Mount Saint Helens in Washington State.

What’s a WYP Aviation Party Like?

According to Aaron, one can expect an exciting experience in a party setting. There will be entertainment, food and drink and possibly even rides on the Wingboard planes.

How much does the WYP Aviation cost?

WYP Aviation doesn’t have a price tag as of January 2022. However, the cost should be less than free air travel.

Where is WYP Aviation located?

The firm is located in Washington State. Aaron is interviewed about his exploits in the skies before heading to other aspects of the company.

Will WYP Aviation be flying over my town?

Yes, there will be many flights flying over various places around the United States in the future.

Does WYP Aviation have a website?

Yes, the firm’s website is wypaviation.com. The site details how and when people can ride on their Wingboard planes.

Does WYP Aviation offer a mobile app?

There is an app that helps users to track flights. It pinpoints the location of each flight, which enables interested people to watch the daring deed unfold before their eyes.

What’s a WYP Aviation Safety Record?

According to Aaron, the company has already made 400 successful flights in four years. The WYP Aviation Safety Record is as good as it gets.

Is WYP Aviation safe to use?

Yes, the firm has a record of safe use. It has traveled more than 400 successful flights in four years.

Who is WYP Aviation for?

Aaron suggests that the Wingboard is for anyone who enjoys flying through the air. It’s a fun, affordable and safe way to experience this thrilling sensation.

What do I need to participate in a WYP Aviation Party?

Customers need to be at least 18 years of age for participation.

What is WYP Aviation guarantee?

The Wingboard comes with a full refund if they’re not completely satisfied.

Is WYP Aviation covered by warranty?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty on the Wingboard against defects in workmanship and materials. It’s also fully insured during its time on the road to ensure that it makes it back to its owners in top condition.

16. Why can’t I find WYP Aviation on the internet?

It’s because the firm doesn’t have a website at this time and is currently not selling its product on the open market.

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