What Happened to Wurkin Stiffs After Shark Tank?

What is Wurkin Stiffs?

Wurkin Stiffs is a firm that creates and sells revolutionary magnetic collar stays that prevent collar curling and keep the neckline neat.

They look wonderful when coupled with magnetic buttons, and the plastic or metal stays make formal collar shirts, semi-formal polo shirts, or golf shirts appear clean and debonair.

Jonathan Boos launched the company in 2006 and continues to serve as CEO today.

Jonathan, who was once a normal working stiff, is now a self-made man who got the idea for the company by simply using a paperclip and a fridge magnet before departing on a date.

Who is the man behind Wurkin Stiffs?

Wurkin Stiffs, a men’s accessory firm, was founded by Jonathan Boos. Jonathan Boos invented Power Stays, which are little magnetic objects designed to keep well-dressed men’s collars in place.

Jonathan Boos, like many other inventors and entrepreneurs, is always looking for new ideas. His invention is known as Power Stays, and it has gained a lot of traction.

Power Stays is a magnetic solution that keeps collars in place with minimum effort on your part. As you can see, Jonathan Boos is brimming with simple but vital gimmicks for well-dressed men.

Jonathan Boos opted to create and produce a product such as Power Stays because he understands how tough it may be to get dressed quickly.

He claims he was late for a dinner reservation and that his wife was becoming annoyed with him. At that time, he rapidly pulled on his shirt, despite having difficulty getting his collar right.

He hurriedly constructed a collar holder out of a paperclip and a little magnet, and he realized that it worked rather well.

As a result, he invented Power Stays, which are simple to attach to any collar. Any shirt would suffice.

What Happened to Wurkin Stiffs’ Shark Tank Pitch?

Jonathan Boos says in episode 1 of Season 2 of Wurkin Stiffs on Shark Tank that he does not seek financial aid from any of the Sharks.

Jonathan Boos entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $85,000 for a 10% ownership in his business, which worth $850,000.

According to Jonathan Boos, nothing compares to Power Stays in the men’s garment industry. In three months, he claims to have opened 77 outlets and sold 18,000 pieces for $600,000. He estimated that he would generate $1.8 million in sales.

Mark Cuban expresses his admiration for Jonathan’s knowledge, product, and courage, but he believes he is not the right partner for him, and he exits. Barbara Corcoran was keeping a close eye on Mark.

Kevin O’Leary believes the Power Stays are wonderful and appreciates them a lot. He offered $100,000 in return for a 30% interest and 40% income.

When Robert questions Jonathan about why he turned down Kevin’s offer, he says that he needs more than money; he needs a partner who will help him build his business.

Before Daymond could continue discussing overvalue, Jonathan interjected. Jonathan, on the other hand, apologized to Daymond for helping him in any way.

Following the commercial break, Robert Herjavec offers $100,000 for a 30% stake in the company with no royalties. Jonathan counters with a $200,000 offer for 30% equity.

Kevin promptly increased his offer to $100,000 for a 20% stake, but the royalty remained at 40%. Robert Herjavec has revised his offer to $100,000 for a 25% stake, which he considers to be the final offer.

Barbara Corcoran stepped in with a $100,000 offer for a 20% stake in exchange for Daymond’s pardon.

Daymond John believes that the 20% stake is insufficient and that he was willing to accept less than 40% equity.

Kevin O’Leary instructs Jonathan to return to daddy and cut his offer to $100,000 for 15% equity and 40% income. Jonathan counters with a $100,000 offer for a 30% share in Barbara and Daymond, but Daymond declines.

Kevin wants Jonathan to make a choice right once, but after a few seconds, Jonathan accepts Barbara and Daymond’s offer of $100,000 for 40% equity shares and walks away from the field with a deal.

What Happened to Wurkin Stiffs After Shark Tank?

Finally, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John were able to make a joint offer, which was just what Jonathan Boos was looking for in the first place.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Boos had to relinquish further stake in Wurkin Stiffs, but it all worked out in the end since Wurkin Stiffs seemed to take off. The agreement between Barbara and Daymond was nearly complete.

www.wurkinstiffs.com is the official Wurkin Stiffs website. Following a cursory examination of the website, it appears that Jonathan Boos’ work with Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John paid off nicely.

Jonathan Boos has designed a host of different attachments in addition to the Power Stays that he displayed on Shark Tank. Polo Stays are collar stays for polo shirts, for example, which he now sells.

In addition, he sells cuffs, jacket accessories, and ties. Jonathan Boos appears to have experimented with selling bags, which are also available on the Wurkin Stiffs website and may be bought.

Wurkin Stiffs goods are available on Amazon. The Power Stays have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, suggesting that shirt wearers like the collar stays. The firm is still in operation as of December 2021, and they sell on their website as well as Amazon.

Wurkin Stiffs’ Competitors

GILDAN ACTIVEWEAR EDEN, Eden, ACTIVEWEAR, Bolingbrook, and STEVEN MADDEN are the Wurkin Stiffs’ main competitors.

Wurkin Stiffs’ Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $850,000; following Barbara and Daymond’s investment, the company was valued at $250,000.

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Wurkin Stiffs FAQs

 How does Wurkin Stiffs work?

Wurkin Stiffs is known for its collar stays, which keep shirts and collars in place without requiring a lot of effort on the part. Wurkin Jackets have gathered many fans over the years thanks to their quality merchandise, which style-conscious men love.

Where are the products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

Where can I buy Wurkin Stiffs products?

Wurkin Stiffs’ website is the best place to go if customers want to buy their merchandise, but they have recently begun selling on Amazon as well. They also sell at various retailers, in addition to online marketplaces such as eBay.

How did Wurkin Stiffs become successful?

The firm has been very successful in contrast to the other products pitched on Shark Tank. The company continues to do well as of recently, but it is likely that the Sharks’ investment has played a major role in the firm’s success.

What is Wurkin Stiffs made of?

The company produces its goods using high-quality material such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

What is the best Wurkin Stiffs product?

Due to the variety of products that Wurkin Stiffs has on offer, customers have a choice.

Does Wurkin Stiffs do any other products?

Wurkin Stiffs does offer a wide variety of products, and customers might find them useful for their various needs.

How do I use Wurkin Stiffs?

The collar stays are meant to be used in order to keep shirts and collars in place. These items should not cause any discomfort, but they should also not be too loose or too tight.

What does Wurkin Stiffs look like?

Wurkin Stiffs products come in many different colors including white, black, red, blue and gold.

What is Wurkin Stiffs return policy?

Wurkin Stiffs’ return policy is 100%.

Is Wurkin Stiffs a profitable company?

Like many others on Shark Tank, it looks like Wurkin Stiffs is very much in the black and up and coming. Their business has continued to grow since her appearance on the show.

They have been growing at a steady pace of over 20%, which means that they are definitely doing something right and growing at an exponential rate. There is a limited time offer of free delivery with every order plus free returns.

What is the best way to buy Wurkin Stiffs products?

Customers can buy Wurkin Stiffs products from their website, Amazon or eBay.

What is Wurkin Stiffs shipping cost?

The shipping cost will vary based on what method is used by the customer and the destination. The company provides a variety of shipping options that are priced differently.

Where is Wurkin Stiffs available?

As long as the customers are located in the US, they can order any of the Wurkin Stiffs products from their website or eBay. Customers located in the UK can buy these products from Amazon or eBay.

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