What Happened to Wedfuly After Shark Tank?

What is Wedfuly?

Wedfuly is a company dedicated to making weddings more inviting to individuals of different ethnicities, races, identities, orientations, classes, and sizes.

The virtual wedding service includes all of the equipment needed for an elevated, multi-angle live stream experience, as well as a team of professionals to help you plan your special day. To plan and produce your wedding live broadcast, you’ll work remotely with a team of Wedfuly experts.

Wedfuly’s CEO and founder is Caroline Creidenberg. Caroline, a computer science graduate from the University of Denver, began her career in the wedding business as an IT consultant (or lack thereof).

Caroline was often seen barefoot riding her pink two-wheeler along High Drive in Kansas City when she was younger. She wouldn’t have found herself thinking about weddings or white dresses back then.

Who is the founder of Wedfuly?

Wedfuly’s CEO and founder is Caroline Creidenberg. Creidenberg established the firm in 2017 as a virtual wedding service that helped couples save money by organizing weddings online.

When the wedding industry came to a halt in March 2020 as a result of the global Covid-19 epidemic, the corporation made a huge change. Creidenberg and her colleagues have partnered with Zoom to offer virtual weddings!

Wedfuly, in cooperation with Zoom, will provide their first virtual wedding service on March 28, 2020. The bride’s father, who was not physically there, officiated the wedding.

Since then, the company has performed “hundreds” of virtual marriages. Typically, the bride and groom or a family member may place a number of smart phone cameras at various angles.

For an extra cost, the Wedfuly team may produce the production remotely or send a team member to the wedding site.

The business offers a free first consultation. The fees range from $700 to $2000, plus “extras.” In addition to the wedding ceremony, each wedding features toasts, virtual reception tables, first dances, and group dance parties.

It is possible to include a simulated wedding procession. Two tripods, battery packs, a venue audio device, and a DJ setup are included in wedding packages.

The company also offers “traditional” wedding planning services. While the wedding industry rebounds from the pandemic, some experts expect a trend toward smaller, more intimate weddings with a virtual component.

What Happened to Wedfuly at Shark Tank pitch?

Caroline Creidenberg seeks for a match for Wedfuly, her virtual wedding firm, in Shark Tank episode 1306. Caroline is hoping that it is genuine and that a Shark will want to join them.

Caroline went on Shark Tank in seeking of $200,000 in return for a 5% stake in her business, which valued at $4 million.

Caroline starts her presentation by talking about how beautiful weddings are and how the Covid-19 outbreak motivated her to start the company.

Despite the fact that pandemic-related lockdowns have been removed, she argues that this type of wedding is not a fleeting fad.

Mark claims that his Brother Brian’s wedding in 1998 was the first live televised wedding. When Robert questions if people will continue to use the service, she says that every one of her clients was unique.

She has conducted 700 marriages since March of 2020. Caroline is a software engineer who formerly worked at a large financial institution, where she was one of just three female employees in a department of 60.

She developed wedding planning software in order to establish a more female-centric organization. 40% of her clients have no plans for a wedding at all.

She then describes the process of arranging and carrying out a wedding. Caroline and her team stunned the Sharks by performing 30 weddings in one day.

Mr. Wonderful, who had previously declared that he would eviscerate Caroline, sounded fascinated when Mark asked whether they were a data feeding business. She alleges that they collect the names and email addresses of all wedding guests.

In 2020, sales totaled $700,000, with a profit of $100,000, while sales in 2021 have totaled $1 million, with a profit of $300,000. With a profit margin of 75%, the average revenue per client is $1500.

Kevin was drawn to the data feeding component and expects to cross-sell with his other wedding-related businesses. He offers $200,000 in return for 20% ownership of the company. Caroline responds with $200,000 for a 10% stake in the company, and Kevin declines.

Lori likes the story and thinks Caroline is a great role model, but the industry isn’t for her, so she’s out.

Mark has no subsidiaries and does not feel Caroline will be able to build the firm; he also exits.

Robert loves the idea and offers $200,000 for a 10% stake in the company, which was worth $2 million. Caroline accepts, noting that backstage, Robert is the first member of the business to walk away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Wedfuly After Shark Tank?

Caroline left the pitch with a deal the day after the episode aired, while the deal with Robert is still in the works.

Caroline and her team have said that they would be holding information sessions throughout the weekend. The Denver University Clarion interviewed Caroline (her alma mater).

She feels that having someone like Robert, who has been there and seen so many businesses, will be incredibly valuable for mentorship and advising her on the company’s and her life as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.”

This page will be updated as new information on Caroline Creidenberg & Wedfuly becomes available. The company is still in business as of January 2022, and the yearly revenue has not been reported.

Wedfuly’s Competitors

In the market, companies comparable to Wedfuly include Live Stream Bride, a similar day-of-wedding streaming service that allows customers to live stream their wedding.

Wedfuly’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $4 million; following Robert Herjavec’s investment, the company was valued at $2 million. Since the firm is still in operation as of January 2022.

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Wedfuly FAQs

What exactly is Wedfuly?

Wedfuly is a firm that strives to make weddings more welcoming to people of all ethnicities, colors, identities, orientations, classes, and sizes.

The virtual wedding service includes all of the necessary technology for an elevated, multi-angle live broadcast experience, as well as a team of pros to assist you in planning your special day.

Who is the inventor?

Caroline Creidenberg is the inventor and founder of Wedfuly.

How much was asking on Shark Tank?

Caroline was seeking for $200,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in her firm.

What happened on the Shark Tank?

Caroline negotiated a deal with Robert Herjavec, who gave $200,000 in exchange for 10% ownership of the firm, which was worth $2 million.

Is Wedfuly still in business?

Wedfuly is still in operation as of January 2022.


Where is Wedfuly located?

Wedfuly is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

What exactly is the Wedfuly website?

Wedfuly’s website address is www.wedfuly.com.

How can I get in touch with Wedfuly?

Wedfuly may be reached primarily via the contact form on their website (www.wedfuly.com) or by email at [email protected].

How do you plan a wedding?

Wedfuly only works with real-world venues. Customers may have a digital wedding ceremony, but you must be present.

What features and services does Wedfuly provide?

Wedfuly provides all of the planning resources needed to ensure that their wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. During the Planning coaching process, creative ideas and useful recommendations are supplied, as well as pre-wedding support during the reception itself.

Is Wedfuly a success?

Yes, Wedfuly is a success story. The revenue in 2020 was $700,000, with a profit of $100,000.

Is Wedfuly providing a discount?

Wedfuly does not provide a discount.

Is Wedfuly reliable?

Wedfuly does deliver. The service may be booked through the website and ships internationally.

Does Wedfuly offer coupons?

There are currently no discounts or coupons available for Wedfuly.

Is Wedfuly guaranteed?

Wedfuly is covered by a standard 30-day warranty.

How much does Wedfuly cost?

The cost ranges from $700 to $2000. Additional costs apply to add-ons, which may be determined by contacting the provider directly.

What are Wedfuly’s payment options?

Wedfuly accepts credit and debit cards as payment methods. Other payment options may be available, but they are not presently displayed on the site.

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