What Happened to Vurtego Pogo Stick After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Vurtego Pogo Stick?

Vurtego Pogo Sticks are a type of pogo stick in which the jumping mechanism is constructed of air instead of a metal oil spring.

They are a high-end pogo stick capable of reaching incredible heights and allowing users to do a variety of feats.

There are various benefits to using an air-powered pogo stick, ranging from adjustable spring tension to a lower overall weight to power ratio.

The air spring of a Vurtego pogo stick allows riders to regulate the air pressure of the pogo stick to their desired level in order to leap.

As more air pressure is applied to the pogo stick, the spring becomes stiffer.

The same Vurtego pogo stick may be used by a 75-pound youngster or a 300-pound fully grown adult just by changing the air pressure.

Because the Vurtego pogo sticks use an air spring, there is no maximum weight limit.

Who is the Founder of Vurtego Pogo Stick?

Vurtego Pogo was established by Bruce and Brian Spencer, father and son.

As a child, Brian was always fascinated in extreme sports, and in the early 1990s, he began designing an extreme pogo stick.

Brian came to his father Bruce after failing with the conventional spring technique.

Bruce’s background in aviation engineering enabled the pair to create their own air spring technology.

Bruce is still listed as the owner of Vurtego until this day. According to his LinkedIn page, Brian is currently employed as the President of a company called Vault Consulting.

What Happened to Vurtego Pogo Stick at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Brian was escorted into the tank by a high-flying crew of pogo experts executing enormous aerial manoeuvres and synchronised flips.

His amazing entrance, which includes aerial acrobatics and a choreographed display of the Vurtego Pogo Sticks, astounds the Sharks.

Following his thrilling debut, Brian introduced himself and Vurtego Pogo. He approached the think tank with the goal of obtaining $500,000 in exchange for a 25% share in his company. This equates to a $2.5 million valuation.

Kevin O’Leary is curious about accountability. Spencer compares the Vurtego Pogo Sticks to skating and other extreme sports, but calls them “deceptively safe” because they do not involve speed.

He has had no substantial injury complaints despite selling 7,000 units.

Spencer, according to O’Leary and Herjavec, should confine his appeal to the extreme sports sector and so raise his price.

Barbara, a concerned mother of two, reintroduced the safety concerns, saying it was a miracle that no one had been harmed or killed and that everyone was safe.

“When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one,” Mark Cuban said of the mass market. That is why I am not present.”

Kevin O’Leary was quick to respond, encouraging Spencer to focus on a specialized market and raise his pricing.

Daymond John agrees with O’Leary, saying Spencer “doesn’t need” the Sharks. He’s already gone.

Spencer is informed by Robert Herjavec that he is the “ultimate in cool” and boasts “the full look.” He reinforces extreme sports’ market appeal. He’s already gone.

Spencer leaves Shark Tank without reaching a deal.

What Happened to Vurtego Pogo Stick After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Despite failing to land a contract on Shark Tank, the Vurtego Pogo Company is still thriving today.

At the present, the company provides three types of pogo sticks: the V4, the V4 Pro, and the V4 Fit. They also sell clothes and replacement parts, which are all available for purchase on the Vurtego website.

Vurtego products are also available on Amazon and other third-party websites. Vurtego Pogo, the world’s highest-flying air-powered pogo stick, has outperformed its rivals.

Despite the Sharks’ dismissal of his vision, Spencer took his idea to the next level and went on to become one of the Shark Tank’s most successful entrepreneurs.

In the summer of 2015, the start-up raised $109,547 through an IndieGoGo campaign.

As of July 2021, the company’s yearly sales totalled $1 million.

What is the Net Worth of Vurtego Pogo Stick?

Brian Spencer approached the tank asking $500,000 in exchange for a 25% ownership in his company. This corresponds to a $2.5 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Vurtego Pogo Stick?

There are no known competitors for Vurtego Pogo Stick.

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Vurtego Pogo Stick FAQS

What is the maximum height that a Vurtego pogo stick can reach?

Vurtego V4 Pro – Air-Powered Adult Pogo Stick with Adjustable Spring, Capable of Jumping 10 Feet, 75 Pounds and Up, Available in a Variety of Sizes

Handcrafted exclusively in the United States of America.

What colours do they have?

The V4 comes in two different colours and three different sizes. The V4 is all white. The V4 Pro will come in a green colourway.

How do they pump it up?

They might use a standard Schrader valve bicycle pump or an air compressor to fill it up.

How long will the V4 hold air for?

Depending on how and at what pressure people use it, their V4 may keep air for several days to weeks at a time.

The higher the air pressure, the more air it can retain.

How do they adjust the air spring for different people?

The air spring is modified based on the amount of pressure applied to the V4.

A stiffer spring derives from increased air pressure (psi). A weaker spring arises from less air pressure (lower psi).

All that is needed is to add or subtract air depending on who is bouncing.

Can they use it on hills?

They severely discourage bouncing on hills. Slopes are not permitted.

Very gentle slopes are normally safe, but kids must be completely sure in their abilities before attempting to bounce on a hill.

Do they need a helmet?

Yes. They always recommend that they bounce safely. They also advise wearing closed-toed shoes… They resemble foot helmets.

How dangerous is the V4?

Their pogo sticks look to be perfectly safe. Nobody has ever climbed one and then jumped five feet into the air. It takes time, practice, coordination, and balance to get there.

Can they use it when it is raining?

The grasp point, which is around 32 inches long, is the sole thing that ties them to the ground.

Even in the greatest of circumstances, it’s hard to keep that tip from sliding. All bets are off when water is added to the mix.

How frequently do they need to lubricate?

Depending on usage, they recommend lubricating their V4 every few weeks to several months.

It just takes about two minutes and is quite simple, thus it is absolutely advisable to lubricate more frequently than not in order to keep the bounce silky smooth for a longer period of time.

How frequently do they need to replace my oil?

They recommend conducting a full oil change every 4-5 times they add lubricant, or roughly every crapload of bounces (a crapload is like 2-3 months).

A full oil change takes around 10-15 minutes to accomplish.

If they use the stick every day or in extremely filthy places, they may want to change the oil more frequently than recommended (like every 6 weeks).

Which psi setting do they recommend?

They do not recommend using less than 30 psi since the lower the air pressure, the easier it is for air to escape, requiring them to pump it up more regularly if they want to use it at 25 psi.

Is this suitable for an 11-year-old youngster who knows how to pogo stick?

Yes. An 11-year-old will most likely leap two to three feet, and the pogo stick will handle everything he throws at it.

What is the V4 Pro made of?

The V4 Pro is built with a high-strength steel frame. The spring is constructed of compressed air, while the grip tip is made of tough nylon.

Is there anything that prevents you from sending this pogo stick?

They can only send this goods within the United States.

Is there any warranty for this V4 Pro pogo stick?

Their pogo sticks come with a one-year components guarantee. During that year, Vurtego will replace or repair any damaged or broken part on their pogo stick.

What is the weight limit for this pogo stick?

The V4 Pro has a weight restriction of 75 pounds. If they weigh more than 75 pounds, they should choose their V4 model instead.

Both are excellent jumping sticks for a wide range of users.

However, if they weigh more than 75 pounds, it’s recommended acquiring the V4 Pro because it has a higher-bouncing air spring than its predecessor.

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