What Happened to Veggie Mama After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Veggie Mama?

Veggie Mama is a frozen popsicle brand made from natural fruits and vegetables as well as pure agave nectar. Among the flavours available are Cucumber Citrus, Carrot Berry, and Sweet Potato Pie. They’re also free of gluten, dairy, and soy, as well as artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

To sweeten the pops, all-natural agave nectar was utilized.

Veggie Mama pops are an excellent way to introduce vegetables to both children and adults. There is no added sugar in the premium sweets.

In the western United States, Veggie Mama pops are available in Sprouts Farmers Markets, Gelsons, and a limited number of Whole Foods Markets.

The lone retailer on the east coast is Natural Foods General Store in New York. There are two Veggie Mama locations: one in Anaheim and one in Niagara Falls.

Who is Veggie Mama’s Founder?

Because coping with the eating habits of teenagers may be difficult for parents, Robert and Theresa Fraijo of Laguna Niguel, California, set out to create a delicious and healthy snack for children.

Theresa’s original intention was to make a smoothie by mixing fruits and vegetables with sugar syrup, but she changed her mind and turned it into a frozen pop instead.

The product’s distinguishing feature is that it is totally made of vegetables and fruits, with the sugariness given by natural agave nectar.

The Fraijos’ aim to produce nutritious and balanced meals pushed them to focus all of their efforts on vegetables, fruits, and other vital components in order to create a fun-filled healthy snack. After repeated efforts, Robert and Theresa finally developed a creative meal, “Veggie Mama Pops.”

What Happened to Veggie Mama at the Shark Tank Pitch?

When the Fraijos entered Shark Tank season 5 episode 5, they introduce themselves as Veggie Mama and Veggie Papa. They were looking for $75,000 for a 15% ownership in their firm. This implies $500,000 valuation.

They describe their products and then hand out samples. Kevin didn’t think he’d enjoy watching the Sharks, but he did.

The retail price is $1.10 per packet, with a wholesale price of $2.25. They’ve sold $30,000 in the previous few months.

Veggie Papa was more interested in expanding the business than in law school, which Mark enjoys because it means one less lawyer!

Mark inquires about the couple’s investment in the Veggie Mama business, to which Theresa answers that the total investment is $140,000 – $30,000 of their own money and $110,000 from an investor friend.

Robert and Theresa are in charge of the factory’s machinery. Theresa works full-time, while Robert works part-time and earns $67,000 a year.

Mark expresses his disdain towards the frozen food industry and walks away.

Barbara maintains that the Fraijos are in the exact opposite situation in terms of invested capital to sales as other businesses in which she has invested and from which she also profits.

Kevin states he’d invest $75,000 with the intention of earning $.50 per unit, which would gradually drop to $.25 once he’d recouped his whole investment.

He talks about his successful collaboration with Wicked Good Cupcakes and says that this structure works well with food firms.

Robert is a fan of the product, but he feels that $75,000 is inadequate. He offers $75,000 for 20%, followed by another $75,000 in a year for a total of $150,000 for 25%.

The Fraijos turn down Robert’s offer, and Lori replies with $75,000 for 20%.

Kevin then lowers his offer to $150,000 for 50 cents a unit until he recoups the $150,000 royalties and 0.25 cents in perpetuity.

Robert then wants to join Lori for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership and a 20 cent per unit royalty.

Mark then chastises the Fraijos for turning down Robert’s initial offer. Barbara then dives back into the fray and orders the Fraijos to enter the hall to regroup. The Fraijos ask Robert to forgo the royalty, but he refuses.

Barbara then invites Mark to help her eliminate the remaining Sharks. If Barbara agrees to do the job, she and Mark will give $75,000 in exchange for a 20% cut with no royalties. The Fraijos have reached an agreement.

What Happened to Veggie Mama After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran’s surprise reappearance, with both stepping back in to outbid the other Sharks, proved to be the best value for Veggie Mama.

Barbara has kept her word, and the Veggie Mama frozen pops are now available in more Whole Foods and Sprouts stores, as well as online.

Despite the fact that all of the Sharks were vying for a piece of this lucrative deal, Corcoran and Cuban collaborated to make Veggie Mama a tremendous success.

The Sharks should have eaten their veggies on this occasion. She basically ran the business until its closure in December of 2018. She is currently the accounts payables manager for the State of Colorado.

What is the Net Worth Veggie Mama?

The Fraijos were looking for $75,000 for a 15% ownership in their firm. This is worth $500,000 in total.

They accepted an offer of $750,000 from Mark and Barbara for a 20% ownership in the company, valuing it at $375,000.

Since the firm has been closed, there is no current net valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Veggie Mama?

There are no competitors for Veggie Mama.

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Veggie Mama FAQS

What is Veggie Mama?

Veggie Mama is a nutritious and delightful vegetable and fruit snack. The sweet pops include no added sugar and are created from fruits and vegetables.

How much did they ask for in the Shark Tank?

Veggie Mama was looking for a $75,000 investment for a 15% ownership in their company.

How much did they get?

Mark and Barbara contributed $750,000 for a 15 % share in the firm.

Where can they buy Veggie Mama?

They are no longer in business.

What is Veggie Mama’s net worth?

They no longer have a net value because they are no longer in business.

Where can people get Veggie Mama?

They are no longer in business.

Is Veggie Mama still in business?

The Veggie Mama Garden Pops are no longer available in stores, the corporate logo has been updated, and the product selection has been completely redesigned.

Were Veggie Mama’s products non-GMO?

Non-GMO Veggie Mama pops were available.

Were Veggie Mama’s recipes gluten-free?

Gluten-free Veggie Mama pops were available.

Were Veggie Mama’s products dairy-free?

Veggie Mama included no dairy or animal products.

Were Veggie Mama’s recipes Kosher?

Kosher requirements are followed by Veggie Mama pops.

What is the marketing strategy of Veggie Mama?

Veggie Mama is no longer in business.

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