What happened to VaBroom after the Shark Tank?

What is VaBroom?

VaBroom is a two-in-one cleaning tool that was designed and developed to make cleaning fun and easy.

The powerful built-in vacuum sweeps up common household dirt and debris without the need for a dustpan. It is triggered by tilting the broom and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

Using a VaBroom is also extremely simple. Simply brush dust, dirt, and debris into a line or pile on the floor.

Then, tilt the vacuum and push the suction nozzle on the floor to activate the vacuum and make the trash pile vanish in an instant.

When you’re finished, place the VaBroom over the trash can and press the release button to empty it (1-Cup Debris Capacity).

The pressure-activated nozzle initiates and deactivates suction, eliminating the need for dustpans! “There will be no more bending down or being left in the dust.”

The broom has “flagged bristles” to pick up the smallest particles and increase overall effectiveness.

Who is VaBroom’s Creator?

Trevor Lambert and John Vadnais are the creators of VaBroom.

Trevor Lambert founded Lambert Licensing after finishing his education at the University of St. Thomas and graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2000.

Furthermore, while acting as the CEO and President of Lambert Licensing, Trevor created Enhance Innovations in 2010, a company specializing in the design and production of consumer products.

John Vadnais, on the other hand, earned a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies from Bemidji State University and is presently the Manager and Master Plumber at Roger Vadnais Plumbing, Drain and Sewer Cleaning.

In addition, he is the President of Vadco Innovations LLC, which is Epic! dba Toss the sauce together.

Surprisingly, VaBroom joined the market as Enhance Innovations, catapulting Trevor into the spotlight.

Trevor has developed and commercialized a number of products under his company’s trademark, including Incredi microwave cookware and Migration Mars.

Trevor’s company swiftly rose to prominence, and he amassed millions of dollars for his clients.

As a consequence, Trevor partnered with John Vadnais to launch VaBroom, feeling the time had come for him to provide a cleaning solution.

They established the firm in April 2019 with a $74,494 Kickstarter campaign.

They raised another $78,350 on IndieGoGo at the same time. Due to production issues related by the Covid-19 pandemic, they did not deliver any orders until October 2020.

This isn’t the first time Trevor and his crew have utilized crowdsourcing platforms to raise funds.

Other projects have been funded through Trevor’s design firm, Enhanced Product Development.

The company has helped their clients license things to shops such as Walmart, Target, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others.

Trevor and John were obliged to cut the product’s initial $79.99 price tag due to an ever-increasing customer base and a rise in income.

VaBroom is presently available for $59.99 on their website as well as Amazon.

What Happened to VaBroom on Shark Tank?

Trevor and John appear on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 11 looking for $350,000 for a 2.5 % in their company. This translates to a $14 million valuation.

They introduce and showcase the product onstage. Kevin joins the stage and puts the product through its paces. He thinks it’s wonderful.

The Sharks have samples that they are examining. Trevor talks about how he started his design firm. John, a fourth-generation plumber, made an investment in VaBroom.

They made $3.1 million in sales last year and aim to generate $5 million this year.

They only sold to customers directly. After providing a two-month test supply of products to Bed Bath & Beyond, they sold out in two weeks.

Landing costs $17, wholesale costs $37, and retail costs $59.99. They made $307,000 on the $3.1 million and reinvested it all in inventory.

Lori wants to know about patents. They are preparing an international patent as well as a US design patent.

Lori asks what distinguishes it from a Dustbuster. It is stated that those with mobility impairments appreciate it.

John put up $200,000, they received the Kickstarter funds, and the rest was funded by the design company. VaBroom pays a royalty of 5% to the design business.

Mark claims that they are aiming to isolate the design business from the rest of the company, thus he is leaving.

Peter liked the pitch, but he doesn’t think it solves his discomfort, so he’s out. Daymond said they’re either greedy or looking for notoriety, therefore he’s out.

Kevin argues that he deserves to be recognized. He offers $350,000 with a $3 royalty until he recoups $700,000 plus a 2.5 percent stake in the design firm.

Lori claims she is leaving because she is unsure whether they will win their patent and there is too much competition.

Mr. Wonderful responds with $700,000 for a 5% share. They deliberate and decide to accept Kevin’s offer.

Kevin claims he purchased the broom because he buys a new one for Barbara every year and this model appeals to him.

What happened to VaBroom Following the Shark Tank?

On their website, they are still available for $59 USD.

What is net worth of VaBroom?

Trevor and John appear on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 11 looking for $350,000 for a 2.5 % in their company. This translates to a $14 million valuation.

They accepted Kevin’s offer of $350,000 with a $3 royalty until he recoups $700,000 plus 2.5 % ownership in the design firm, resulting in the same worth.

Who are the Competitors of VaBroom?

There are no known competitors for VaBroom.

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VaBroom FAQS

1. What is the “flagged bristles” that Kevin O’Leary spoke about?

In comparison with a conventional broom’s fibre, VaBroom’s flagged bristles have a diagonal texture. This texture is designed to maximize surface area contact, as well as accelerate dust particle collection.

2. What makes VaBroom stand out in our increasingly saturated market?

Unlike most brooms, VaBroom is created for those with physical limitations. It’s flagged bristles attack and gather debris of all sizes while standing upright easily on most surfaces.

3. What was the total investment in the company before appearing on Shark Tank?

They established the firm in April 2019 with a $74,494 Kickstarter campaign. They raised another $78,350 on IndieGoGo at the same time.

4. What is VaBroom?

VaBroom is an ergonomically designed broom that collects large particles, pet hair, and other debris. It’s also helpful in sweeping tough-to-reach corners.

5. How much does VaBroom costs to buy?

The VaBroom costs $59 USD.

6. Where can they find out more about the company?

They can visit the official website for VaBroom for more information.

7. Who founded VaBroom?

Trevor Harwood and John Vadnais founded VaBroom in mid-2019.

8. What is the battery life of VaBroom?

The built-in vacuum motor on VaBroom has been designed with safety and convenience in mind.

It turns off when not in use, so there’s no worry about it accidentally turning on for a young child or pet.

9. How much was Trevor Harwood and John Vadnais seeking in the Shark Tank?

They appeared in the Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 11 seeking $350,000 for 2.5 % ownership in the company. This translates to a $14 million valuation.

10. Did they get the deal?

Yes, they got the deal with Kevin O’Leary and $350,000 for 2.5 % ownership in their Company plus with a $3 royalty until he recoups $700,000. This translates to a $14 million valuation.

11. Is VaBroom still in business?

Yes, they are still in business and on their website, they are still available for $59 USD.

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