What Happened to Uro Club After Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Uro Club?

Uro Club is a “self-contained receptacle” that works as a urinal but disguises itself as a 7-iron golf club for maximum secrecy.

It allows individuals to successfully empty themselves while spending the entire day on the 18-hole golf course. It also has a screw-on cap that is triple sealed to prevent leaking.

A towel, sometimes known as a privacy barrier, helps users retain an extra level of privacy when conducting business.

Who is the Founder of Uro Club?

Uro Club is owned by board-certified urologist Dr. Floyd Seskin.

He has a background in urological surgery and today runs a successful clinic in Florida, where he serves a wide spectrum of patients.

According to his experience, one of the most typical issues of male clients is the intense anxiety and embarrassment they feel when they need to use the restroom while on the golf course.

Dr. Seskin went on to say that as a practicing urologist, he is all too aware that many of the patients he sees on a daily basis suffer with holding their urine for lengthy periods of time, which may cause them pain and embarrassment.

This is especially true for golfers who are unable to use a restroom while on the course.

Some courses may stretch for miles without any facilities, which he hoped to address with his one-of-a-kind invention, the Uro club.

What Happened to Uro Club at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Dr. Seskin makes an appearance on Shark Tank season 1 episode 10 and asks for a “mere” $25,000 investment in exchange for a 51 51 % stake in his innovation. This results in a balance of $49,019.61.

He is seeking for the Sharks’ marketing and distribution knowledge, as well as their networks, and is realistic about the reality that his plan will require a significant partner to get off the ground.

He then shows off his “self-contained receptacle,” which is simply a urinal disguised as a 7 iron. It has a screw-on cap that is triple-sealed to keep leaks at bay.

The Sharks’ initial reaction is one of amusement.

Robert Herjavec is intrigued by Barbara Corcoran’s ability to use the Uro Club on the golf course.

According to Seskin, altering the gadget for female use would necessitate the construction of “a whole pop-up tent.”

He swiftly demonstrates how the included “privacy shield” towel attaches to the club and belt, providing the golfer with some protection. The Sharks are skeptical.

The item is referred to as a “gag gift” by Kevin Harrington. He is skeptical about its market feasibility.

Seskin adds that by shooting an infomercial that aired on local networks, he was able to sell $70,000 worth of his items.

The Uro Club looks to be making a fair profit with a manufacturing cost of $8.43 and a retail price of $24.95 plus shipping.

The figures astounded and astounded the Sharks.

Daymond Seskin’s investment is brought up by John.

He claims to have spent $300,000 on the product, which includes manufacturing, trademark, and other expenditures.

While his numbers build up, John concentrates on Seskin’s motivation, noting that he is looking for a relatively little investment. “You’re looking for a relationship.

Daymond refers to me as the Brand Whisperer, but he has no clue how to market that term. I’m going to leave.”

According to Barbara Corcoran, she “obviously has no relationship to this specific product.” She is also no longer present.

According to Robert Herjavec, he “cannot envisage utilizing that product in any condition,” and he cannot invest in a product he would not use himself. He’s already gone.

Kevin O’Leary shares these concerns and feels the product does not fit into his portfolio. He also refuses to make a bargain.

According to Kevin Harrington, the product has some novelty and gift-giving potential. He offers Seskin a $25,000 offer in return for 70% ownership of the company. Dr. Floyd Seskin accepts a $25,000 offer to purchase 70% of the Uro Club.

What Happened to Uro Club After Shark Tank Pitch?

Kevin’s contract never got finished. Despite the fact that the Uro Club is an uncommon and maybe niche product, sales have been rather good.

The website is now live, and the golf-club-shaped urinals are available for purchase.

As of July 2021, the firm was still in operation.

Uro Clubs are available for $24.95 with free shipping on the company’s website.

Uro Club is now running a buy one, get one half price sale. If you buy four, you get the fourth one free. The Uro Club is now available on Amazon.

What is the Net Worth of Uro Club?

Dr. Seskin appeared on Shark Tank in search of a $25,000 investment in exchange for a 51% stake in his invention. This results in a balance of $49,019.61.

He accepted an offer of $25,000 for 70% ownership from Kevin Harrington, valuing the property at $35,714.29, but the transaction was never completed.

Who are the Competitors of Uro Club?

Uro Club does not have any competition.

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Uro Club FAQS

What is Uro Club?

Uro Club is a “self-contained receptacle” that works as a urinal but disguises itself as a 7-iron golf club for maximum secrecy.

Who is the Uro Club’s founder?

Dr. Floyd Seskin is the founder of Uro Club.

How much was he asking in the Shark Tank?

Dr. Floyd Seskin was looking for $25,000 in exchange for a 51% stake in his innovation.

Did he land a contract with the Sharks?

Yes, Kevin Harrington of Kevin O’Leary Ventures made a $25,000 offer for 70% of the Uro Club Company.

Who is the target market for this product?

Golfers who play on public courses or as part of organized golf competitions are the target market.

Is Uro Club still in business?

Uro Clubs are still in operation as of July 2019.

Is there a rival to Uro Club?

There is currently no competition.

Is the Uro Club selling online?

Yes, the Uro Club is available on Amazon.

What is the total number of Uro clubs sold?

Despite being one of the most bizarre ideas ever, the entrepreneur boasts that The Uro Club has sold over 3,000 copies at a cost of $24.95 each copy.

This was most likely facilitated by the entrepreneur’s production and distribution of a local infomercial.

What Shark Tank episode is the Uro Club?

Uro Club Uro Club was aired on Episode 10 of Season 1.

How much does Dr. Floyd Seskin invested in his business?

Dr. Floyd Seskin claims to have spent $300,000 on the product, which includes manufacturing, trademark, and other costs.

What is the Dr. Floyd Seskin net worth?

Floyd Seskin has an estimated net worth of $850,000.

What are Uro Clubs made of?

The urinals itself resemble a 7-iron golf club, with the handle and head already removed.

The golf club’s “head” is actually a hollow composite. The screw-on cap that covers the aperture functions as both the handle and the base of the device.

A provided towel is linked to the belt and fits into the hollow head, providing the user with some privacy.

Where is Uro Club located?

Uro Club is based in Aventura, Florida.

Are Uro Club patent?

No, it is not, and Uro Club does not have a patent.

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