What Happened to Uniform After Shark Tank?

What is Uniform?

Uniform is a clothing firm that is better aptly defined as being in the business of supporting others.

Who are the Founders of Uniform?

Uniform was founded by Chid Liberty and Adam Butlein.

Liberian women manufacture the garments in Liberia, and Chid and Adam sell them in North America to destinations worldwide, in accordance with the terms of their Fair Trade agreement.

For every article of clothing purchased, they offer a school uniform to a child in Liberia.

They are improving many people’s lives in Africa by increasing children’s education and providing work in ethical businesses.

Chid was born in Liberia and immigrated to the United States as a child.

He was raised in Silicon Valley and then returned to his own country as an adult.

When he returned, one of the first things he noticed was the large number of children who skipped school.

In many African institutions, students are required to wear a school uniform. If a family is unable to buy a school uniform for their child, the youngster is unlikely to attend.

Additionally, Chid and Adam are co-founders of Liberty & Justice, Africa’s first Fair Trade apparel firm.

It was generating $4 million in year revenue until the Ebola virus pandemic forced them to halt production for a year.

They decided to expand their business, UNIFORM, by creating uniforms for children in Liberia, as they had more fabric than they knew what to do with.

The company launched with a $230,059 Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

They marketed their wares as the “world’s softest tee shirt.”

UNIFORM’s goal is to establish a worldwide garment brand.

Liberty thinks that the “ethical production approach” will assist in the brand’s growth. Additionally, he is looking for assistance from a Shark.

What Happened to Uniform at the Shark Tank pitch?

Adam and Chid appeared on Shark Tank seeking $300,000 in return for a 10% ownership in their business. This implies a valuation of $3 million of the Company. They are making their pitch while displaying examples of the clothes on a rack.

They then distribute samples.

They told the Sharks that prior to the 2014 Ebola outbreak, their Liberty and Justice brand had yearly sales of $40 million.

They had a lot of excess fabric in 2016, once things slowed down, and decided to use it to construct school uniforms.


That is the origin of this business concept.

While the Sharks were thrilled with their objective, they were concerned about the strong competition in the garment industry and wondered that a company with a clothing line that looked to be identical to others could thrive.

The Shark, Daymond John, had reservations about the developers’ capacity to focus only on one product.

Thus, while the Sharks believed the cause was worthy, they did not believe the venture was financially possible, and Chid and Adam went away empty-handed.

What Happened to Uniform After Shark Tank?

Uniform has remained in operation despite its failure to secure funding from Sharks.

Uniform is a children’s clothing brand available at Target stores.

The brand is still going strong as of June 2021, with things accessible at Bloomingdales.

Butlein has founded a new startup called LiteZilla, which is rather interesting. It’s a five-by-eight-foot Lite Brite.

What is the Net worth of Uniform?

Adam and Chid appeared on Shark Tank seeking $300,000 in return for a 10% ownership in their business. This implies a valuation of $3 million of the Company.

Who are the Competitors of Uniform?

Farbeg GmbH Distributor of uniforms in Africa Farbeg is a German firm that manufactures school uniforms for German charities in Africa.

They have sold over one million UNIFORM jerseys to Liberia since the beginning of their collaboration with UNIFORM.

Kickz is a social venture that employs impoverished women in Africa in a manner similar to that of UNIFORM.

They employ thousands of people and pay them a living income.

They also employ several full-time employees, including numerous seamstresses who ensure uniforms are created to the specified size.

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Where can they buy UNIFORM clothing?

T-shirts, tassel shorts, turtleneck shirts, and sweatshirts are available. They are available directly from the company’s website and on Amazon.

Is uniform from Shark Tank still in business?

Uniform offers a children’s clothes brand at Target shops as of June 2021. The firm is still operating and sells goods through Bloomingdales.

What is UNIFORM’s mission?

UNIFORM’s mission is to make it easier for Liberian households to provide school uniforms.

UNIFORM will assist parents in purchasing uniforms for their children while also offering financial assistance for transportation, food, and other requirements.

They want to empower parents by allowing them to enrol their children in school.

UNIFORM will give Liberian students with school uniforms. They intend to utilize the proceeds to cover the cost of school supplies.

What is the target audience of UNIFORM?

UNIFORM’s target demographic is families that wish to provide their children with cheap, comfortable apparel for school but may lack the financial resources to do so.

How can you help UNIFORM?

Visit their website or purchase t-shirts at www.uniformapparel.com to show their support.

What happen to UNIFORM at the Shark Tank?

The Sharks explored creating uniforms for African youngsters, but were unsure of the company’s value. Adam and Chid exited the Tank with nothing.

How much is UNIFORM worth?

They were compensated $300,000 in exchange for 10% of their business. When the Shark Tank episode aired, the firm was valued $3 million.

Is UNIFORM still in business?

Yes, the brand is still going strong as of June 2021, with things accessible at Bloomingdales.


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