What happened to Underease Underwear After it was featured on Shark Tank?

What is Underease Underwear?

Under-Ease is a brand of flatulence underpants that provides security and peace of mind to persons suffering from embarrassing gastrointestinal problems. Under-Ease is made of a soft, airtight fabric that inhibits the passage of odor, preventing it from causing embarrassment.

Under-Ease was similarly simple to keep up. After removing the filter, wash the underwear with the rest of your garments on a gentle cycle in warm water with non-chlorine bleach. Caution should be used to avoid puncturing or ripping the material.

The carbon filter may be machine cleaned or hand washed and tumble dried on a low heat setting. After washing, replace the filter in the undergarment’s pocket, and your Under-Ease is ready to wear.

If you have bowel difficulties or flatulence, you should invest in an Under-Ease garment to protect your loved ones from the stink you may be omitting unwittingly.

Buck and Arlene Weimer created the proprietary Under-Ease products. Before developing this remarkable product, the husband-and-wife pair worked as psychotherapists.

Unfortunately, as stated on the company’s official website, financial troubles forced the company to cease operations after twenty years.

Who is the founder of Underease Underwear?

Buck and Arlene Weimer are the inventors of the proprietary Under-Ease products. Buck claimed that he was inspired to create a treatment to help those suffering from digestive diseases, such as his wife Arlene, who was afflicted with Crohn’s disease.

He saw how much Arlene’s gas flared up after a particular Thanksgiving meal. As a result, he began experimenting with ways to rescue his wife from embarrassment.

Buck experimented with several materials until he realized that charcoal effectively masked the stink.

After concluding that the product was marketable, he applied for a patent to protect his invention. The Weimers subsequently established the company Under-Tec, where they began promoting the Under-Ease pants.

The Weimers, both psychotherapists, created the undergarments to assist patients like Arlene who suffer from digestive difficulties such as Crohn’s disease.

The filtered underwear is meant to decrease odor and shame in chronically flatulent people.

What Happened to Underease Underwear at Shark Tank pitch?

Buck and Arlene Weimer make their Shark Tank debut on episode 106 with their innovation, Underease Underwear. They’re seeking a Shark to help them get to the next level.

The Weimers appeared on Shark Tank to seek a $55,000 investment in return for a 25% stake in their company, worth $220,000.

The Sharks chuckle as Buck Weimer discusses the wares but start nodding when Arlene says she has been wearing the apparel for over 15 years.

According to the couple, they were inspired by a particularly “sumptuous” Thanksgiving supper. Buck began experimenting with various materials due to the consequences of that meal.

He ultimately developed an airtight material and a charcoal filter to combat smells.

Despite their suppressed giggles, the Sharks were intrigued. According to the Weimers, they started their company with a direct-sales website.

Their sales last year surpassed $37,000, but revenues the year before exceeded $60,000. Arlene observes that sales have grown each time they have benefitted from promotion and exposure.

Robert Herjavec advises the couple that the “market was highly competitive.” He exits.

Daymond John expects that a medical supply firm will supply the products. He’s also going out because this isn’t his primary market.

Two sharks have retreated, leaving three. Kevin Harrington, like the others, declines to make an offer.

Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary are the sole survivors. “She feels you should peddle blissful marriage,” Corcoran tells the Weimers. You look to be the happiest couple she has ever seen,” but she would rather “have gas and wear sexy underwear” than use the product. She went out too.

Kevin O’Leary feels they did a fantastic job with a unique product and an upsetting subject, but he also went out. The Sharks have spoken, and the Weimers did not land a deal on Shark Tank.

What Happened to Underease Underwear After Shark Tank?

Despite the Sharks’ hatred for Underease Underwear, the Weimers continue to sell their anti-flatulence products online and through direct sales. Presumably, their sales surged as a result of the national television coverage.

The unusual underwear continues to sell successfully via mail order and other outlets, masking unpleasant odors and generating significant income.

The anti-flatulence filters have proven popular with clients who want to smell pleasant rather than wear alluring lingerie beneath their clothes with or without the Sharks.

The firm went out of business in July 2021.

Underease Underwear’s net worth

During and after the pitch, the company’s valuation was $220,000. The company went out of business in July 2021; hence the net value is unavailable.

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Underease Underwear FAQs

What is Underease Underwear?

Underease Underwear is an undergarment that filters body odor while concealing your unsightly difficulties.

Who Is the Founder?

Buck and Arlene Weimer are the inventors. Underact Solutions is the name of the firm that makes Underease Underwear.

How much money were they looking for on Shark Tank?

They were looking for $55,000 for a 25% share in the firm, valued at $220,000.

Did they get the deal?

No, Underease Underwear did not have the deal.

Is Underease Underwear still in business?

The Underease Underwear Company was closed down in July 2021.

Who Underease Underwear works for?

Underease Underwear was beneficial for everyone who suffers from farts and smells. They are helpful for men and women, as well as children.

Where was Underease Underwear manufactured?

Underease underwear was manufactured in three factories: the United States, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Was Underease Underwear shipped?

Underease Underwear was offered online, through mail order, and through local stores.

How many countries did Underease Underwear ship to?

Underease Underwear ships to the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Japan.

What colors of Underease Underwear were available?

Underease Underwear was offered in three different colors: white, black, and gray.

What was the return policy of Underease Underwear?

Underease Underwear includes a 30-day return policy.

What type of compression mechanism was employed in Underwear?

Underease Underwear has a high-tech compression mechanism. The firm accomplished this by employing its own unique undergarment design and the absence of any chemical substances, scents, foaming agents, or colors.

Did Underease underwear have a large client base?

Underease Underwear has a large number of clients from all over the world.

What material was Underease Underwear made of?

Underease Underwear was constructed of Micro-Neoprene, charcoal, and airtight fabric.

Underease Underwear accepted which payment methods?

Underease Underwear accepted cash, check, and credit card payments.

What was the delivery cost of Underease Underwear?

The delivery cost of Underease Underwear was free to the majority of destinations.

How was Underease Underwear delivered?

Underease underwear can be sent as a favor or special order.

How was Underease Underwear washed?

Underease Underwear may be machine cleaned, or hand washed.

How many sizes of Underease Underwear are produced?

Underease Underwear comes in two sizes: big and regular.

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