What Happened to UnbuckleMe after the Shark Tank?

What is UnbuckleMe?

UnbuckleMe is a vehicle seat belt design that was developed to prevent the possibility of children being removed from their seats.

UnbuckleMe aims to make it quick and easy to remove car seats without having to unbuckle them which can be risky with young children around.

To release the kid from their harness, the system has a side-release clasp with a spring-loaded locking mechanism, a sliding clip, and two rounded tabs that fit between the child and the child’s armpit.

Who is UnbuckleMe’s creator?

Becca Davison and Barb Heilman established UnbuckleMe in 2019. Becca Davison and Barb Heilman were motivated to build the gadget when her kid was involved in an accident.

When her kid was in a vehicle accident while wearing his forward-facing car seat, the harness release mechanism led him to be thrown from his seat and receive significant injuries.

Many other parents echoed the same sentiments, which sparked the concept for UnbuckleMe.

What transpired to UnbuckleMe on Shark Tank?

In episode 21 Season 11 of Unbuckle, Becca Davison and Barb Heilman proposed the idea of UnbuckleMe to the Sharks.

Becca Davison and Barb Heilman have approached Shark Tank for $100,000 in exchange for 10% stake in their company, worth $1 million.

Kevin and Anne offered $100,000 in exchange for 7% equity and a $0.50 royalty in perpetuity.

Following that, they upped their offer to $100,000 for 10% + $0.50 royalty until $250,000 was paid.

Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban both offered $100,000 for a 20% stake, while Daymon’s offered $100,000 for a 15% stake.

Becca Davison and Barb Heilman struck a deal of $100,000-for-20% share deal with Lori and Mark on the Shark Tank.

What Happened to UnbuckleMe After the Shark Tank?

Lori and Mark’s partnership broke through in 2021. During the Covid-19 epidemic, they encountered inventory challenges, but they overcome them and currently make $500,000 per year.

Competitors of UnbuckleMe

Tuxedo- Convenient Seat Belt’s(TM) Seat Belt Buckle, Yumbuckler – The Original Seat Belt Buckle Cover, and Sitter Turnbuckles are rivals to UnbuckleMe.

UnbuckleMe’s net worth

UnbuckleMe was worth a million dollars, and they had sold over 35,000 products for $400,000 in sales. The UnbuckleMe lever is made for $1.80 per unit and marketed for $14.99, representing a hefty markup.

For the lever, they were given two patents. They have made $200,000 in sales in the previous year and expect to make $300,000 by the end of the year.

The UnbuckleMe was initially valued at $500,000, and investors withdrew after realizing the same sum following the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

UnbuckleMe FAQs

1Why is UnbuckleMe better than other seatbelts?

First and foremost, UnbuckleMe does not require the vehicle’s seat belts to be unbuckled. This means that the seat belt can remain secured for the entire driving session.

In addition, because there is a two-part system consisting of a side-release clasp and a locking mechanism, if the lever snaps off or is unusable during an emergency situation, there will be no added risk to the child.

How does it work?

The UnbuckleMe lever’s locking mechanism is operated by a sliding clip that slides along a track until the clasp. It allows for the clasp to be opened, and then after pulling the lever, the clasp automatically locks as well to prevent it from naturally falling back in position.

The system also has two tabs that fit underneath the child’s armpit. This will demand more of an effort if an adult attempts to remove the child safely according to their instructions.

What makes UnbuckleMe so safe?

In the event that something goes wrong, the system prevents children from falling out of their car seats. By using a snap-in clasp and locking mechanism, there is no way for children to inadvertently fall out of their car seat. There is also no risk of accidentally unbuckling themselves from the seat belt, because this would only be possible if an adult was manually trying to unbuckle them.

What are the benefits of using UnbuckleMe in the car?

Because there is no need for unbuckling the seat belt to remove the child from their seat, it will be very easy to do this in an emergency situation. This will also prevent children from being thrown out of the car, potentially causing injury.

Where can UnbuckleMe be used?

The lever can be used on a wide variety of vehicles that have or will have an available manual release system.

Where is UnbuckleMe available for purchase?

UnbuckleMe can be purchased from their website, Amazon, and Walmart. They are also available for purchase on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

What is the price of UnbuckleMe?

The lever designed to be purchased by retail stores is sold at $14.99 each.  UnbuckleMe Shark Tank Recap 2019 UnbuckleMe was a great idea and will make the lives of parents easier.

 How do I make payment of UnbuckleMe?

Payment can be done by credit card through our secure online ordering system.

Can I have a refund of an UnbuckleMe order?

Yes, please contact the company directly at support@unbuckleme.com to make a return or exchange. It will be subject to the company’s product policy and terms which can be viewed on their website.

How do I cancel my UnbuckleMe order?

If customer wants to cancel or change their order, please contact the company directly at [email protected]. No cancellations on orders can be accepted after the product has been shipped/distributed to the customer.

Can I return the lever after paying the entire amount?

Yes, but customer needs to contact the company before making a return. They will be required to make a return in accordance with the company’s exchange policy which is available on their website.

What if I received a defective or missing item from my order?

If a customer receives a defective or wrong product, please contact the company directly at [email protected] and they will make an exchange per the customer’s request as soon as possible.

Are there any requirements to use and purchase UnbuckleMe?

The lever can be used and purchased by anyone who owns a vehicle that has an available manual release system.

Is UnbuckleMe safe?

Yes, it is safe because it stops the child from falling out of their car seat.

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