What Happened to Turbobaster after the Shark Tank?

What is Turbobaster?

The Turbobaster was a piece of kitchen equipment meant to replace all bulb basters, basting brushes, and marinade injectors.

Turbobaster is also a customizable smoothie machine that allows users to blend their preferred ingredients into a 1 liter drink in less than two minutes.

Marian Cruz, the company’s creator and owner, was a skilled and inventive home cook before moving into the fast-paced world of business.

Marian Cruz’s idea was to make it simpler to roast whole turkeys, chickens, and other game birds than it is to use a traditional bulb baster.

She runs her business with the same deft touch she employs in the oven, and with the same joy she derives from the dishes she prepares in it.

Cruz, who drove the development of her Turbobaster, continues to search for creative culinary solutions while actively promoting her existing product line through partnership with T.V. goods, a national commercial shop.

Who is Turbobaster’s creator?

Marian Cruz began cooking when she was ten years old. She has a lot of cooking experience. Despite the fact that her parents did not teach her how to cook, she would observe and mimic their ways.

Cruz’s expertise was preparing entire turkeys, but she found it difficult to baste them, so she invented the Turbobaster apparatus.

Marian Cruz, who was not an industrial giant at first, made famous the Tubrobaster prototype, which some hailed as a long-overdue breakthrough.

Cruz, like any genuine inventor, sought inspiration in the chaos that existed between routine and disaster.

She handles her company with the same deftness with which she manipulates the oven and all the enchantment associated with the food she cooks in it.

Cruz continues to look for new ways to solve culinary problems while actively advertising her existing product line through a relationship with T.V. products, a large commercial store.

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What happened to Turbobaster during the pitch on Shark Tank?

Marian Cruz was once interested to collaborate with other investors after a long period of inventory, so she decided to advance to the Shark Tank pitch to hunt for investors for her to extend the market of her product.

She entered the Shark Tank seeking $35,000 in return for 25% ownership of her company, implying that the company was valued at $140,000 during the presentation.

She then goes on to explain that the company has no functioning models, no sales, and no idea how much it would cost to construct her product.

Kevin O’Leary, Barbara, and Robert are all out of the transaction owing to a lack of sales experience and a business concept. Kevin Harrington makes a $35,000 offer for 100% ownership of the firm and a 2% cut of revenues.

Daymond immediately makes his offer of $40,000 for 51% ownership of the firm with a 2% royalty. Marian Cruz chooses Kevin Harrington’s offer since he has cooking experience. Finally, they both agree to the terms of the deal.

What happened to Turbobaster after she left the Shark Tank?

The deal between the two partners was successfully concluded. Slowly but slowly, the company announced the purchase of the Turbobaster’s exclusive global marketing rights.

The firm’s website and Facebook page are no longer active, and the company never created or sold anything.

Even after the transaction was completed, the investors were never informed of any sales or gains on their firm shares.

There have been no formal announcements from the company’s leadership, and the sharks have declined to comment on the investment and are therefore out of the game.

Turbobaster’s net worth

Marian Cruz asked for $35,000 in return for 25% ownership of her company during the Shark Tank presentation, implying that the company was valued at $140,000 at the time.

Turbobaster FAQs

What is Turbobaster?

Turbobaster is a kitchen device that makes it easy to baste all sorts of food, from turkeys and chickens to game birds and pork roasts. Also, it’s a customizable smoothie machine that helps people blend their preferred ingredients into a 1-liter drink in less than two minutes.

Where can I find Turbobaster?

Turbobaster is available at amazon.com, target.com, bedbathandbeyond.

 How much does Turbobaster cost?

The Turbobaster is priced at $35 or $39 dollars at amazon and varies depending on the retailer’s price. The regular cost of the smoothie device is $24.99 at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but buyers receive a free Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit which increases the price of the smoothie to $32.99.

How does Turbobaster work?

The Turbobaster is a 3-phase system. The first phase includes an additional adapter that hooks up to the base of the unit and injects steam into a plastic bottle of their choice.

After adding in their ingredients, users place the bottle on the stand and insert it into the machine. The top of the stand also has a measuring cup that users can use for pouring in their puree.

Turbobaster does not come with any recipes, but they can get some ideas for smoothies and other recipes here.

What is the warrant of Turbobaster?

There is 1-year warranty promised by the Turbobaster team for all of their products. The one-year warranty is to ensure that the purchaser does not get ripped off by any faulty devices.

What is Turbobaster return policy?

The Turbobaster team promises that they will accept returns and exchanges within the company’s first-year warranty period.

What is Turbobaster shipping cost?

The shipping cost of the device varies depending on its location but stays around $5-7 in various online locations.

How long does Turbobaster take to be delivered?

The Turbobaster team promises that they will ship the product within 5-10 business days, but they also promise that it could take up to 5 working days.

What are the dimensions of Turbobaster?

The Turbobaster weighs 1 pound and measures 11 x 6 inches. The dimensions of the device are large enough for it to hold both a juice and a smoothie within its boundaries. It also has a unique design so that it can be washed under running water with ease.

Is Turbobaster safe when using?

The Turbobaster is designed with a cooling system that keeps its internal components cool, even when it has been used for hours.

The 3-phase system also keeps the user and their family safe from splashes and other heat-related hazards. The device also comes with an overheat protection feature so that it will shut off automatically when the internal temperature of the device reaches a certain point.

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