What Happened to Tristen Ikaika Ring After Shark Tank?

What is Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Ikaika owns and sells the SAD BOI ring, which was inspired by his personal experience growing up with an ailing father.

Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons, also known as Tristen Ikaika, makes a career by selling handmade rings fashioned from spoons chosen by the Ring King himself.

Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikalikaneokalani Persons, also known as Tristen Ikaika to his adoring Instagram fans, launched his firm in 2017.

Tristen built his website and began selling ring collections that sold out in minutes, giving him the nickname “Ring King.”

Who is the founder of Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikalikaneokalani established his business in 2017. He started off as an Instagram travel influencer. During a high school trip to Europe, his Instagram post gained a significant following.

People started asking him about the rings he wore in his images. He’d been making them out of old spoons since he was 12 years old (and occasionally forks).

He is currently selling the rings to his 70,000+ followers. The problem is that he only sells a limited amount of each ring during “drops.” People literally set alarms to ensure they get one of the newest rings, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The company has a cult-like following, driving him to over $5 million in sales in just a few years.

The twenty-year-old entrepreneur travels the world in quest of unique spoons for his rings. He often visits thrift stores, yard sales, and even the parents and grandparents of his friends.

This is part of his extensive, fully organic marketing strategy. He’ll make entries outlining the origins of the spoons and the date of one of his drops. Rings cost between $50 and $65 depending on the style and material.

What Happened to Tristen Ikaika Ring at Shark Tank pitch?

On Shark Tank episode 1305, Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons, a.k.a. Tristen Ikaika, pitches his spoon-shaped rings. He’s seeking for a Shark to help him with his paid marketing efforts and brand growth.

Tristen appeared on Shark Tank in seeking of $250,000 in return for a 5% stake in his company, which worth $5 million.

He talks about his visits and the process of producing spoons. His “drops” are internet buying frenzy events that sell out in seconds. He built the brand using social media.

After opening their press boxes holding samples, they inspect the rings.

Daymond compliments the rings on their beauty. He talked about how he and his father banged his first spoon into a ring. When Tristen discusses his father’s heart attack and his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, he becomes sad.

He added that he used to make them out of spoons but now contracts a factory to make rings based on his designs.

Tristen has 70,000 Instagram followers, 15,000 Tik Tok followers, and a lifetime sales total of $2.3 million. Revenues are predicted to reach $575,00 in July 2021. He only sells once a month and does not sell at any other time.

The most recent drop accounted for 3200 units and produced $155,000 in revenue. The rings were gone in less than a day. Mr. Wonderful wonders what would happen if Tristen was hit by a bus.

Mark claims that the problem is one of scale. Tristen claims to have created a core collection that is always available while keeping the exclusivity of the drops.

Lori claims that, while the business was successful for him, it was uninvest able, and she exits.

Daymond claims that any offer from him would be extravagant, therefore he resigned. Kevin feels that this was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He gives Tristen $250,000 in return for 50% shares and needs him to obtain key man insurance.

Mark believes that fashion is a talent-driven sector, and he is interested in how the industry will grow. Tristen thinks that the drops will make him $1.6 million, and he plans to develop the firm through the core collection and expansion into additional categories. Kevin’s 50% offer was questioned by the remaining Sharks.

Following a pause, Barbara offers $250,000 for 20% equity shares, while Kevin offers the same for 15% equity shares. He likens himself to a patron who funds an artist.

Mark can’t see how to scale, therefore he’s out. Barbara tries to persuade Kevin to change his mind.

Kevin claims Barbara was only here because he got her a new broom. Tristen considers the offer, then accepts it and walks away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Tristen Ikaika Ring After Shark Tank?

The deal with Kevin was currently under due diligence after the broadcast aired and Tristen departed the pitch with a deal. The company is still in operation as of February 2022.

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Competitors of Tristen Ikaika Ring

Genuine sandalwood rings are Tristen Ikaika’s main competitor.

Net Worth of Tristen Ikaika Ring

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $5 million; following Kevin’s investment, the company was valued at $1.7 million. Since the company is still in operation, its net worth may be greater than that of pitch.

Tristen Ikaika Ring FAQs

What is Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Ikaika Ring is a jewelry designer that specializes in spoon-shaped rings. Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikalikaneokalani Persons, 20, founded the company.

Who is the founder?

Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons is the company’s creator.

How much was seeking on Shark Tank?

Tristen was looking for $250,000 for a 5% stake in the firm. Based on the company’s worth, $5 million.

Did he have the deal?

Yes, Tristen made a deal with Kevin O’ Leary for $250,000 in exchange for 15% ownership in the firm.

Is Tristen Ikaika Ring still in operation?

Tristen Ikaika Ring is still in operation as of February 2022.

Where can I find Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Ikaika Ring is centered on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

How do I purchase the Tristen Ikaika Ring?

There are no retail outlets that sell the Tristen Ikaika Ring. Customers may buy the rings by following their Instagram profile, and they will give them all of the components needed to build their ring.

How many various designs are there?

Tristen Ikaika Ring features a variety of styles from which consumers may pick based on the theme they want to wear in their ring.

What is the price?

The cost of the ring is determined by how the buyer wants the band to appear and how lavish they want it to be.

Can you get the ring before it falls?

The rings are only available for purchase during regular business hours.

Is the Tristen Ikaika Ring available for purchase?

Tristen Ikaika Ring will transport the finished ring to any location in the United States.

How long will it take to receive the Tristen Ikaika Ring?

It will be delivered within five and seven business days.

What material is the Tristen Ikaika Ring composed of?

The rings are constructed of stainless steel, silver, and plated with raised gold.

What is the return policy for the Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Ikaika Ring has a full refund policy.

Who is eligible to wear a Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Tristen Ikaika Ring is designed for sophisticated men and ladies.

How do Tristen Ikaika Rings work?

Tristen Ikaika’s rings the ring may be worn to formal occasions as well as celebrations.

How can I make a payment for the Tristen Ikaika Ring?

Customers may use PayPal to pay for Tristen Ikaika rings. They take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well.

Is the Tristen Ikaika Ring covered by a warranty?

Customers can make a warranty claim for the ring for three months.

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