What Happened to Trimi Tank after the Shark Tank Pitch?

What exactly was Trimi Tank?

The TriMi Tank is a tank top with straps that can be adjusted. Straps are attached and removed by looping the strap through the metal loop on the garment shoulder and then buttoning it into an elastic loop.

Each TriMi Tank comes with three interchangeable strap configurations that may be worn separately or together.

Every shirt comes with a colorful double link chain with a black bead accent set, and they can add two more pairs of their favourite straps to their purchase.

An endless number of additional straps are available for purchase to create even more looks.

Who were the TriMi Tank founders?

The Trimi Tank was invented by Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky, two best friends from Pittsburgh.

They came up with the idea for their line of adjustable tank top straps to create distinct looks while freezing at their son’s hockey games in the early hours of the morning.

They applied to Shark Tank as a joke to keep their wives quiet.

They were initially denied, but someone at ABC changed their minds and called Lindsay when she was driving to hockey practice one day.

TriMi Tank had limited history when they recorded because the two friends had only a few weeks to bring their firm together.

What Happened to TriMi Tank at Shark Tank Pitch?

Lindsay and Nicole went on Shark Tank season 3 episode 12 seeking of $57,000 in exchange for a 30% share in their firm. This translates to a $190,000 valuation.

Then they go on to inform you about their company.

Their tank tops and straps are entirely handmade, and they provide a range of strap options. Ribbon, jewelry, and flower straps are available.

They have only sold 100 TriMi Tanks, which price at $35 each, as of Shark Tank. This means they’ve only made $3,500 in sales.

Lori’s interest has been piqued, but she’d like to know how women react to TriMi Tank.

She’ll go when she realizes her interest hasn’t converted into revenue.

Mark admires their passion and even their vision, but the clothing industry is not one in which he is very knowledgeable, so he is unable to assist them.

Then John states that he can’t provide them any money since TriMi Tank is still too new for him.

They would want more sales and advertising since he does not have the time or resources to successfully advertise their business.

The TriMi Tank is referred to by Herjavec as a “hobby.” He states that they do not have the appropriate expertise or numbers to seek an investor at this moment and has gone.

Finally, they approach Mr. Wonderful in the hopes that he would recognize the potential in the organization.

He jokingly invites them to dinner so they may choose a $3,500 bottle of wine, the same amount of sales they have made thus far, and then burn the rest of their TriMi Tank inventory because starting the business was a mistake.

Johnson and Bilsky are both unwilling to abandon their business because they feel it has the potential to succeed.

So, despite the fact that they both leave the Shark Tank empty-handed, they both walk away with their heads held high.

What Happened to Trimi Tank after the Shark Tank Pitch?

Lindsay and Nicole Bilsky received a flood of orders in the week after their initial appearance.

When they taped, their firm was just a month old, so they quickly ramped up TriMi Tank to profit on their Shark Tank appearance.

Since their participation on Shark Tank, Body Wrappers of Elizabeth, New Jersey has begun selling some of Trimi Tank’s wares on Amazon, mostly to young ballerinas.

They have reinvested everything in their company and are expanding their retail presence.

Dominique Barteet, the Season 2 businesswoman who got a deal with Onesole Shoes, sells the shoes on her website.

Lindsay and Nicole are doing well and are actively looking for additional investors. Unfortunately, the women’s business closed in 2013.

What was the Net Worth of Trimi Tank?

Lindsay and Nicole were looking for $57,000 for a 30% interest in their firm on Shark Tank season 3 episode 12. This translates to a $190,000 appraisal.

Who are Trimi Tank’s competitors?

Trimi Tank does not have any competition.

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Trimi Tank FAQS

1. Who founded Trimi Tank?

This is an excellent question.

Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky are the two owners and founders of Trimi Tank.

2. Where is Trimi Tank made?

Trimi Tank shirts are made in the United States.

3. How many colours were there?

They come in different colours.

4. Where was Trimi Tank located?

They were located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

5. Where can they buy Trimi Tank?

The company was shut down by the owners.

6. How did they came up with the idea?

They came up with the idea for their line of adjustable tank top straps to create distinct looks while freezing at their son’s hockey games in the early hours of the morning.

7. Who were the investors?

There was no investors identified.

8. When did Trimi Tank close down?

The company closed down in 2013.

9. How many pairs of TriMi Tanks have been sold?

They have only sold 100 TriMi Tanks, which price at $35 each as of Shark Tank episode 12. This means they’ve only made $3,500 in sales.

10. How much were they seeking in the Shark Tank?

They were seeking $57,000 for a 30% stake in the company. This translates to a $190,000 valuation.

11. Did they get the deal?

No, they did not, sharks didn’t invest in their Company.

12. Who’s the founder of TriMi Tank?

The two founders of this company are Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky.

13. What was TriMi Tank?

It was a tank top strap that can be purchased individually, or they can buy multiple straps and use them to create various looks with their shirts.

14. Why did Lindsay and Nicole fail in the Shark Tank episode?

Lindsay and Nicole failed in Shark Tank due to their low volume of sale at that time.

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