What Happened to Three Jerks Jerky After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Three Jerks Jerky?

Three Jerks Jerky is a company that specializes in high-quality jerky. Three Jerks Beef Jerky is distinguished from other beef jerky by the usage of just Filet Mignon, whereas the bulk of other beef jerky utilizes the round cut (rump).

Because filet mignon, also known as tenderloin, is the softest cut of meat, its jerky is extremely delicate.

Who is the Founder of Three Jerks Jerky?

Three Jerks Jerky was founded by Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas.

After eating some difficult beef jerky one night, Barrocas began investigating how to make their own jerky.

Soon after, the two former Emory College roommates began making beef jerky in their apartment using an old dehydrator given to Barrocas by his mother.

Within a short time, they were sharing homemade beef jerky with friends and family members who were clamouring for more.

They spotted an opportunity and began producing their jerky in a commercial facility, like any good entrepreneur would.

They received all USDA approvals and began work right away.

In mid-2013, they successfully raised over $45,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to build up their e-commerce site, create marketing materials and packaging, and manufacture enough inventory to begin selling.

A two-ounce container of Three Jerks beef jerky costs between $12 and $15, which is a pittance for the Filet Mignon of Beef Jerky.

What Happened to Three Jerks Jerky at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Daniel and Jordan enter the competition hoping to win $100,000 for a 15% interest in Three Jerks Jerky.

This equates to a worth of $666,666.67.

They tell their story and explain why their jerky is special while handing out samples. Sharks love jerky.

Three Scumbags In the previous year, Beef Jerky made $350,000 at an average price of $11.99 each pack. That is more than double the price of standard “gas station beef jerky.”

Each pack costs them $3.20 to make, yet they refuse to lower the price.

They’re losing money by buying raw materials at the lowest possible price, and they want the Sharks’ money to buy in quantity.

One feature that distinguishes them from many other jerkies is that they are gluten-free; the bulk of beef jerky contains gluten.

Companies feel that in order to grow, they must form ties with national retailers.

The Sharks are on the lookout for the third jerk.

They allegedly had a third partner who was a total jerk, whom they discarded.

“The third jerk was whacked!” says Mr. Wonderful. Despite the fact that everyone in the room understands that jerky is competitive, Three Jerks is the only brand that uses Filet Mignon.

Kevin offers $100,000 in return for a 33% stake. He does not consider his pricing to be high because he is fully aware of his worth.

Mark professes to like the jerky, but the company is too competitive for him, and he’s simply not involved in the trip; he’s out.

Robert offers $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake.

Daymond refers to himself as a “jerkologist” and offers $100,000 in return for a 20% stake.

Lori then offers $100,000 in return for a 20% stake.

Three of the four Sharks that have accepted offers are identical. Kevin is still interested in joining, however.” Kevin replies with a $125,000 offer for 33%. The Jerks ask Kevin to agree with Daymond, Lori, and Robert’s evaluation.

Daymond then offers $100,000 in return for 17.5 percent of the company, and the Jerks query whether he plans to remain engaged in the company.

“How much money do you need?” Robert inquires. “$200,000,” they say.

Kevin offers $150K for 33% and Daymond offers $100K for 15% with the option of paying another $100K for 15%, but he requires an answer right now since he prefers decisive partners.

After a commercial break, Robert says he’ll go in with Lori for the same deal as Daymond, but the Jerks remark, “Daymond, you have a deal.” “I like being a jerk!” Daymond reacts.

What Happened to Three Jerks Jerky After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Daniel and Jordan have been eating Filet Mignon since the transaction with Daymond.

They made $250,000 the night they aired and $1.4 million since they debuted three months before the update. That’s more than 150,000 jerky packs.

Their expansion is fraught with difficulties: their co-packer is unable to meet demand.

Daymond believes that having too many sales is a desirable problem to have.

He refers them to Rastelli Foods Group, a co-packer capable of maintaining quality while lowering costs. The sky is no longer the limit for Three Jerks.

They have approximately 3000 retail outlets as of 2018. Jerky is also sent into space on SpaceX launches.

The firm is still in existence as of August 2021, although its founders have moved away from day-to-day operations and both have employment.

Direct Global Partners’ Chief Executive Officer is Barrocas.

At Malibu mylk, Fogelson is in charge of operations. The company’s annual revenue is $4 million.

What is the Net Worth of Three Jerks Jerky?

Daniel and Jordan entered the competition hoping to win $100,000 for a 15% interest in Three Jerks Jerky. This equates to a worth of $666,666.67. They accepted a similar offer.

Who are the Competitors Three Jerks Jerky?

The Jerky Club and Chic’s Jerky are two of Jerks’ main competitors.

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Three Jerks Jerky FAQS

Who made a financial investment in Three Jerks jerky?

When Barrocas went on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” where contestants pitch business ideas to investors.

Daymond John gave $100,000 in return for a 15% stake in Three Jerks Jerky and brand recognition.

What brand of beef jerky was shown on Shark Tank?

Jerky there are three jerks. Jordan Barrocas and Daniel Fogelson, co-founders of Three Jerks Jerky, appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2015, asking for $100,000 in financing for 15% of their company.

Does beef jerky have pork?

Beef jerky is a kind of dried beef. Jerky comes in three varieties: pig jerky, chicken jerky, and turkey jerky.

How come filet mignon is better?

The greatest steak available is filet mignon, which comes from the most valuable part of the animal. Filet Mignon is a delicate and buttery cut of beef that puts other cuts to shame.

How much jerkiness is contained in each bag?

Each jerky packet contains two ounces of Filet Mignon Beef Jerky.

Because of the way they prepare and dehydrate their product, it should be roughly equivalent to 5 ounces of raw Filet Mignon.

How long is the jealousy?

Their jerky may be stored for up to a year if unopened.

After opening, they recommend refrigerating. If properly stored, it should last for two weeks. Each bag will also have an expiration date written on the bottom.

Are there any artificial ingredients added?

Most certainly not. Nitrates, MSG, or chemical preservatives are not included in any of their Filet Mignon Jerky variations.

Is the jerky gluten-free?

Nope, all of their Filet Mignon Jerky is gluten-free!

What is the significance of the fish in the jerky?

They don’t use fish in their jerky. They include Worcestershire Sauce into a variety of their dishes, and their favourite Worcestershire Sauce contains anchovies.

How long will it take for their order to be shipped?

Purchases are typically dispatched within 24-48 hours after being placed (excluding weekends). It may take longer during times of high demand.

What are the shipping costs?

They provide the following shipping methods at the prices indicated below:

Shipping at a low price (4 – 10 Business Days) – Standard Shipping is $5. (3 – 5 Business Days) – $10 for expedited shipping.

My jerky arrived in imperfect condition! What exactly do they do?

They sincerely apologize if an error occurred during the shipping procedure and their merchandise arrived damaged.

If this unfortunate event arises, please take a photo and contact them right once.

Please write them an email with their name, order number, and a thorough explanation of the problem. They will happily help them.

Is it possible for them to include a gift note with their order?

Unfortunately, they are unable to add gift notes at this time.

How can they contact Three Jerks Jerky?

They may reach them by email at [email protected]

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