What Happened to The Swilt After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is The Swilt?

The Swilt is a sweatshirt blanket that can travel with you wherever you go. When you unzip the blanket part, you’ll be fully warm and comfy.

Swilt sweater even has a foot pocket. She coated the foot pocket to make it waterproof and simple to clean.

The Swilt is comparable to the immensely famous Snuggi, but instead of being a plain blanket with sleeves, it looks like a hooded sweatshirt.

The quilt piece rolls up and is concealed within the sweater, making it great for soccer moms, sports fans, and anybody searching for the convenience of a wearable blanket.

Who is the Founder of The Swilt?

Wallace Tennelle, an Irvine resident, created the product. The Swilt, a sweater and quilt in one garment, is the invention of Ivori and Wallace Tennelle’s Irvine firm.

Tennelle has sold around 100 copies of The Swilt at flea markets and other local locations. “People would enjoy it if they knew about it,” she says.

What Happened to The Swilt at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Tennelle joined the Tank and demanded $35,000 in exchange for 35% ownership of the firm. This results in a worth of $85,714.29.

She delivers a fast, upbeat demonstration of the device, stressing the foot compartment, water-resistant nylon coating.

She shows how to wrap the blanket and place it neatly in a pocket on the front of The Swilt.

The Sharks appear to be taken with her presentation and lively nature, but they quickly get down to business.

Robert Herjavec has a question about sales. The Sharks are perplexed by the low sales and Tennelle’s plans to update the website and purchase more goods.

Mark Cuban compares the product to “13th century monk’s robes.” He considers the blanket to be a tripping hazard and “can’t get my arms around it as a success.” He’s no longer there.

Kevin O’Leary throws Daymond John under the bus, telling Tennelle, “he’s the FUBU man, go get him.”

Tennelle brings up the Snuggi’s massive success, contrasting the “silly” nature of the two things.

Lori Greiner rejects her, noting that the “market is totally saturated” and that the Snuggi is no longer available, adding, “As a result, I’m out.”

“I don’t think it’s enticing,” Robert Herjavec says. He’s no longer there. Kevin O’Leary agrees with Herjavec on how unpleasant it is.

He’s no longer there. He begs John to propose a transaction again, but the fashion guru isn’t interested in becoming involved with The Swilt. He’s gone, and Tennelle leaves the tank empty-handed.

What Happened to The Swilt After the Shark Tank Pitch?

After appearing on Shark Tank Pitch, the website became dormant, and social media was not updated for several years.

While The Swilt gained traction in the market, Tennelle was far too hopeful about the notion without proof of concept.

She needed to show the Sharks that the product would sell swiftly by taking it to a retail store and putting it on the shelves.

A patent would also have helped sweeten the deal.

Entering the Shark Tank with an untested product, low sales, and a rudimentary marketing plan is a sure prescription for catastrophe.

If Tennelle wanted to tempt the Sharks, she should have already had a fully optimized website, retail sales, standing orders, and retail partners.

The Shark Tank is a sink-or-swim game, and the Swilt, alas, did not swim. As of 2021, Ivori is an assistant principal at Segerstrom High School in Irvine, California.

What is the Net Worth of The Swilt?

Tennelle joined the Tank and demanded $35,000 in exchange for 35% ownership of the firm. This results in a worth of $85,714.29.

Who are the Competitors of The Swilt?

There is no competitor identified for The Swilt.

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The Swilt FAQS

Who founded The Swilt?

Ivori Tennelle is the founder of The Swilt.

What is The Swilt?

The Swilt is a sweatshirt blanket that kids may take with them wherever they go. They’ll be absolutely warm and comfy after the blanket part is unzipped.

Did The Swilt secure an investment from the Sharks?

Ivori came to the Tank demanding $30,000 for a 35% share, but she was unable to reach an agreement with any of the Sharks.

What happen to The Swilt after the Shark Tank Pitch?

After appearing on Shark Tank Pitch, The Swilt’s website became dormant, and social media has not been updated in several years.

What were the weaknesses of The Swilt?

There were no sales, and it was hardly visible.

How much is The Swilt worth?

She came to the Tank looking for $30,000 for a 35% share, which amounted to $85,714.29.

What was the profitability of The Swilt?

There was no discussion of profit margins.

What are the features of The Swilt?

It was a soft blanket that they could use like a jacket.

How will The Swilt improve life of people?

The Swilt might assist people in staying warm during athletic events or when out and about.

What is the target market for The Swilt?

It might be sold to sports enthusiasts, those who feel chilly quickly, and people who require a portable blanket.

What was the best moment during The Swilt pitch?

She demonstrated how it works on herself. It was incredibly attractive and caught the judges off guard.

What was the worst moment during The Swilt pitch?

She was asked questions by the Sharks that she couldn’t answer.

How were The Swilt’s sales?

She couldn’t show the Sharks any sales.

What is the gender of The Swilt?

It is not gender-specific; rather, it is a gender-neutral product.

Are they searching for The Swilt available for sale?

No, they are unable to purchase one at this time. They can only buy it through their website, which has been dormant since they appeared on Shark Tank Pitch.

Is The Swilt design patent pending?

No, it does not have a pending patent.

Which sharks have an interest in The Swilt?

No. The Swill piqued the curiosity of sharks.

What did the advisors say about The Swilt?

They believed that Tennelle should have a marketing plan and a sales strategy in place if she was to keep the product afloat.

Is The Swilt an amazing product?

Its design is unremarkable; it resembles a standard blanket.

When was The Swilt aired on the Shark Tank Pitch?

On February 10th, 2012, it broadcast.

Did they like The Swilt Shark Tank pitch?

No, it was a flop. The product did not pique the curiosity of the sharks.

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