What Happened to The Dough Bar After Shark Tank?

What is The Dough Bar?

The Dough Bar offers healthier doughnut alternatives to regular donuts. You may choose between a plain doughnut and a doughnut with a certain taste.

There are Oreo, Pumpkin Pie, Cookie Monster, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, and other flavors available. To ensure that the doughnuts are healthful, they are baked rather than deep-fried, as most donuts are.

Marquez and Ondrea Fernandez founded the Dough Bar. Before designing the gadget, Marquez worked as a nurse in a hospital, while his wife worked in a Silicon Valley software company.

They both quit their jobs after starting their company to devote their time and energy to the Dough Bar. The husband and wife duo is still in charge of the company.

Their doughnuts are devoid of the bulk of the unsavory substances included in regular doughnuts. Rather of being fried, they are made from yeast-based dough including wheat and malted barley flour. Each doughnut has 11 grams of protein.

The couple believes in staying active and eating healthy, although they do allow themselves “cheat treats” on occasion. This sparked their decision to start The Dough Bar.

All of their nutritional information is available on their website, so you can know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. They supply the glazing in a distinct package for their glazed doughnuts, giving you a choice.

Who is The Dough Bar’s creator?

Marquez and Ondrea Fernandez, a husband and wife pair, co-founded The Dough Bar in 2015 as a way to combine the best of both worlds, a wonderful and familiar treat that everyone enjoys (like doughnuts) but without the fat, sugar, and oil.

Both benefit from an active and outdoor lifestyle, as well as the satisfaction of a coffee and treat afterward—though ordinary protein bars and drinks do not feel like real food.

They’re also branching out onto other delectable treats. They launched their protein crisp bars in the fall of 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $20,887.

These protein bars taste like Rice Krispies treats! The couple is dedicated to eating well and giving back to their community. Every month, a portion of their revenues are contributed to local organizations that fight childhood obesity and promote healthy living.

The price of a package of four doughnuts is $15. Simple doughnuts, complex variations like Oreo Crumble, and seasonal sweets are available.

A package of 12 doughnuts in a variety of flavors is also available for $39. Everyone who has sampled The Dough Bar’s doughnuts has claimed they are delicious.

What Happened to The Dough Bar During the Shark Tank Pitch?

In episode 20 of Season 9 of The Dough Bar on Shark Tank, Ondrea and Marques Fernandez, a husband and wife team from California, choose to promote their company to Shark Tank investors.

Ondrea and Marques entered the Shark Tank seeking a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 15% ownership in their company, which valued at $2 million.

Marques consider him a professional bodybuilder, but he often wonders what he’d look like if he ate doughnuts every day. After discussing the product, they distribute samples. They appear to be well-liked by the Sharks.

When Robert inquires about the calories, he learns that the glazed doughnuts contain 200, while the plain doughnuts contain 150. Lori describes it as a hybrid between a doughnut and a bagel.

They also tell Lori that the product may be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Then Robert asks about the cost. Ondrea tells him that a box of four costs $15.50, with shipping prices varying between $6 and $9.

They have a margin of around 53%. The overall sales from June 2015 to January 2018 were $1.2 million. They anticipated achieving $1 million in sales in 2018. The Sharks are completely outclassed.

Robert was interested in learning how the $300,000 will be used. Marques wishes to increase their marketing expenditure and extend the shelf life of their goods to 3-4 weeks rather than days.

Barbara inquires about the percentage of repeat customers; the answer is 31%. As they present their two other items, a gluten-free cake and a protein crispy bar, the offers begin to fly.

Barbara offers $300,000 in return for a 30% stake in the firm. Lori enters the battle with a $300,000 bid for a 20% ownership in the firm.

Mark and Robert quit, and Alex offers Lori $300,000 in exchange for 30% equity in the company if she joins forces with him. Marques wonder whether Barbara and Lori will join forces for $400,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company.

Barbara cautions about dealing with two Sharks since one “moves quicker.” She lowers her offer to $300,000 for a 25% stake.

Following a lengthy debate, Marques asks Barbara whether she was ready to accept a 20% ownership in the firm. Barbara agrees just to beat Alex and Lori. Everyone exchanges hugs, and Ondrea and Marques smile as they leave the pitch with a deal.

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What Became to The Dough Bar After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the deal with Barbara did not go through, sales soared predictably after their appearance. Since then, they’ve introduced Rice Krispy Treats as well as new doughnut flavors like Savory Nacho Cheese, S’more, and Oreo Cheesecake.

The items are available at nutrition stores, gyms, and smoothie bars around the country. The corporation receives an update section in episode 1011 of season ten.

They say in the update section that they have relocated to Colorado, where they have built a manufacturing factory and want to open two brick-and-mortar stores.

About 10 months after the update segment, the firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2019.

The two proposed retail sites are scheduled to debut in June 2020. They have fixed their financial issues and will operate four retail bakery locations in the greater Denver area by 2021.

They also provide co-packing at their production site. The retail outlets bring in about $1 million each year, with an extra $1 million coming in through internet purchases.

They intend to establish 5-8 retail stores in another state, likely California, by 2022.

The Dough Bar’s Competitors


The Dough Bar’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the company was valued at $2 million since it has been performing well in sales, with $1 million in 2021. This indicates that the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

The Dough Bar FAQs

What is the taste like?

The Dough Bar tastes like a glazed doughnut.

How many calories are in a doughnut?

Glazed Doughnuts have about 200 calories, while plain doughnuts have about 150.

What is the size of the doughnut?

It’s about an inch in diameter and weighs 2 ounces.

What kind of flavors does the Dough Bar have?

The Dough Bar has two kinds of doughnuts: glazed, and plain. They also have Rice Krispy Treats, as well as seasonal items.

What is the Dough Bar made out of?

Glazed doughnuts are prepared using a simple procedure consisting of mixing the ingredients together. The doughnut batter is then placed in the doughnut machine for frying.

The fresh doughnuts are cooled before being sugar-glazed. Rice Krispy Treats are prepared in an electric mixer and then placed in the oven to bake prior to being glazed with chocolate.

Is The Dough Bar good for health?

According to the product’s manufacturer, every bite of Dough Bar is sweet and wholesome. The doughnuts are made with real ingredients and have no artificial flavors or preservatives.

What stores sell The Dough Bar?

The company has online stores, soup kitchens and food trucks that sell The Dough Bar. You can also find them at some fitness centers, smoothie bars and grocery stores.

Where is their headquarters?

They have moved to Colorado, where they will build a manufacturing plant.

What is the cost of The Dough Bar?

The doughnut costs $3.50, and is sold in boxes of four at a cost of $15.00. Free shipping is available for orders above $49.00.

What type of restaurants sells The Dough Bar?

The Dough Bar can be found in soup kitchens, food trucks and other food establishments, as well as some fitness gyms and convenience stores. The product has a shelf life of 10 days, unless frozen, after which it can last up to a year.

What are the ingredients of The Dough Bar?

The Dough Bar is made of soft dough, liquid oil and sugar, along with high-quality ingredients such as cane sugar, rice, whole eggs and cream.

Is there gluten in The Dough Bar?

The Dough Bar is gluten-free, with gluten-free options available on their website.

How many calories are in a doughnut?

A doughnut has about 150 calories. What is the nutrition content of The Dough Bar?

The product has no cholesterol or trans-fat.

Is The Dough Bar gluten-free?

Yes. The product is gluten-free, with gluten-free options available on their website.

What flavors does The Dough Bar have?

The Dough Bar offers two types of doughnuts: glazed and plain. Glazed doughnuts are filled with one flavor (like raspberry), while plain doughnuts are blank-faced (like a cookie). They also offer Rice Krispy Treats, as well as seasonal items.

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