What Happened to The Coop After Shark Tank?

What is The Coop?

The Coop is an excellent indoor/outdoor play and party location for kids. The Coop was created by Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent of Los Angeles. It is clean, safe, and pleasant for everybody!

They set out to create a space that we would like hanging out in as much as their children, and they succeeded with their wonderful outside garden, free Wi-Fi, coffee bar, excellent periodicals, and stress-free stunning events. The Coop is a location where everyone can have a good time.

Who are The Coop’s founders?

Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent founded the sleek and relaxing residence in 2008, as they moved from LA hipster chicks to moms.

The two started the firm to give a better alternative to the drab, kitschy, overcrowded play places they usually experienced.

The concept is to create an environment in which children may play, learn, and have fun while their moms rest in fashionable luxury at the coffee bar.

The Coop is also a safe sanctuary for children and their moms, offering a supportive environment.

The services and activities that make The Coop such a popular destination for parents are one of its greatest features.

The Coop provides: Wicked fun events such as beauty, music, fashion, dance, food, and craft parties. Wi-Fi is available for free, and children are welcome to bring their own food to enjoy during playtime at The Coop.

What Happened to The Coop’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Juliet and Lucinda decided to pitch their company concept to Sharks in episode 11 of season 4 of The Coop on Shark Tank in order to help them grow their operation.

Juliet and Lucinda entered the Shark Tank pitch in seeking of $150,000 for a 15% stake in their firm, worth $1 million.

They demonstrate their themed events by holding a mini-birthday party for Mark Cuban, complete with Shark fin party hats.

In 2011, the ladies made $350,000 in sales and a $100,000 profit. Kevin feels that franchising is the way forward for them, but it’s too soon for him to commit; he’s out. Robert feels that the ladies should create another restaurant on their own, thus he is also leaving.

Daymond believes he cannot provide value and has quit. Mark chooses to go out since he feels there are less expensive options for a kid’s celebration.

Barbara offers the ladies $150,000 in return for 15% ownership of the firm, but she requires a warrant or a personal guarantee. The ladies hug and a deal was struck! They leave the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to The Coop After Shark Tank?

Barbara’s deal was finalized after the show aired, and the two ladies left the pitch with a deal.

The Coop filmed an update section in episode 426. They reveal in the episode that they followed Barbara’s advice and produced the “COOP CRATE,” a “party in a box” concept that allows partygoers to bring a customized Coop party home to celebrate.

The COOP CRATE is basically a reusable and recyclable bag, similar to an IKEA bag. During its broadcast, the Oscars pre-show Countdown to the Red Carpet referred to the Coop as “the trendiest kids play facility in LA.”

The Coop is continuously seeking for new ways to expand, and they’ve found an excellent partner in real estate giant Barbara Corcoran! The business was featured in Beyond the Tank episode 110. According to the Beyond the Tank segment (filmed in 2016), franchising is the next step.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they were forced to shut in 2020. They began to provide virtual parties in which they shipped goodies and conducted activities through Zoom.

By August 2021, they will have seven locations. (Studio City, California, Woodland Hills, California, Redondo Beach, California, Yorba Linda, California, San Francisco, California, Pleasanton, California, and Austin, Texas). The combined annual revenue for all seven locations is $3.4 million.

The Coop’s Net Worth

During the pitch and following Barbara’s investment, the firm was valued at $1 million. Since then, the firm has grown to seven locations with annual sales of $3.4 million.

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The Coop FAQs

What is the Coop’s favorite location?

The Coop is proud of their seven locations. The two that are located in California are, Woodland Hills and Hollywood. Furthermore, they have 10 more locations in other parts of the United States and also internationally.

What events does The Coop host each week?

The Coop has two types of parties, one is a themed party with free admission and the other one is kid-friendly theme party which offers unlimited play time for $35 per child.

What is the minimum age of a kid to go to the Coop?

The Coop accepts kids ages 6 months and up.

What is The Coop’s busiest time of the year?

The Coop’s busiest season is in the summer with a full calendar of events. They also have other busy seasons like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter.

What measures does The Coop adopt for safety?

The Coop is well-known for its safety procedures that include: baby-changing stations, stroller parking, and a safe playing environment.

Can I bring food to The Coop?

The Coop does not allow outside food, but they do provide Wi-Fi.

How far is the Coop from the beach?

The Coop is located just minutes away from the beach!

Are there any discounts available at The Coop?

Yes, moms can get an access for their kids for a discounted price on their especially themed months, such as “Mum’s Day Out,” “Family Fun Day,” and “Kids Night Out.

Can I bring my own games and toys?

No, The Coop does not allow outside toys. However, the kid-friendly free play party offers access to a large room for all kids to play inside.

Is there a dress code at The Coop?

Yes, The Coop allows children to wear clothes that are comfortable, but it is suggested that the kids wear white and light colors. Girls can also choose to wear skirts and combat boots and boys can choose to wear white or light-colored pants with dark tops.

Will I be able to shoot my kids photos at The Coop?

The Coop does not provide photo opportunities for guests, but they offer access for everyone to upload their own personal photos on the website.

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, parent can. Cakes are allowed but the facility does not provide tables for it.

Who can attend The Coop’s free play parties?

The free play parties target anyone who is looking for a fun event to organize for their kids. The party organizers are also required to pay $5 on its food and drink menu. This includes red velvet cupcakes, milk, juice and soda.

What forms of payment does The Coop accept?

The Coop offers multiple options for parents to pay for the parties, including: Cash, Debit Card, American Express, Visa Card, and MasterCard. They have a $1 surcharge if you use a credit card.

Is The Coop accessible to wheelchairs?

Yes, all locations are wheelchair-accessible. In addition to that, the facility is ADA-Compliant which was designed with senior citizens in mind; some locations even provide senior citizen discounts.

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