What Happened to the Cate App after the Shark Tank?

What exactly is the Cate App?

Cate App is software that hides calls and texts on a smartphone that the user wishes to keep secret. The user can input names and phone numbers to be forwarded to a hidden place on the phone.

CATE is an abbreviation for “Call and Text Eraser.”

Phil Imler, an aggressive police officer, witnessed multiple domestic fights triggered by one spouse reading the other’s texts or searching their phone history.

Recognizing the reality of the issue, he believed that the application would help to reduce domestic violence in similar instances. Imler, on the other hand, was unable to commit enough time to his invention and chose to sell it to Neal Desai for $17,500.

Neal Desai, the eventual owner, then partnered up with his sister to purchase the application from Imler, swiftly amassing over 10,000 users.

Who is the creator of the Cate App?

Cate App was established by Philip Imler, a police officer, in response to a series of household squabbles started by one spouse reading the other’s text messages or reviewing their phone history.

Despite being aware of the reality of the situation, he believed that the application might aid in the reduction of domestic violence in such circumstances. Imler, on the other hand, was unable to devote enough time to his idea and opted to sell it to Neal Desai for $17,500.

The eventual owner, Neal Desai, partnered up with his sister to purchase the program from Imler, which quickly expanded to over 10,000 users.

What Happened to Cate App’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

Entrepreneur Neal Desai and his sister purchased the Cate App from Imler and took it to Shark Tank in seeking investors.

Desai went on Shark Tank in seeking $50,000 in return for a 5% ownership in his company, worth $1 million.

At the time of recording, there were around 5,500 subscribers. Desai gets little more than $27,000 each $4.99 download.

Robert immediately questions the App’s morality. He’s already departed. Mark isn’t happy, and he’s also out.

Daymond and Kevin agree to work together, but Barbara intervenes and offers $50,000 for 30% ownership of the firm in return for Neal’s consideration of rebranding it as a privacy app.

Kevin and Daymond make an offer of $50,000 for 50% ownership of the company, but Neal counters with $50,000 for 15% equity.

Daymond and Kevin both lose 35 percent of their equity, while Barbara loses 25% of her equity.

Desai uses his negotiating skills to get Kevin and Daymond to take $70,000 for 35% equity shares. The deal was a success.

What happened to the Cate App after it was shown on Shark Tank?

The bargain was a success, with around 10,000 downloads. There are no icons, thus only the owner of a smartphone would know the App is loaded.

Desai has also begun marketing the App to companies, government agencies, and attorneys as a “privacy app.”

Cate App is useful for any entity that needs to secure important discussions. The Cate app, being a cheater’s app, has the problem of being able to be downloaded without the user’s knowledge, allowing someone to track all calls and messages.

Cate Version is now available solely for Android handsets, with an iPhone app in the works. Around a year after its initial release, the app was discontinued.

Competitors of the Cate App

Cate App’s main opponent is another app called ‘AppMetic.’

Cate App’s net worth

The company first got slightly more than $27,000 for every download at $4.99. Following that, the shank tank investors invested $70,000 in the Cate App in return for 35% shares worth $200,000. That is about $277,000 valuation.

Cate App FAQs

Can I use Cate App on My Device?

Yes, the Cate App works on all Android-powered phones. However, the iPhone version is still under development.

The app has completed a successful integration process with a company called ‘Safe Link,’ which will allow users to safely download and install the app on their own smartphones/devices.

 Is Cate an Eraser?

No, this is not a call or text eraser in any sense of the word.

How can I check if Cate is loaded on my phone?

Users will not be able to check if Cate is installed onto their phones. There are no icons, thus only the owner of a smartphone would know the App is loaded.

However, they may uninstall Cate through their settings once they figure out they have it.

 Can I see what has been erased?

Unfortunately, no one can see whatever has been removed through the app.

How will you learn if I have Cate on my phone?

There is no way to know if someone has the app installed on their phone, short of having access to their devices.

What are the Cate App’s Attributes?

Calls and texts erased through the app cannot be recovered by anyone. It also has a feature that erases messages that have been read or heard by the user. Furthermore, it can save data consumption and extends battery life.

Is Cate App Easy to Use?

Yes. Users are guided through the complete process of installing the app, so there is no guesswork involved.

How safe is Cate App?

Cate App is safe, as it requires physical access to the phone before it can initiate the entire process of downloading and installation.

Who should I trust if I have doubts about Cate App?

Users are advised to contact the National Irresponsible Access and Misconduct Online Safeguarding program at www.niso.gov.uk/cate to find out if Chrome’s framework has reported inappropriate information on their Android devices or iPhone devices after they have downloaded the application.

What are the disadvantages of the Cate App?

While this is not a call or text eraser, as stated earlier, users still need to check if they have it on their phone before they can download and install it.

What are the benefits of the Cate App?

Users save money on phone bills and ‘extremely’ enjoy the overall experience.

How long does the process take?

Users receive the download link instantly. The entire process to download and install Cate App takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Are there any drawbacks to Cate App?

There are no drawbacks, as users can access all their erased messages after they have completely uninstalled the app.

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