What Happened to The Caddy Girls After Shark Tank?

What is The Caddy Girls?

The Caddy Girls are a stunning network of female caddies based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They are available for daily hire as well as charity tournaments and commercial occasions.

They’re popular for bachelor parties. While “the girls” work in golf clothing, they model beautiful bikinis for advertising materials. Despite this, they maintain that their golf clothing is “still extremely cute and charming.”

Meghan Tarmey is a 2005 Central Carolina University graduate who aspired to do more for herself than take a minimum-wage job to make ends meet after graduation.

Rather of working a few shifts at the local bar, Tarmey decided to start her own business.

Who is the founder of The Caddy Girls?

The Caddy Girls was founded by Meghan Tarmey. Tarmey founded The Caddy Girls after graduating from Coastal Carolina University; she was weary of bartending and wanted to start her own business.

The Caddy Girls have 13 locations around the United States (including Hawaii). They promote themselves as “a one-of-a-kind and fun way to spend a day on the golf courses.”

All of the Caddy Girls are Professional Caddies Association-certified and, in addition to being gorgeous, are knowledgeable about club selection, course etiquette, distance calculation, and scorekeeping.

For $149, the Caddy Girls are available for tournaments, bachelor parties, and corporate events (plus tip).

What Happened to The Caddy Girls at Shark Tank pitch?

When Meghan Tarmey pitches The Caddy Girls, a provocative women-only golf caddy service, in episode 605, she hopes to compete with a Shark. Meghan was looking for a Shark to help her with worldwide expansion of her firm.

The scene opens on a golf course in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with some Caddy Girls assisting a foursome. She talks about the service while a golf montage plays in the background. Meghan’s ambition is to be present in every golf market in the country.

She came to the Shark Tank in a golf cart with another Caddy Girl, seeking $100,000 in return for a 20% stake in her enterprise, which valued at $500,000.

She made $148,000 per year and $34,000 each month. Meghan explains the Sharks’ price structure: $149 for a caddy and $100 to her girls.

When Robert asks why they were hired, she explains that they execute all of the traditional caddy tasks.

Four females have been contracted to compete in the PGA National Championships, according to her. She supports her $500,000 price with her solid business.

Lori notices a number of difficulties with the business and exits. Mark despises golf and has decided not to play.

Daymond respects the idea, but feels there was too much work to be done, so he also exits.

Robert feels they were at the “hustle” stage, but he quit as well since he did not believe the enterprise was investor-worthy.

Mr. Wonderful was thrilled by the presentation and offers $100,000 in return for 50% ownership of the company. He feels they have the potential to triple their income.

Lori claims that the devil would make her a better deal. Mr. Wonderful refuses Meghan’s offer of a 40% stake in the firm.

Meghan decides that 50% was too much, so she rejects the offer and leaves the presentation without a deal.

What Happened to The Caddy Girls After Shark Tank?

The business increased 400% in the immediate aftermath of the performance. They have grown into Arizona, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington throughout the years.

With two weeks’ notice, they will also go to places where they do not have a physical presence.

The company is still in business as of February22021, with yearly sales of $13 million.

Net Worth of the Caddy Girls

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $500,000. Since then, the company has remained in operation, and its net worth might have just exceeded that of pitch.

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The Caddy Girls FAQs

What is The Caddy Girls?

The Caddy Girls is a lovely female caddy service in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Caddy Girls can be hired on a daily basis, as well as for charity events and commercial functions.

Who is the owner?

Meghan Tarmey, owner of The Caddy Girls, is the founder.

How much did Meghan ask for on Shark Tank?

Meghan was looking for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in her firm, which was worth $500,000.

Did she have the deal?

No, she did not have the deal. Meghan refused to give up half of her stock

Is The Caddy Girls still in operation?

Yes, the company is still in operation and has grown to 13 states, including Hawaii.

Where are The Caddy Girls located?

They have over 13 locations in the United States (including Hawaii).

What exactly do The Caddy Girls do?

The caddies provide a service for female golfers searching for female caddies to assist them during the day, as well as gents who cannot always locate female caddies.

What are The Caddy Girls’ prices?

The Caddy Girls charge $149 per day, with a maximum fee of $500 per tournament or event. Because of their minimal overhead costs, they “work out to be less than you’d pay a male,” according to spokesperson Meghan Tarmey.

What is The Caddy Girls’ revenue?

The company’s yearly revenue is close to $13 million.

What is The Caddy Girls’ target market?

Typically, the Caddy Girls target female golfers.

What were The Caddy Girls’ assets?

Golf carts, GPS devices, scorecards, pencils, and other caddy necessities are among the items provided.

What is the cancellation and booking fee policy at The Caddy Girls?

The Caddy Girls charge a fixed fee of $100 for cancellations and appointments.

What types of golf courses do you work on?

The Caddy Girls work with the majority of golf clubs in the United States.

What is the business model of The Caddy Girls?

The Caddy Girls’ business plan does not include advertising. It is instead based on recommendations from golfers and caddies, who are particularly fond of The Caddy Girls.

What appears on my credit card statement?

When using a credit card to pay for The Caddy Girls service, the company will issue a receipt after each event.

What is The Caddy Girls’ word-of-mouth marketing strategy?

Word of mouth has proven to be the most effective method of marketing for The Caddy Girls.

What are The Caddy Girls’ payment options?

Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, Check, and Western Union are also accepted.

Is The Caddy Girls the best option?

The Caddy Girls are ideal for golfers looking for female caddies to assist them during the day.

What is the pricing strategy of The Caddy Girls?

The firm mostly charges on an event-by-event basis. They also charge a daily fee. Given the high quality of their service, their cost is fairly cheap.

Is there an affiliate program for The Caddy Girls?

So yet, The Caddy Girls does not have an affiliate program.

Who is The Caddy Girls’ CEO?

The Caddy Girls’ CEO and founder is Meghan Tarmey.

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