What Happened to The Buffer Bit after Shark?

What is The Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is a shoe buffer that works with a conventional hand drill. It gives your shoes a newly polished sheen without the need for much elbow grease or the purchase of a mechanical shiner.

This gadget is excellent for everyone who wears shoes because most people have a drill laying around the house.

The Buffer Bit’s unique design and 100 percent natural wool pads make cleaning, buffing, and polishing simpler than ever before. The Buffer Bit polishes and shines everything practically when used with a cordless drill and buffer pads.

The kit includes one drill bit and three wool polishing pads (black, red, and natural). Simply attach one of the bits to any cordless drill and start drilling. Buffer Bit was designed to polish shoes, but it may be used to polish any leather object.

Who is the founder of The Buffer Bit?

Michael Quinn founded the company in 2012, and the product premiered in November 2012 on DIY Network I Want That.

Michael explains that he spent 15 to 20 minutes polishing his shoes using a shoe shine kit before utilizing the Buffer Bit.

The problem is that it is pretty inconvenient; you can hire someone to do it for you, but it is expensive, and doing it yourself takes a long time.

With the Buffer Bit, Michael has produced a game-changing breakthrough; all you need is a Buffer Bit and any cordless drill to achieve a quick, world-class shoe polish.

However, the Buffer Bit is more than just a shoe care item; it transforms into a formidable automotive detailing tool when combined with the auto pad. Quinn sells the product on Amazon and has done so extensively since 2012.

What Happened to The Buffer Bit at Shark Tank pitch?

Michael Quinn, an entrepreneur, will make a polished presentation for his Buffer Bit, a shoeshine buffer that spins with a power drill, on March 7. He’s undoubtedly seeking Shark’s help to grow into retail and boost his inventory.

Michael appeared on Shark Tank in seeking $75,000 in return for a 25% stake in his firm, which was worth $300,000.

The Buffer Bit, he claims, was a “game-changing” shoe care solution. The bit quickly polishes shoes when used in combination with a cordless drill. He has created a new attachment for detailing autos.

Mr. Wonderful was cynical. He mentions that electric shoe polishers were already accessible.

A high-quality electric shoe polisher, according to Michael, costs between $50 and $100. His price is $19.95. He had to pay $9 for each Bit.

To the amusement of the other Sharks, Mark Cuban demonstrates the bit on his shoes and then “polishes” Daymond John’s head.

Michael primarily has a provisional patent and has gotten interested from a number of major retailers. In his first nine months of business, he sold $30,000 in items.

Mark Cuban believes he has a “great product,” but the timing is not perfect. The product has not yet been made available to retailers. He went out.

Lori Greiner claims she was “inadequately aware” about guys and how many of them polish their shoes. She went out.

Daymond John was quiet but opted out.

Kevin O’Leary tells an amusing story about a secret society of wine connoisseurs who used the Buffer Bit to clean their silver cups. He considers himself to be a “consumer, not an investor.” He also went out.

Robert Herjavec was doubtful that Michael had created a strong enough market presence. Despite his liking for a professional image, including clean and polished shoes, he would not purchase the product. He eventually went out. Quinn finally left the presentation without a deal.

What Happened to The Buffer Bit After Shark?

Even though Buffer Bit was not a commercial success as a shoe cleaning tool, Michael did not give up on his dream. He refocused his efforts and reimagined his invention as the car detailing equipment.

He went to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in 2014, which brings together makers and sellers of automobile aftermarket items.

Michael drew the notice of Gene Winfield, a well-known custom car builder in the business, during SEMA.

The Buffer Bit’s popularity skyrocketed with Winfield’s endorsement, and it is now an award-winning product with a global following of car enthusiasts.

Since then, the products have switched to cleaning and car detailing, although he still sells the cotton buffer for shoes.

The company is still in operation as of February 2022, with $5 million in lifetime sales.

Net Worth of The Buffer Bit

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $300,000.

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The Buffer Bit FAQs

What is The Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is a high-performance spin-buffing power tool that shines shoes, accessories, and automobile detailing indefinitely.

Who is the founder?

Michael Quinn is the company’s founder.

How much was Quinn seeking on Shark Tank?

Quinn was asking $75,000 for a 25% stake in his firm.

Did he have the deal?

No, the deal did not take place.

Is The Buffer Bit still in operation?

Yes, they are still in operation.

Where can I get The Buffer Bit?

Buffer Bit is available on Amazon and through the company’s website, www.bufferbit.com.

Who is The Buffer Bit’s president?

Michael Quinn is the current president.

Is the Buffer Bit compatible with any drill?

Yes, any cordless drill will do the job.

Who would be interested in using the Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is a home tool that does not require batteries or a handle. It may be utilized both inside and outside.

Is The Buffer Bit available at significant shops such as Best Buy and Walmart?

Yes, but this yet, only a small number of buyers have purchased them in such places.

What is the price of The Buffer Bit?

Quinn’s Buffer Bit costs $19.95, and two black, red, and natural replacement pads cost $9.95. Replacement pads are also available in six different colors for $3.95 each.

What exactly is The Buffer Bit?

The item is a drill bit with a rotating pad and an adapter that attaches to your drill. The firm makes a variety of wraps that may be wrapped around the spinning pads. Each wrap has a unique blend of ingredients meant to buff and shine your shoes, accessories, automobile, or motorcycle.

Where can I find the Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is available for purchase through The Buffer Bit website, Amazon.com, and specific automotive dealers.

How are the wool pads created?

Wool is a natural material that is kind to the skin and good for the environment.

What is the return policy at The Buffer Bit?

The firm offers a 30-day no-hassle return policy.

What is the cost of The Buffer Bit package?

The Buffer Bit kit includes a pre-packed spinning pad and a pack of wraps based on the size of the drill.

How long is the warranty valid?

The Buffer Bit products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Returns must be made within 30 days of the purchase date.

What payment methods does The Buffer Bit accept?

American Express, Discover, and MasterCard are all accepted at the Buffer Bit.

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