What Happened to Ten Thirty One Productions After Shark Tank?

What is Ten Thirty One Productions?

Ten Thirty One Productions is an American entertainment company located in Los Angeles that creates, owns, and produces live horror attractions.

Every autumn, the production company quickly became known in the Los Angeles area for putting on magnificent haunted hayrides.

The horrific ride, which costs $30 per ticket, takes riders through Griffith Park and involves local actors costumed as ghosts, witches, and frightening clowns (as if there are any other kinds).

Melissa Carbone, a former Clear Channel Communications executive, founded Ten Thirty One Productions and created the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, a horrific ride around Griffith Park in Los Angeles that features ghosts, witches, crazed killers, and the typical creepy clowns.

Who is the founder of Ten Thirty One Productions?

Ten Thirty One Productions was founded in 2009 by Melissa Carbone and Alyson Richards. In the same year, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride debuted in Calabasas, California.

Carbone founded his firm with the goal of making the best haunted hay rides possible. She claims that Ten Thirty One Productions events have scared over 100,000 people since she began.

Tickets for the Haunted Hayride are $30.00, and you may rent a “private wagon” for parties of up to 30 people for $1,325.00. There is also a maze and a “Purgatory Side Show segment” in the Los Angeles version, both of which require an extra fee.

There are intentions to bring the Haunted Hayrides to New York, but this does not appear to be happening this year.

What Happened to Ten Thirty One Productions’ Shark Tank pitch?

In Season 5 Episode 9, Melissa Carbone and her swarm of frightening actors from Ten Thirty One Productions terrorize the Shark Tank. Carbone was on the lookout for Sharks to team up with.

Melissa entered the Shark Tank with a zombie in tow, seeking for $2 million for a 10% stake in her firm, worth $20 million.

As a swarm of horrors approaches the Sharks, she reveals that her most popular attraction is the LA Haunted Hayride.

Kevin says that the most alarming component of the scenario was the worth. Melissa tells the Sharks that the LA Haunted Hayride makes $1.8 million in 17 nights and makes a $600,000 profit.

Melissa stated that they plan to open a Haunted Hayride in New York next year, as well as 10 “Horror Camps” on the west coast in 2014.

She provides the Sharks with her marketing experience. She states that the figure was derived from bids submitted to Ten Thirty One Productions by Hollywood entertainment businesses.

Kevin exits because he was unable to “get there” on the valuation.

Robert went out since he feels she will fall short of her sales goals.

Lori also exits because she feels it will take too long for her money to be returned.

Daymond then makes a $2 million bid for 40% ownership of the company.

Melissa responds with $2 million in exchange for 20% stock, and Mark Cuban says he will accept it. “This was the biggest deal in Shark Tank history.” Mark made the deal because immersive entertainment is “the next big thing,” according to him.

Melissa says that this deal has altered the game for her. And she finally left the pitch with a $2 million offer for 20% equity from Mark Cuban.

What Happened to Ten Thirty One Productions After Shark Tank?

Mellisa’s deal with Mark was finalized after an episode aired, and she left the pitch with a deal. In Season 6 Episode 605, Ten Thirty One Productions and Melissa Carbone are given an update.

Since completing the biggest acquisition in Shark Tank history, the firm has expanded to New York, started “Ghost Ship” experiences in California, and finished a summer tour of “Horror Camp outs.”

Melissa describes the terrifying campout notion in the update section. Since working with Mark, they’ve generated $2 million in sales and plan to make $4 million in 2015.

Mark introduced her to the CEO of Live Nation, who also invested in Ten Thirty One!

Melissa believes she is on her way to creating the world’s largest “horror entertainment” company, with roughly 1000 cast members for the different sites.

Ten Thirty One Productions’ Competitors

Ten Thirty One Productions’ rivals include The Horror Factory, The Haunt, and NYC Halloween Haunted Hayride.

Ten Thirty One Productions’ Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $20 million; following Mark Cuban’s investment, the company was valued at $10 million.

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Ten Thirty One Productions FAQs

Does Ten Thirty One Productions offer tours?

Ten Thirty One Productions does not offer tours as of now. However, if people wish to explore other Halloween attractions in the area.

What are the top attractions of Ten Thirty One Productions?

The Haunted Hayride is the best attraction of this company. Additionally, it also offers two other events called “7 Deadly Sins” and “Torture Chamber”. These are just a couple of its well-attended events.

Who runs Ten Thirty One Productions?

The Founder and CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions is Melissa Carbone. She was the one who appeared on the Shark Tank and got a deal with Mark Cuban. And she has managed to expand her business since then. If they are interested in finding out more about Mark Cuban’s net worth.

Is Ten Thirty One Productions safe to visit?

It can be said that the Haunted Hayride is a safe place to visit, since it has been rated high on the website Yelp. But people should always exercise caution when entering any place of entertainment, as they can never know what might happen next.

What are the hours of Ten Thirty One Productions?

The Haunted Hayride runs every night of Halloween season (except for Christmas) and will continue until December 31st.

Who are the target audience of Ten Thirty One Productions?

People who enjoy haunted houses and thrill rides would greatly enjoy the Haunted Hayride.

How much do people spend to visit Ten Thirty One Productions?

People spend anywhere between $10 to $50 to visit Ten Thirty One Productions.

What are the recommended ages of Ten Thirty One Productions?

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter the Haunted Hayride.

Where is Ten Thirty One Productions situated?

The Haunted Hayride is located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California.

What does Ten Thirty One Productions do?

Ten Thirty One Productions runs a Haunted Hayride. This attraction takes place every night of Halloween season and is a popular destination for thrill and horror seekers.

How do I make payment to Ten Thirty One Productions?

Ten Thirty One Productions accepts Cash, Check, Visa and MasterCard.

What is the refund policy of Ten Thirty One Productions?

Ten Thirty One Productions offers a 60% refund at any time. This can be done through an online form on the website of Ten Thirty One Productions.

Do I need to reserve for Ten Thirty One Productions?

People can attend the Haunted Hayride at any time as long as there is room for them. However, we would recommend booking in advance, so they can go to their preferred date.

Is there a parking facility for Ten Thirty One Productions?

There is no parking facility available at the location of Ten Thirty One Production. People have to park their vehicles outside the premises of the Haunted Hayride.

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