What Happened to TactiBite Fish Call After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is TactiBite Fish Call?

TactiBite Fish Call is a high-tech modern way of capturing fish that includes an in-built speaker that generates vibrations and noises that attract ever-hungry and inquisitive fish.

It’s like catnip for fish, who are drawn to this new and loud roommate in quest of an easy meal.

Who is the Founder of TactiBite Fish Call?

TactiBite Fish Call was created by Jeff Danos and Jack Danos.

Jack, 17, created the device at home using a 3D printer when he was 15 years old.

They were successful in bringing the product to market through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $112,573 on a $10,000 goal.

Tactile transducers, which are moveable speakers attached to a hard surface, power the TactiBite Fish Call.

Toss the fish call into the water, and it will make sounds like schooling and feeding fish.

All you have to do to catch more fish is to fish near the fish call. It’s approximately the size of a beer can and weighs around a pound. It also has an anchor and a line of the anchor.

The TactiBite Fish Call was made on a 3D printer, but the father/son team has identified a factory for future production.

They have a pending patent on their gadget and demand $99.99 for it. Many fisherman assessments claim that they were initially hesitant, but changed their thoughts after seeing a rise in their catch.

What Happened to TactiBite Fish Call at the shark Tank Pitch?

Jeff and Jack arrive with a $150,000 offer for a 10% investment in their firm. The Company is valued at $1.5 million as a result of this. They present their case, show a video of themselves catching fish, and then hand out samples.

The Sharks are interested, especially after discovering that they’ve done $330,000 in the past five months. They are overjoyed when they discover that it only costs $16 to manufacture and sells for $99.99.

Daymond looks to be enthusiastic; he goes fishing six times a month. The men acknowledge to having $500,000 in inventory because they have been reinvesting profits in their stocks.

When Daymond asked why they had come to the shark tank when things were going so well for them, Jeff said that they needed a business expert to help them get into large retail locations and bring their product ‘Explore’ into the market.

Kevin offers $150,000 at a 20% discount.

Daymond matched Kevin’s offer of $150,000 for a 20% stake, noting that it would take a lot of work on the side of a shark to achieve significant sales growth, which is why he, too, was asking for a 20% stake.

Mark stated that he just fished for money and deals, that the TactiBite Fish Call was not for him, and that he would be departing.

Lori came in at $150,000 for a 15% share.

Jack made Lori a counter-offer, asking if she would consider a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 15% share.

Lori replied that she would stick with her first offer due to the quantity of labour required.

Kevin and Lori start arguing, and Robert tells them he’ll give them what they asked for: $150,000 for 10%.

Lori easily matches Robert, and Jack asks if they want to work together. They answered no, and he accepted Robert’s offer since he immediately provided them what they wanted.

What Happened to TactiBite Fish Call After the Shark Tank Pitch?

The deal between Robert and the TactiBite Fish Call was never finalized. They weren’t obligated to. The company went on to achieve $2 million in revenue the year after its debut.

The Fish Call is available not just on the company’s website for the newly reduced price of $69.99, but also on Amazon, where reviews are mixed.

As of May 2021, they were still in business and doing well.

What is the Net Worth of TactiBite Fish Call?

Jeff and Jack arrive with a $150,000 offer for a 10% investment in their firm. This is equivalent to a $1.5 million valuation. They accepted a similar offer.

Who are the Competitor of TactiBite Fish Call?

TactiBite Fish Call does not have a competition.

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TactiBite Fish Call FAQS

What is TactiBite fish call?

A floatable electronic fish attractor that may be tossed. It draws fish to the region where it is floating, considerably improving their chances of catching.

Fish use “Lateral Lines” sensors to detect prey and other fish eating sounds and sensations.

Who founded TactiBite Fish Call?

The firm was started by Jeff and Jack Danos.

What episode was TactiBite Fish Call at the Shark Tank?

On Season 8 Episode 2, TactiBite Fish Call was presented to the Sharks.

What colours does this TactiBite Fish Call come in?

TactiBite Fish Call is available in several colours, including red, blue, yellow, and black.

What happened to TactiBite after shark tank?

The deal between Robert and the TactiBite guys was never completed. They weren’t obligated to. The company went on to achieve $2 million in revenue the year after its debut.

As of May 2021, they were still in business and doing well.

TactiBite is owned by who?

Danos Jeff as well as Jeff TactiBite is the brainchild of Danos, a fishtrepreneur.


Is it effective in fresh water?

Yes, their clientele have had a lot of success with bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, salmon, pike, striper, hybrid bass, yellowtail, and other freshwater species.

Is it effective in salt water?

They catch Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Yellowtail, Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Tip Shark, Blue Fish, Channel Mullet, and a variety of other saltwater species for their clients.

How does it function?

It isn’t a trick of the light; it is science! It makes sounds and vibrates. Fish are naturally curious (and always hungry!) and will seek out these noises and vibrations in search of their next meal.

Is it protected by patent?

Yes. Several patents for the TactiBite Fish Call have been granted or are pending.

What is the source of the sounds?

Using cutting-edge hydrophone and computer technology, they record and imitate the sounds and feelings of feeding fish.

What are the specs?

The TactiBite Fish Call weighs less than a pound, with the included anchor adding an additional 9 ounces. Total weight: 1.6 lbs. “8 feet tall” and 3.5″ in diameter.

Is it assured that they will catch fish?

They cannot guarantee that they will catch fish while using it, unlike other technologies that many people dismiss as fads.

It’s not magic, and they must still catch it. It will attract nearby fish to the area where it is floating, boosting their chances of catching it.

Does it use batteries?

Yes, three regular AAA batteries are required (not included).

How long will batteries run?

On new AAA batteries, it will run for more than 20 hours, which is more than enough for several days of fishing. They recommend removing the batteries while not in use to avoid deterioration.

How many should they fish with?

At least one, but more is better. They always fish with at least two other people, and occasionally up to four, depending on where they are and how many other people are present.

What type of sound should they use?

Although they’ve had success with all three sounds in both, their Scared Shrimp sound is their “go-to” sound for salt water and their Rattle Battle sound is their “go-to” sound for fresh water.

Its fishing, and just as different lures perform better on different days, the TactiBite Fish Call does as well.

When was their Shark Tank Episode Aired?

Their episode aired on September 30th, 2016. It’s the second episode of Season 8.

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