What Happened to Ta-Ta Towel after Shark Tank?

What is a Ta-Ta Towel?

Ta-Ta Towel is a breast accessory meant to provide a simple solution for individuals who are concerned about public nudity while breast-feeding. Erin Robertson, a female entrepreneur, and veteran, created the product.

Erin Robertson launched the firm in 2015. The invention provides a solution for the thousands of women who wish to breastfeed in public but are concerned about flashing bystanders.

The package also has discrete compartments for storing a smart phone, keys, and credit cards. Essential pockets are conveniently accessible, allowing users to reach these goods while nursing. The towel is machine washable and retails for $45 USD (including shipping and handling).

Who is the creator of the Ta-Ta Towel?

Ta-Ta Towel’s owners are Erin Robertson, who launched the firm in 2015 and has design expertise, as well as both of them owning a fashion company.

Erin Robertson discusses the problem of female breast sweating. Her assault against perspiration was inspired while getting ready for a date on a humid LA evening.

Her air conditioner was broken, and her Ta-Tas was overheating. She tried a variety of methods to dry herself off, but none of them worked.

She kept thinking about her wet breasts during the date. Her thoughts kept her up later that night, and it finally dawned on her.

She rented a sewing machine, watched a number of YouTube sewing videos, and started to work, ruining every towel she owned in the process. She delivered her prototypes to her coworkers once she received them.

One of my acquaintances had rashes as a result of moisture under her breasts. The Tata Towel cured her, and another acquaintance who was nursing found it pleasant and simple to use.

Erin Robertson owns the rights to her towels, which she now sells for use at the spa, gym, or just sitting around.

Each Tata Towel is handcrafted by her from the softest cotton she can find, and they range in price from $35 to $45 and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Because each color and pattern is still handcrafted, quantities are limited.

What happened to Ta-Ta Towel’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Erin Robertson, the inventor of the Ta-Ta Towel, has to scale up her manufacturing to meet the demands of a broader market, and Shark investors can help her.

Erin Robertson comes on Shark Tank, seeking $200,000 in return for a 10% stake of his business worth. $2 million

She adds that her company’s business is to keep boobs high and dry. She explains how she invented her product while passing out samples, and then the three models onstage exhibit their Ta-Tas.

Kevin tries the grapefruits, and Erin Robertson tries him. She holds design patents for both the original and maternity versions, as well as the name brand.

The originals are $45 and the pregnant version is $55, with a $24 production fee. In 2017, she generated $1.1 million in sales. The product gained popularity, although sales in 2018 were just $180,000. All of the towels are manufactured by women in Los Angeles.

The Sharks are concerned because she has 10,000 units on hand. Lori offers $200,000 for 50% ownership of the company, which is worth $400,000.

Erin Robertson has a spouse and does not wish to be humiliated. She countered with $200,000 in return for 40% ownership of her company at a worth of $500,000. Lori Greiner and Erin Robertson ultimately reach a deal.

What happened to Ta-Ta Towel after Shark Tank?

After Erin Robertson’s celebration on the pitch, the deal with Lori was never finished.

The company sold 10,000 units, and some of their products are now available on Amazon as well as their website.

The company continues to manufacture the towels in Los Angeles, and sales are increasing.

In 2021, the company’s yearly sales will be $1 million.

Ta-Ta Towel’s net worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million; nevertheless, the company has earned a lot of sales, causing the company valuation to rise in 2021.

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Ta-Ta Towel FAQs

 What is Ta-Ta Towel?

Ta-Ta Towel is a product available for nursing mothers who want to breastfeed in public without exposing themselves. The towel provides a simple solution for the thousands of women who wish to breast-feed their children but are too concerned about flashing bystanders.

It offers a discreet solution for nursing mothers that can be worn in any setting. This product is also ideal for exercising and going to the spa as well.

Do you have to reveal the breast to nurse?

With Ta-Ta Towel, women can discretely and easily nurse their babies without exposing their breasts. Although it looks like a towel, it is much more than just a simple piece of fabric.

It is machine washable, functional, as well as fashionable. The device also features multiple pockets for storage of credit cards, cell phones, and more.

Are there any other benefits of Ta-Ta Towel?

There are numerous benefits associated with this product. The towels completely cover the breasts and offer coverage for women of all sizes.

Because they are made from soft, breathable cotton, they are comfortable and perfect to wear while running at the gym or while working out at home.

Ta-Ta Towel also eliminates any worries that come along with nursing in public, as they eliminate exposure while breastfeeding.

Why was Ta-Ta Towel invented?

This product was invented because there was a need for it in the market. The owner of the business wanted to find a solution for nursing mothers who wished to do so privately.

Where can I purchase Ta-Ta Towel?

The product is available on the company’s website, as well as Amazon. The price may vary depending on the sales and deals that are offered by the company at a given time.

What is Ta-Ta Towel made from?

This product is made from cotton and designed in the USA. It has many advantages, such as being machine washable.

What are the benefits of Ta-Ta Towel?

The product is designed to cover both breasts and be adjustable to fit a woman’s body.

Is there anything else I need to know about Ta-Ta Towel?

The towels are available in multiple colors, designs, and sizes for customers who want something fashionable. They can also be worn everywhere, from working out at the gym to going shopping.

 How Much Is Ta-Ta Towel?

A one-time purchase could cost $35 to $45, and it comes with a free gift of an additional soft pad. The product is sold on the company’s website and other online stores.

How do you use this product?

Ta-Ta Towel is ideal for women who have to breastfeed their children privately in public or in any other setting. It is designed to provide coverage for both breasts, which ultimately eliminates exposure. It can be used for exercising and going to the spa as well.

The product is machine washable, and it can be used in many settings. It comes with a variety of benefits such as being made from soft cotton, which makes the product comfortable to wear while working out or doing other activities at home.

How do you clean Ta-Ta Towel?

The product can be washed in the washing machine without fading or shrinking. The company recommends that they wash and dry the towels separately. They can also spot treat stains with a stain remover, but they should check the care label on their towel to see if the process is safe for it.

How do I order Ta-Ta Towel?

Customer can order this product online through the company’s website or other online stores.

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