What Happened to Sunday Night Slow Jams After Shark Tank?

What is Sunday Night Slow Jams?

Sunday Night Slow Jams is a love song radio show that airs on over 50 radio stations throughout the world. Lovers on the other side of the world can call in and dedicate songs to their loved one. Listeners make unique notes for their friends and family in order to ensure that they can always attend the performance.

DJ R Dub founded the business Syndicated. DJ R Dub graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in Portuguese.

He started off as a writer and photographer for Ramblin’ Randy before becoming the Director of Programming at Magic 92.5 FM. He is presently an On-Air Personality with Fusion Radio Networks. He also works as a Taco.com inspector.

Who is the founder of Sunday Night Slow Jams?

R DUB established Sunday Night Slow Jams when he was sixteen years old. He was born in Chicago, but grew up in Los Angeles and Orlando, Florida.

Listening to music, particularly Slow Jams has been a passion of his since the age of thirteen. As a result of this passion, he decided to create and host his own Slow Jam radio show.

He’ll enlist the help of R&B vocalist Brian McKnight as a celebrity pitchman, captivating the Sharks with his falsetto vocal chords. R Dub began spinning love song dedications on Tucson’s AM 1490 20 years ago.

For several years, he went from station to station, looking for new homes for his show whenever his current radio station changed formats, until he eventually syndicated the show in 2003.

Sunday Night Slow Jams is currently heard on more than 50 radio stations in three countries.

What Happened to Sunday Night Slow Jams at Shark Tank pitch?

In Shark Tank episode 507, syndicated DJ R Dub pitches his Sunday Night Slow Jams radio show, which is dedicated to love music. R Dub is looking for a Shark to help him acquire the exposure he needs to take his program global.

R Dub came to Shark Tank seeking for $75,000 in return for a 10% stake in his syndicated radio show, which worth $750,000.

He talks about the show’s “oral expressions,” which are coast-to-coast love song dedications. R Dub fabricates a love affair between Mark in Dallas and Lori in Chicago.

R Dub’s pal Brian McKnight then appeared and played a Shark Tank Ditty as well as the “theme tune” for Sunday Night Slow Jam.

Mark starts by describing syndicated radio as a terrible industry. Sunday Night Slow Jams earns $350,000 in revenue.

R Dub says he’d want to utilize the $75,000 to employ a salesman to sell advertising after Mark explains how syndicated radio advertising works.

Mr. Wonderful was preoccupied with his finances, but R Dub was preoccupied with the Sharks’ love lives.

Lori is dubious that a salesperson is the best option, so she goes out of a better hook. Kevin feels radio was a flop as a market, and he exits.

Robert agrees with Lori about the salesperson, but thinks he should work on commission while he’s out.

Mark feels the younger generation was too tuned in to internet radio he’s out. Daymond did not like Slow Jam music and also went out. R Dub and Brian McKnight escape the Tank singing, but the song was unfunded!

What Happened to Sunday Night Slow Jams After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that R Dub’s syndication strategy was unsuccessful, the program continues to develop and extend into new regions, both locally and worldwide.

The show is presently carried on radio stations in over 100 countries and is quickly growing into new territories.

Listeners can access the program online or through website links. They can also request that the show be broadcast on their local radio stations.

R Dub may not have gotten the Shark deal he wanted, but it didn’t stop him from crooning his way onto the airwaves.

Entrepreneurs usually mention passion and perseverance as crucial success factors, and this looks to be no exception. As of August 2021, the show is still in production and airs on over 200 stations.

The company is still in operation as of February 2022, although accurate revenue data is lacking.

Net Worth of Sunday Night Slow Jams

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $750,000. Since then, the corporation has continued to operate, and its net worth might have just exceeded that of the pitch.

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Sunday Night Slow Jams FAQs

What is Sunday Night Slow Jams?

Sunday Night Slow Jams is a radio feature on over 200 radio stations in the United States, Canada, and portions of Europe that plays love music.

Who is the owner of Sunday Night Slow Jams?

Sunday Night Slow Jams, based in Tempe, Arizona, was created by R Dub 20 years ago when he was just 16 years old. He is now the company’s CEO as well.

How much was DJ R Dub asked on Shark Tank?

R Dub came to Shark Tank looking for $75,000 in return for a 10% interest in his firm. He was looking for a $750,000 investment and a partner to help him develop his program abroad.

Did he have the deal during the pitch?

No, the pitch was a failure. R Dub and his firm were unable to close a deal on the Shark Tank.

Is Sunday Night Slow Jams still in business?

Yes, as of February 2022, the firm is still in operation.

Is there a social media presence for Sunday Night Slow Jams?

Yes, the firm has a Facebook profile as well as an Instagram account.

How long does Sunday Night Slow Jams last?

R Dub’s Sunday Night Slow Jams – Sunday, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. | B 97 FM

Which station plays slow grooves on Sunday nights?

The New HOT 103.7 plays slow jams on Sunday nights. It starts at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

When and where did the Sunday Night Slow Jams get started?

Sunday Night Slow Jams debuted on three stations in late February 2003: Hot 98.3FM in Tucson, Arizona, Maxima 99.1FM in Nogales, Arizona, and 101.5FM.

Where did R Dub come from?

R Dub! Grew up in Chicago and has subsequently lived in Los Angeles, Orlando, Florida, Tucson, Arizona, and Recife, Brazil. His first car, a 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, is still in his possession.

How does Sunday Night Slow Jams earn money?

The show earns money through both live call-ins and pre-recorded dedications. The listener pre-records the dedication messages, which include a name for their dedication, the listener’s city or location, and a phone number to receive calls from R Dub.

The bulk of calls come through R Dub’s live call-in, when he asks listeners for counsel, details, or just additional information about their love lives.

Who is the intended audience for Sunday Night Slow Jams?

R Dub! Is a syndicated radio show aimed at the 18-to-45 demographic? The show is carried on radio stations across the United States.

Sunday Night Slow Jams has how many channels?

Sunday Night Slow Jams are broadcast on over 200 channels by the corporation.

Who are the Sunday Night Slow Jams’ target demographics?

The show was originally aimed towards young adults in the nation. The show ran on weekends and had a primary target demographic of singles aged 25 to 35. The segment is shown on weekends in a number of major cities and metropolitan areas.

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