What Happened to Style Club After Shark Tank?

What is Style Club?

Style Club is a stunning fusion of fashion and art. Every Style Club item instills a distinct set of values: be yourself, express yourself, be loyal to yourself, and never settle.

Style Club, created by Hilary Novelle, specializes in modern vintage clothing for women with a minimalist aesthetic influenced by underground artists, rebellious cultural icons, and social empowerment movements. Make use of bold colors and one-of-a-kind images.

Style Club allows children to buy limited edition apparel endorsed by celebrities. Style Club creates custom-made apparel in collaboration with celebrities such as Kelli Berglund and Sophie Tweed.

Style Club was founded by whom?

Style Club, founded by Hilary Novelle, specializes in modern vintage clothing for women with a minimalist aesthetic influenced by underground artists, rebellious cultural icons, and social empowerment movements.

Her motivation for starting the company may be traced back to her past. Hillary Novelle, at the tender age of 12, was already rubbing shoulders with celebrities and travelling.

She’s been asked to open for Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera. In terms of fashion, Levi kept her on tour because of her sense of style.

Hillary has been interested by fashion and celebrities since she was a youngster. She was called “Levi’s Girl” because of her impeccable fashion sense. The fact that she formed the Style Club is not by chance.

Hillary Novelle confesses that she started the company to empower women. This appealed to women and offered a distinct selling feature.

Hillary is a seasoned fashion designer who, at the age of sixteen, created and marketed a tween cosmetics company. She started out as an opening act for Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera.

She designed her own stage clothes and earned the moniker “Levis girl” from tour sponsor Levi’s Jean. After graduating from Columbia University in 2007, she went on to work as a fashion reviewer for the Style Haul YouTube channel.

She launched The Style Club in 2014, specializing on custom-made celebrity-themed clothing for young ladies. She built a robust online network across several social media platforms.

She is able to keep up with the unpredictable fashion trends of youngsters by cooperating with celebrities they like. Her goal is to be a “one-stop shop for generating flash sale, limited edition capsule collections with emerging Hollywood stars.”

Muse is a collaboration between actress Kelli Berglund and acclaimed stylist Adeel Khan.

The Style Club’s inventory consists mostly of competitively priced trousers, jackets, sweatshirts, and hats. She plans to travel throughout the country, meeting youngsters in tiny towns.

What Happened to Style Club’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Hillary chose to go on Shark Tank in search of a business partner with whom she could work to expand the firm.

Hillary entered the Shark Tank seeking $500,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in her firm, which is worth $2.5 million.

There are several “mannequins” dressed in her attire onstage. They are, in reality, real people! She gives her pitch and tells them where they can get her outfits. She gives each of the Sharks a $60 monogrammed varsity jacket.

She sells clothing at all Urban Outfitters shops. The firm sought her because of her expertise in social media.

She went on to add that she made $400,000 in sales in roughly 3-4 months. Regrettably, she is under contract with Urban Outfitters.

Kevin is annoyed by this and he went out from the deal.

Barbara interrupts Robert’s question on the long-term approach. She states that there is no longer room for a partner and that she exits from the deal.

Lori feels she should continue to sell items via Urban Outfitters, which violates Hillary’s notion of online sales; she went out too. Given the absence of data, Robert decides that $500,000 was too much to pay, so he quits.

Daymond gives $500,000 in return for 33.3% of the company’s stock. Mark addresses the matter from a new angle, proposing a $500,000 line of credit at 8% in return for 22% equity in the firm; Hillary accepts, and they eventually strike a deal.

What Happened to Style Club Following the Success of Shark Tank?

The deal with Mark has been completed. Hillary built her online business and extended her distribution network following her participation on Shark Tank.

This purchase sparked a lot of discussion. Mark, a wealthy investor, claimed to have invested in The Style Club in 2012, after which Hillary developed a NEW Style Club to offer to Shark Tank.

The company’s social media profiles are functioning through May 2021 as of November 2021. Style Club may be purchased directly from the company’s website or at a number of retailers around the United States.

Style Club was available at Macy’s, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, American Eagle Outfitters, Asos, Skinny Dip, Amazon, State of Myne, Halcyon, Ludovica, Lisa Says, Be, and Cedros Soles.

Because the bulk of them are one-time sites, especially those indicated following Amazon, The Style Club may not be instantly available in your area.

Style Club retains its control on social media. Style Club appears to have reduced its prices, with jeans starting at around $49 and accessories ranging from $10 to $18.

A slew of new products are being offered, including some eye-catching new styles like jumpsuits and overalls. The company’s yearly revenue is $748,000 as of November 2021.

Style Club’s competitors

Glamhive, Wishi, Yuno, Inc., Spottinstyle, and FAPL / To the Tens are among the company’s rivals.

Style Club’s Net Worth

The company was valued at $2.5 million at the pitch, $2.3 million following Mark Cuban’s investment, and the company has done a lot of sales since then, which might boost the firm’s net worth.

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Style Club FAQs

Where can I purchase Style Club online?

The Shop section on the website is where customers can check for availability. Newer styles may be available in brick-and-mortar stores; they can check the Locations section on the website for details.

How are products shipped?

Standard shipping is $5, $7 for expedited shipping, and free shipping with purchases over $99. Express/Overnight shipping costs more.

How doe Style Club work?

Style Club is able to provide a personal touch by designing and creating personalized clothing for her customer. Style Club makes it possible to design personalized clothing for a fraction of the cost.

What is Style Club made of?

Style Club consists of cotton and polyester, naturally. Style Club is pet-friendly, so it is safe to be worn by the customer’s cat or dog. Customers are able to get their order in approximately three weeks or sooner, depending on the season. However, it takes longer if the customer wants to receive custom clothing items.

How did Style Club originate?

Style Club was created by Hillary Kerr and Kelli Berglund in 2014 as an e-commerce site that sells personalized clothing for women and young ladies.

How do I clean Style Club?

To clean, hand wash only.

How many colors does Style Club offer?

Only a handful of colors are available.

How many items can I design on Style Club?

There is a limit to the number of items that the customer can design on Style Club. There is a $20 fee if the customer wants to design more than 100 shirts.

What are some of the benefits of using Style Club?

You have a variety of clothing items to choose from. Customize your own shirt with your favorite color, font, and personality.

How many items is Style Club able to make?

Style Club offers multiple items, including jackets, shirts, pants, and swimsuits.

How do I order a customized item from Style Club?

To order a customized item, the customer should go to the website and fill out a form with their personal information.  After the customer completes filling out their form, they will receive an email after completing the process on the website. The custom-fit clothing is shipped in three to four weeks.

What is Style Club return policy?

Once a customized item is purchased, the customer may return it within 30 days of receiving it. The customer will be responsible for return shipping costs.

What is Style Club’s size chart?

Style Club uses a size-inclusive chart. Most of the items are able to fit into US, US 0, UK 6, UK 8 and AU/NZ S sizes. However, some items are able to fit into other sizes as well. For example, pants can fit into sizes from 24 t0 36.

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