What Happened to Stress Free Kids After Shark Tank?

What is Stress-Free Kids?

Stress Free Kids is a trademarked and scientifically proven strategy for lowering children’s stress, anxiety, and anxieties rapidly and permanently.

We teach youngsters how to reduce negative thoughts and sensations that cause stress through an innovative three-step method that includes easy skills like counting breaths and picturing memories.

Adults are trained on how to teach the techniques. As a result, help the children manage their anger, tension, and worry in an enjoyable and less stressful way.

Lori Lite, a dedicated mom and businesswoman, founded Stress Free Kids. Lori’s ultimate objective was to help her children manage their nightmares.

The household dreaded going to bed as a result of these ordeals. As a result, she began by researching and adopting stress-reduction techniques in her life.

Who is the brain behind Stress Free Kids?

Lori Lite, a concerned mom and entrepreneur, established Stress Free Kids. Lori’s ultimate objective was to aid her children in controlling their nightmares.

She would soothe the children by making up stories about the techniques. Her husband eventually persuaded her to record the stories.

Lori has previously worked for well-known media businesses and now owns a financial consulting firm. Lori created her repertory after her two young children began having stress-related night terrors, which made bedtime a nightly dread.

She explored stress management tactics to reduce her own anxiety and began practicing breathing, visualizing, affirmations/positive statements, and progressive muscle relaxation with her children while incorporating them into bedtime tales.

When her husband suggested she start writing down the stories, Stress Free Kids was born.

What Happened to Stress-Free Kids pitch on Shark Tank?

Lori Lite pitches Stress Free Kids to Shark Tank investors in episode 21 of season 5 to help her with merchandise funding. Lori Lite may be seen calming herself backstage before approaching the Shark Tank. They then go to Lori Lite’s house and learn about her background.

When she entered the Shark Tank, she asked for $250,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in her Stress Free Kids, which was valued at $1.25 million.

Sarah reads from Angry Octopus to the Sharks, who are interested in hearing a bit of one of the stories. Lori Lite claims to have sold 30,000 pieces from her kitchen counter for a total of $180,000 in revenue and $50,000 in profit.

Kevin O’Leary believes she should approach publishers, but Lori Lite feels she should self-publish. Despite the facts that she had distributed her work through Amazon and other book retailers.

The Sharks want to know why she hasn’t sold more books. Robert Herjavec questions her worth and quits. Kevin Harrington wants to focus on a certain product and also goes out.

Kevin O’Leary makes a $250,000 offer for 100% equity shares in the company; Lori Greiner laughs it off, and she went out too.

Daymond John offers $250,000 for 51% ownership of the company, while Barbara Corcoran offers $250,000 for 50% ownership.

Lori Lite calls her husband in the corridor, as Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran make their arguments.

Lori Lite responds with $250,000 for 40% equity shares, and Barbara Corcoran withdraws her offer. John will not give up his 51% stake in the company. Lori Lite ultimately accepts Barbara Corcoran’s offer and walks away from the pitch with a deal.

What Became to the Stress-Free Kids After Shark Tank?

Stress Free Kids went on to become a best-seller on Amazon. Despite the fact that the deal with Barbara was never consummated, Stress Free Kids was updated in episode 21, and the books were selling well.

Since her debut, Lori Lite has produced curricula and lesson plans for teachers and parents, and her books continue to sell well.

The method is used by psychologists, physicians, academics, yoga teachers, military people, counselors, and parents all around the world. The company is still in business as of November 2021, with an annual revenue of $5 million.

Stress-Free Kids’ Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $1.25 million; in 2021, the company’s net worth is estimated to be $590,000.

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Stress Free Kids FAQs

What are the Books all about?

Stress Free Kids’ books are based on our scientifically-proven method to develop and boost one’s ability to manage stress, anxiety, anger, and worry.

Where is Stress-Free Kids Based?

Stress Free Kids is based in Dallas, Texas.

What Does Stress Free Kids do?

Stress Free Kids helps children manage anxiety and worry through easy exercises like picturing memories and counting breaths. It also teaches parents how to present the program to their children.

When Did Stress-Free Kids Start Lending Services?

Stress Free Kids began in 2009, before appearing on Shark Tank on November 22, 2012. The products were sold via mail order initially and are now available on Amazon and other online retailers.

What is Stress-Free Kids’ Method?

Stress-Free Kids is based on Lori Lite’s method of relaxation, helped by her husband; what Lori Lite calls Stress-Free Kids.

How is Stress Free Kids Used?

Stress Free Kid’s method can be used by one or both parents to tell a story. It helps kids manage anxiety and worry. The stories have been specially designed using simple methods of relaxation like counting breaths, imagining pleasant scenes, and picturing memories.

How Does Stress-Free Kids Produce Results?

Stress-Free Kids method helps users focus their mind on an image or sound for a specific period of time.

How Is Stress Free Kids Different from Other Methods?

Stress-Free Kids is unique because it helps children develop their ability to manage anxiety, especially in time periods like bedtime.

What made Lori Lite Change her Mind about Shark Tank?

Lori Lite’s decision to pitch on Shark Tank was based on the feedback she received from parents and teachers that had been using the Stress-Free Kids method.

How does the Stress-Free Kids Method Work?

Stress-Free Kids method is based on relaxation. It explains how to focus your mind on an image or sound for a specific period of time.

What are the Benefits of Using Stress Free Kids?

Stress-Free Kids teaches parents and children how to manage anxiety, worry and anger in an easy way using relaxation.

What is Stress-Free Kids’ Method?

Stress Free Kids’ method is based on focusing your mind on an image or sound for a specific period of time; it also has stories that have been specially designed to help children manage anxiety and worry.

How does Stress-Free Kids Improve Your Chances of Success?

Stress-Free Kids method was developed by a mom for her own kids; it’s based on scientific methods of relaxation, and the users love using it.

How to Use Stress-Free Kids?

Stress-Free Kids uses a scientifically proven method to help children manage stress, anxiety and worry over time; it helps them focus on pleasant images and count their breaths.

Where Can You Buy Stress-Free Kids Method?

Stress-Free Kids method is sold online at Amazon or other online retailers.


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