What Happened to Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank?

What is Squeaky Knees?

Squeeky Knees is a brand of knee pads that are intended to protect knee joints without adding weight or bulk. They are outfitted with patent-pending silicone technology that absorbs noise and vibrations produced by leaping, jogging, and climbing stairs.

Lisa and Ivan established it because they were too preoccupied to keep track of their lively, new-born child.

Lisa noticed her child getting bruises and scrapes from crawling about the house when she wasn’t looking and decided to design a clothing patch to protect him while also allowing them to hear where they were.

Who is the originator of Squeaky Knees?

Evans started Squeeky Knees in 2010 to protect her son’s knees and buttocks while also giving him a fun way to explore the house.

A toddler’s garments squeak as he or she moves, as they would expect. Furthermore, parents are always aware of their infant’s whereabouts; youngsters tend to like them as well!

Evans initially designed and sold the collection in collaboration with a business called Right Bank Babies, but the firm has since abandoned the brand.

Furthermore, the Squeeky Knees line includes knee highs, jeans, pants, overalls, onesies, stockings, and leggings. All of the clothing is machine washable and made in the United States of America.

What Happened to Squeaky Knees During the Shark Tank Pitch?

Ivan Barnes and Lisa Evans visit the Shark Tank in search of a partner for their Squeaky Knees children’s clothing brand.

Ivan and Lisa appeared on Shark Tank in seeking $80,000 investment in return for a 20% ownership in Squeaky Knees, which is valued at $400,000.

The legwear has a cushion with a squeaker in the knees that performs two functions.

The pads, they claim, protect young children’s knees from bumps and bruises and make a squeaking sound to alert parents to their locations throughout the house.

Lori Greiner is interested in the status of sales. Ivan tells us that they’ve sold 500 copies and made little over $10,000.

They’ve been in the company for three years, although the first was spent chasing patents. According to Kevin O’Leary, the notion “sucks,” which is why no sales have occurred?

According to Lori Greiner, when a product actually works, buyers want to buy it. She was uninterested and quit because of the dismal sales results.

Mark Cuban advises the couple that there is a difference between a product and a business and that they are a product, not a business, and he exits.

Robert Herjavec believes it is too soon, and their sales are insufficient, so he quits as well.

Kevin O’Leary dislikes the product and feels it is a bad idea, so he exits.

The Sharks’ lone survivor is Daymond John. Since the two fought with Mark Cuban about competing against people who devote their entire day to their business, John feels that “if they worked together, they would spend the entire day squabbling and he would finally go out.”

Evans and Ivan finally left the pitch without a deal from the Sharks.

Squeaky Knees After Shark Tank: What Happened?

Despite the fact that the well-known Shark Tank effect helped advertise Squeeky Knees immediately after the program, the product never really took off.

While the website is still up and running, the social media pages haven’t been updated since 2014, and many of the items for sale are no longer accessible.

Although they both responded angrily to his assessment at the time, he made a valid point that appears to have played out as planned.

Squeeky Knees was a great idea, but the Sharks smelled blood and passed it up. They were accurate; the company went out of business in 2017.

Squeeky Knees’ net worth

The firm was valued at $400,000 during and after the pitch. Since then, the firm has closed its doors, and the net worth of the corporation is unclear.

Squeeky Knees FAQs

 What are Squeaky Knees?

Squeaky Knees are a line of children’s clothing and accessories. They have patented silicon kneepads that absorb noise and vibrations from sliding and jumping.

How did Squeeky Knees develop?

The concept was developed in August of 2010 while staying at a hotel with an infant daughter who didn’t want to be worn down by the racket of her own squeaking clothing. She couldn’t be heard, and she got banged up.

How does Squeeky Knees make money?

Squeeky Knees is not for sale directly. The product is sold through Zazzle and Etsy. They are also licensed to sell their products through the parents’ blog, The Little Things Blog.

What did Squeeky Knees look like?

The only products that Squeeky Knees ever made were made out of cotton. To create the pads, Evans and Barnes worked with a company called Right Bank Babies (now renamed Zazzle). The business made clothes made out of cotton and polyester.

7. Will the company ever reopen?

Squeeky Knees was completely acquired and then shut down in early 2017.

Is Squeaky Knees still for sale?

The company is no longer for sale, but the product is available from other suppliers.

Is Squeaky Knee’s a good idea?

While the knee pads proved to be a great idea, they did not have enough customers who wanted to purchase them. The company failed to generate enough profit, so it was shut down in 2017.

What were the materials used to made Squeeky Knees?

The materials used to make Squeeky Knees were special pads made out of a blend of silicon and elastic rubber material.

What is the company called, Squeeky Knees Clothing?

The company name is Squeaky Knees Clothing. It was launched in August 2010 and was founded by Ivan Barnes, a fashion designer from Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.

Was Squeeky Knees recycling?

No, Squeeky Knees was not recycled. The idea was first accepted in 2010 when the company went public, and it has since been shut down.

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