What Happened to Spy Escape and Evasion After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Spy Escape and Evasion?

Spy Escape and Evasion is a one-of-a-kind event that allows audiences to witness Real Spy Tradecraft up and personal and teaches them how to keep safe, all while serving up a side of comedy and even a little mystery.

Who is the Founder of Spy Escape and Evasion?

What is Spy Escape and Evasion? Spy Escape and Evasion is a survival training organization created by former CIA operative Jason Hanson.

Jason Hanson grew up in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and acquired an interest in law enforcement.

He applied to the Secret Service and the CIA but was hired by the police department in Arlington, Virginia. He’d only been with them for a little over a year when they both approved my application.

He chose the CIA because it takes exceptional care of its personnel.”

“He realized a spate of boyhood ambitions as a CIA field agent, but the lifestyle is not conducive to family life – 80 percent of field agents divorce.

He did not want that for himself or his family, and he did not want to spend 30 years as an analyst chained to a desk, so he left the CIA and moved to Utah with his wife to raise a family and found the Concealed Carry Academy.”

“After developing the curriculum, he began teaching Spy Escape classes, with the bulk of students originally being corporate leaders traveling abroad for work.

He wanted to take it a step further since a number of them returned after finishing the course and stated, ‘Hey, I’d want my wife to take this course.’

Although 70% of my students are male, I’ve had students ranging in age from nine to seventy.

They all have one thing in common: they are conservative Americans. However, I’ve trained a diverse range of individuals, from youngsters to CEOs to soccer moms.

What Happened to Spy Escape and Evasion at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Jason Hanson requests $100,000 in return for a 15% ownership in his business on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 18. This is the equivalent of $666,666.67 valuation.

The firm earned a total of $306,000 in revenue and $128,000 in profit. After Barbara duct taped his hands, he immediately escaped.

Jason also encircled Robert’s hands with zip ties and explained how to escape using his shoelaces.

The sharks then begin to back off, stating that the enterprise is too inconvenient and costly for the typical citizen to travel out and participate.

The idea of offering the seminar as a stand-alone event, rather than forcing attendees to go to a particular place, and delivering seminars to attendees.

Robert offers Jason a $100,000 investment with a 50% ownership in return for entirely restructuring the business strategy.

Robert asserts that he is making this offer just because the model is not what he had in mind.

Mark says he likes the concept and has other suggestions, but he’s leaving. Daymond approves of the concept and says he must immediately accept a $150,000 offer for 45 percent.

Daymond remarked that he needed to focus the lecture on suburban moms and families.

What Happened to Spy Escape and Evasion After the Shark Tank Pitch?

“Daymond’s contract has been fulfilled,” Jason replied. “He’s an excellent partner – a very down-to-earth guy.” Since our agreement was signed, we’ve spoken or emailed once a week.

Jason benefited as well from the Shark Tank impact. “As a result of the show, our website traffic climbed significantly.” “We achieved $200K in sales in a week,” Jason explains. “That generally takes eight months.”

Partnering with Daymond was critical for me since I am not an expert in internet marketing and Daymond was important in assisting me with that element of the business.”

Jason Hansen’s business strategy is still highly popular – he has been several times on Dateline NBC, Rachael Ray’s talk show Rachael, The Today Show, and Forbes’ website.

While the 2016 spy camp is completely sold out, spots for 2018 are still available.

Spy Escape and Evasion has expanded its event offerings to include an Advanced Spy Course, an Escape & Evasion Driving Experience, and the Ultimate Spy Week.

On a regular basis, the Spy Escape and Evasion website updates its blogs and articles with information on various topics equivalent to the education offered by Spy Escape and Evasion, as well as self defense tools.

Additionally, the website provides a link to the companion store, which gives 10% off the whole Spy store.

What is the Net Worth of Spy Escape and Evasion?

Jason Hanson appeared on Sharks Tank in search of $100,000 in return for a 15% share in his business. This is the equivalent of a $666,666.67 valuation.

He accepted Daymond’s offer of $150,000 in exchange for a 45% ownership, suggesting a $333,333.33 valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Spy Escape and Evasion?

There are no known competitors for Spy Escape & Evasion.

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Spy Escape and Evasion FAQS

What is Spy Evasion and Escape?

Spy Escape and Evasion is a firm that specializes in survival training.

Who founded Spy Escape and Evasion?

Jason Hanson is the founder of Spy Escape and Evasion.

How much was he asking in the Shark Tank?

Janson was in search of $100,000 for a 15% ownership in his business.

Did he get a deal from the Sharks?

He accepted Daymond’s offer of $150,000 for a 45% stake in the business.

Is Spy Escape and Evasion in business?

Yes, they are in business.

Where is Spy Escape and Evasion Headquartered?

The headquarters of Spy Escape and Evasion is located in Cedar City, Utah.

What was the Shark Tank Episode?

Season 5, Episode 18 aired on February 21, 2014.

Is Jason Hanson a CIA officer?

Jason Hanson is an ABC’s Shark Tank champion. He is a former CIA officer, security specialist, and Shark Tank champion. His debut book, Spy Secrets That Can Save Their Lives, was a New York Times best-seller.

How do Spy Escape and Evasion make money?

Spy Escape and Evasion generates revenue through the operation of spy camps.

Where can they find the Spy Escape and Evasion?

They may learn more about them by visiting their website at www.SpyEscapeAndEvasion.com

What are the strengths of Spy Escape and Evasion?

Spy Escape and Evasion is a really unusual and profitable business.

What are the weaknesses in Spy Evasion and Escape?

While organizing spy camps is an excellent concept, it is not the appropriate business for everyone.

Where is the Spy ranch located?

The game was devised by Jason Hanson, a former CIA operative and author of a New York Times bestselling book.

On their 320-acre Spy Ranch, they provide four separate activities: spy driving, spy pistol, spy rifle, and spy escape & evasion.

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