What Happened to Spretz After Shark Tank?

What is Spretz?

Spretz is a sugar-free, all-natural freshening spray that provides a strong mist of odor-removing freshness while still smelling delicious.

Spretz can also be used on the hands to erase smells left over from certain meals or smoking. The hands feel soft and devoid of any strong scents.

Tony Gauthier, the company’s creator, came up with the idea for Spretz. Spretz is a natural choice for removing scents that may remain on your hands or in your breath. Cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, cheese, coffee, and other high-calorie foods are examples.

Who is the founder of Spretz?

Tony Gauthier, the company’s founder and owner, hails from Oakland, California, in the heart of the Bay Area. Tony, the youngest of three brothers, has always desired to be an entrepreneur and has worked in the entertainment sector since he was a youngster.

Along with his commercial success, he intends to one day use his entrepreneurial endeavors to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

In September 2012, Tony’s mother died unexpectedly. Tony has been more determined to succeed than ever after her death five days after her 59th birthday.

Tony established Spretz in 2012. After a few years, he teamed up with Wesley Osaze and Scott Hoag to help propel Spretz to prominence. It is the only natural deodorant that may be applied topically as well as orally.

Spretz is made in tiny quantities in the United States, and while the manufacturer claims there are no chemicals or additives, there is no ingredient list on the company website. It comes in two flavors: cinnamon and peppermint.

Each bottle includes around 70 “spretzes.” As of a week before the broadcast, there is no possibility to purchase the products through their website. The company looks to have local retail distribution in the Oakland area.

What Happened to Spretz at Shark Tank Pitch?

Tony Gauthier, Scott Hoag, and Wesley Osaze pitch Spretz, a 2-in-1 breath spray that also freshens hands, on Shark Tank episode 15 of Season 7. They want to use Shark Tank to boost demand for their products.

Tony, Scott, and Wesley entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking for $100,000 in return for a 20% stake in their business, which worth $500,000.

Tony began because he wanted to get the smell of cigarettes off of his hands. He used to roll gum with his hands!

The Sharks smile as the trio delivers a “welcome to the future of fresh” hip hops pitch. Lori appreciates the samples given out by the lads. They make it clear that it is not a hand sanitizer.

Kevin asks how people know to put it on their hands, and the boys say their new label will help.

In 60 days, they sold 1000 pieces at $3.95 each for a profit of $3500 and had buy orders. Lori wants Tony to rub garlic on his hands so she can do a “before and after” aroma test.

As Kevin adds that the product should be on every convenience store shelf in America, he rubs his hands together.

Mark believes that getting anything on the shelf was simple, but getting it off the shelf is harder.

Mark isn’t seeing the connection. He feels that it will take $1 million to instruct people, so he goes out.

Robert enjoys the hustle but is dissatisfied with the outcome; he also goes out.

Kevin also exits after making an emotional appeal. Barbara feels the team was great, but they are focusing all of their time and effort on one little product, thus she also exits.

Lori sniffs Tony’s palm once again and proclaims, “It works!” She says she’d put money into the squad, but the product isn’t right for her. She goes out as well, but she encourages them to get out there and grind because great things are on the way.

They ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Spretz After Shark Tank?

They didn’t capitalize on the Shark Tank impact after the show aired and the lads left the pitch without a contract, and Spretz hasn’t made substantial inroads into convenience stores or gas stations.

In 2021, Tony is still hustling Spretz while working for the California Department of Transportation as a Public Information Officer.

Although it is no longer available on Amazon, it is still available for purchase on the website. The company’s yearly sales were $826,125 as of November 2021.

Spretz’s Competitors

Ronny Spretz and Reifen Tripke Good Year are Spretz’s main opponents.

Spretz’s Net Worth

The firm’s value was $500,000 during and after the pitch; since then, the company has been selling on their website.

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Spretz FAQs

Does it work?

Yes, Spretz works. It freshening the breath and absorbs lingering food odors after eating a meal or from smoking.

How long does it last?

The freshness lasts for around 24 hours, if not more.

Does it leave you feeling dry?

No, Spretz leaves the mouth feeling fresh and moisturized while helping to remove foul smells from the hands after eating certain foods or smoking a cigarette or a cigar.

What is the aroma like?

The aroma isn’t floral or sweet; there are no top notes of flowers or fruit. The scent is a gentle, light fragrance that evaporates quickly after contact with your skin.

Is Spretz safe?

The product contains no harmful chemicals, no ingredients that can be harmful if inhaled, and the packaging is BPA-free.

Is Spretz a good breath freshener?

If people want to freshening their breath, this product is a great choice. It isn’t a mouthwash or repulsive breath spray; it is a non-toxic, natural deodorant for their hands and mouth that works well on both.

How much does Spretz cost?

At the time that I reviewed Spretz, a 2-pack of cinnamon or peppermint spray was $4.97 plus shipping; a 4 pack costs $10.95 plus shipping. The shipping price depends on where they live; if they want to order Spretz but don’t live in California, the cost of shipping might be prohibitively expensive.

Is Spretz good for socks, gloves, and other body parts?

Many customers just use Spretz on their hands, but it will work on other body parts as well.

Who are the target customers of Spretz?

The target customers are those who want to keep their mouths and hands fresh and clean from the odors of strong smelling foods.

What is Spretz made of?

Spretz contains a formula that works by absorbing body odor and absorbing odors from the hands after eating certain foods or smoking a cigarette or stuck in long fingernails.

What is Spretz shipping policy?

Spretz is shipped in plain packaging with a return address that doesn’t identify the company.

Is Spretz available for purchase online?

Spretz is available online and also through Amazon, QuiBids, Amazon Marketplace.

How long will Spretz are delivered?

Orders of less than $20.00 are delivered for free. Orders of $20 and more will have shipping and handling price of $5.99 plus the price printed on the advertisement; this might vary from place to place, but the price should be around $5.99 plus a few cents in shipping and handling costs.

How do I make payment to Spretz?

Spretz accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Is Spretz a scam?

No, Spretz is legitimate and their products are clean and effective. The product works, and the shipping is free if they ship to the US.


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