What Happened to Southern Culture Foods After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Southern Culture Foods?

Southern Culture Foods is a maker of flavourful, organic pancake and waffle mixes.

Southern Culture Foods currently provides a dozen different varieties of “Short Stack” pancake and waffle mixes, in addition to syrups, BACON rub, and gift boxes.

The products are available at over 100 gourmet food stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon.

Who is the Founder of Southern Culture Foods?

Erica Barrett founded Southern Culture Foods.

Erica takes pleasure in cooking. She developed an interest in cooking as a child, which continued into adulthood when she entered and won a culinary competition on The Food Network.

She was dissatisfied with the pancake breakfast offerings at her neighbourhood supermarket and began experimenting with flavours such as Vanilla, Bourbon Salted Pecan, and Banana Pudding.

Her friends and family raved about them, and in April 2012, she launched Southern Culture Foods.

After visiting a local sample event, she went America’s Mart, a gourmet trade show in Atlanta. She departed with orders totalling more than $80,000.

Erica maintained her day job while creating her pancake mixes at night in a commercial kitchen in a nearby town, and she became full-time in January 2013.

What Happened to Southern Culture Foods at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Erica pitches her pancake mixes on Shark Tank season 5 episode 17 in exchange for a $100,000 investment and a 25% share in the business. This implies a $400,000 investment valuation.

She delivers samples of the pancakes in a variety of flavours, which the Sharks laud for their delectability.

The sharks are concerned about the manner in which sales are conducted.

Erica claims she earned $62,000 in the first year after selling $100,000. She’s become acquainted with Nordstrom and TJMaxx. Additionally, she discovered Whole Foods and has placed reorders.

They cost between $.99 and $1.50 and retail at $7.99.

Kevin O’Leary believes that none of the businesses have a permanent listing. She has been working with Whole Foods Market for a year and is assisting them with a countrywide launch.

The sharks enquire about her need for cash, to which she says that she must fulfil orders. QVC has placed an order for between fifty and seventy thousand units.

Barbara Corcoran is concerned about QVC’s financial performance. She asserts that gaining access to huge box stores is the greatest way to generate money in the food market, and that “boutique” businesses such as Southern Culture Foods are not frequently provided there. Erica has been offered the option to place it in 50-100 Target locations.

Mark then jumps in, stating that he has previously entered into similar arrangements but does not consider himself to be in the gourmet food sector, and withdraws from the arrangement.

According to Robert Herjavec, “the food industry is an extraordinarily difficult one.” This appears to be more of a high-end niche product than a scalable enterprise.” He has departed.

Kevin O’Leary would like to make an offer, but “contingencies” apply.

To begin, he insists on her collaborating with a co-packer in order to save money. Then he wants $1 per unit until the $100,000 investment is repaid, at which time he demands $.50 per unit as a royalty.

The other Sharks mock Mr. Wonderful’s royalty offer.

Daymond also speaks out, indicating that he wishes to expand his menu this season.

He asserts that he feels Kevin is a poor bargain, but Barbara is an excellent partner and also folds.

Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, is not going to stand by and let O’Leary consume Erica. She makes a $100,000 offer in return for 40% ownership of the business.

Erica responds by asking Barbara if she would accept a 30% discount for $100.

Barbara retains her position, although it finally dwindles to 38%. Erica exits Shark Tank with a contract.

What Happened to Southern Culture Foods After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Erica returned to Shark Tank for the second time. She was initially rejected from the program because her sales were insufficient to attract the Sharks’ interest.

However, on her second attempt, she was accepted, and she walked away with an air contract.

Barbara’s deal never came to a conclusion.

She’s come a long way since tradeshow booths sampled her pancakes and customized bacon rubs.

Southern Culture Foods is currently accessible in 3,000 sites across the country, and she intends to expand to over 4,000 locations by the end of 2015.

She is constantly expanding her menu with new foods such as “stone ground grits” and other classic favourites with truffle and sea salt flavours.

Additionally, she is developing a fried chicken combo for the future.

In February 2018, Erica appeared on CNBC’s The Profit with Marcus Lemonis, four years after making her Shark Tank debut.

Marcus aided Erica in resolving her debt and convinced her hubby to be more helpful.

He also contributed $75,000 in exchange for an equity ownership in the firm and streamlined her product offerings.

As of August 2021, she is still in business and generates $5 million in annual revenue.

What is the Net Worth of Southern Culture Foods?

Erica pitches Shark Tank for a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 25% ownership in her business. This equates to a $400,000 value.

She accepted Barbara’s $100,000 offer for a 38% share, valuing it at 263,157.89.

Who are the Competitors of Southern Culture Foods?

Southern Culture Foods has no known competitors.

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Southern Culture Foods FAQS

What is Southern Culture Foods?

Southern Culture Foods is a gourmet pancake and waffle manufacturer.

Who founded Southern Culture Foods?

Erica Barrett is the founder of the Company.

How much was she asking in the Shark Tank?

Southern Culture Foods was seeking $100,000 for a 25% stake.

How much did she get from Shark Tank?

She accepted a $100,000 offer from Barbara Corcoran in exchange for 38% ownership.

When was Southern Culture Artisan Foods founded?

It was founded in 2011.

Where is the headquarters of Southern Culture Artisan Foods?

Its headquarters are located in Decatur, Georgia, United States of America.

Can they use regular milk instead of buttermilk?

Absolutely. 1/2 cup milk is necessary for six pancakes; 1 cup milk is required for twelve pancakes.

Do they have a vegan recipe for their mix?

All of their mixes, with the exception of Banana Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, are dairy-free.

They may substitute almond or soy milk for the buttermilk, using 1/2 cup for six pancakes and 1 cup for twelve.

Additionally, they may utilize an egg replacement and vegetable oil. Their vegan-friendly combinations come with vegan directions.

Can they make waffles with their mix?

Yes, a single container of their mix yields four waffles. Simply spoon the batter into a waffle machine and set it to their desired setting(s), and they will have a beautiful golden waffle.

Do they have syrups or recommend a syrup?

Yes, they bottle their own 100% pure maple syrup, which is outstanding. They sell bottles of Grade a Dark Amber Maple Syrup.

Why does their product say all natural if they use organic ingredients?

They would need to get USDA organic certification in order to use the term “organic” on their products.

They chose to pursue non-GMO certification, which certifies that their product includes no genetically engineered organisms, only natural goodness.

What is the shelf life of their products?

Their products generally have a 12-month shelf life.

How long do they take to ship?

They typically ship within 48 hours; however, during peak seasons, this may take longer.

Due to the volume of orders received following their appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” they anticipate shipping orders may take longer than seven days.

They are working as quickly as possible to expedite the process.

May they cancel their order? What about reimbursements?

All orders are final and non-refundable once placed.

How did Southern Culture Foods started?

Erica Barrett is the founder and CEO of Southern Culture Artisan Foods, a breakfast lifestyle business she started after seeing a dearth of high-quality breakfast goods in her neighbourhood grocery store.

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