What Happened to Souls Calling After Shark Tank?

What is Souls Calling?

Souls Calling was a gift and accessory company that created and sold items with inspiring and motivational themes. To help make the world a better place, the company designed umbrellas, water glasses, heavyweight acrylic bangles, bracelets, and shoes that leave messages in the sand.

Gina Cotroneo, the 2004 founder of Souls Calling, has had a range of roles during her career. She began her career as an Art Director at Publicist before moving on to Artful Technologies as Creative Director.

She worked in a similar capacity when she joined Blake-Miller Communications. Ms. Cotroneo is a freelance Creative Director and Marketer at the moment.

Who is the initiator of Souls Calling?

Gina Cotroneo, the inventor of Souls Calling in 2004, has worked in a range of positions throughout her career. She began her career as an Art Director at Publicist before moving on to Artful Technologies as Creative Director.

In 1997, she was assaulted in her Dallas home. She was heartbroken. She survived not only her own healing process but also the serial criminal’s high-profile trial and conviction as a consequence of her attack aiding police in apprehending him. Cotroneo was confident that the tragedy would not derail her positive outlook on life.

Souls Calling, a firm that creates and sells items with inspirational slogans, was launched by her in 2004. In an attempt to forward her mission for world pleasure, Cotroneo emblazoned each parcel with her signature smiling heart.

Cotroneo has a diverse product line and has been approached by various businesses about carrying her things, but she is facing a major challenge: cost.

Because she is a small firm with limited purchasing power, her pricing per item is substantially more than if she could buy bigger quantities of each product at a time. For example, if she buys 3,000 umbrellas, the MSRP will be $24.95.

This cost is lowered to $15 if 6,000 are purchased. A cash injection would allow Cotroneo to lower her pricing and sell more products, boosting her sales and, as a result, her profit margin.

What Happened to Souls Calling’s Shark Tank pitch?

Cotroneo chose to pitch her company to Shark Tank investors for help in growing it.

Cotroneo entered the Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 for a 25% ownership in her firm, which was valued at $600,000.

She was confident and clear in telling her story and explaining the premise behind Souls Calling.

The Sharks raise their eyes at her belief in Positive Energy Transfer, but they smile when she shows them her possessions. To begin, she displays the Inspirabrella, a brightly colored umbrella emblazoned with inspirational words, as are all of her things.

Robert Herjavec laughs, but Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John agree as she describes how the brightly colored umbrella, along with the uplifting phrase, empowers both the carrier and passersby.

Kevin O’Leary, who asks the sales question, pulls Cotroneo’s upbeat presentation back to reality.

The Sharks were taken aback by Cotroneo’s claim that sales were $11,000 in the previous year and $18,000 in the preceding two years. “Money has no soul,” says O’Leary.

He advises Cotroneo that her revenues simply do not correspond to her firm’s valuation. He went out.  Daymond John admires her passion and calling, but he feels she lacks potential and hence ignores her.

Barbara Corcoran declines the offer as well. The last Shark, Robert Herjavec, advises her that “the business was communicating with her,” and that she should exit what is clearly a failing venture. Despite her belief in her concept, Cotroneo exits Shark Tank without a deal.

What became of the souls Calling After the Shark Tank?

Despite being rejected by the Sharks, Cotroneo did not give up her company right away. Her success on the show earned her more television appearances on shows like Oprah.

She pursued her dream until 2012 when she sold the company to pursue new chances. Gina Cotroneo’s spirit goes on even after Souls Calling has come to an end.

Souls Calling’s Net Worth

During and after the Shark Tank pitch, the firm was valued at $600,000. Since the firm has ceased operations, the net worth of the company is unavailable.

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Souls Calling FAQs

What was Souls Calling?

Souls Calling were a gift and accessory company that creates and sells items with inspiring and motivational themes.

What were the products of Souls Calling?

The company offered a wide variety of items, such as: Mirrors, coasters, plates, drink ware and jewelry.

What is the difference between Souls Calling and Soul Source?

Souls Calling were the company’s registered trademark. However, Souls Source is a different firm that also sells similar products.

How did Souls Calling work?

The firm sold items with messages in the sand, such as “Hope,” “Love” and “Truth.”

Where did Souls Calling go?

The company went out of business in 2012.

How much did a Souls Calling item cost?

Each product was priced separately. For example, the Inspirabrella was priced at $24.95 per item while the Sand Scraper shoes were $29.95 per pair.

Where was Souls Calling located?

The firm was based in Dallas, Texas.

Who was the founder of Souls Calling?

Gina Cotroneo was the founder of Soul Source and also the founder of Souls Calling.

Was Souls Calling a scam?

No, the company was a well-established firm. However, there is no information about Cotroneo’s finances when she entered and exited the show.

Did Souls Calling make a profit?

There is no information available to confirm this claim. It is possible that Souls Calling did not have a financial background or record of success that would have resulted in making money.

Who were the target markets of Souls Calling?

The company targeted people who love inspirational things.

How does an Inspirabrella work?

The product is a brightly colored umbrella, and each one of them has related messages on it. They are meant to brighten up the mood of the wearers and those around them.

What were the payment methods accepted by Souls Calling?

The company accepted only PayPal and credit cards.

How many funds did Souls Calling accept?

The firm accepted all types of financial services, including PayPal, American Express, and Discover.

How much did a Soul Source item cost?

The average prices of an item were $24 – $40 per unit. The two most expensive items were the Mirrors (per unit price: $50) and the Sand Scraper shoes (per unit price: $29.95).

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