What Happened to Snarky Tea After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Snarky Tea?

Sarcastic Tea is a tea company that aims to provide a snarky, attitude-filled tea sipping experience.

Their aggressively titled teas include the following varieties: Get Your Sh*t Together, Namaste Mother F**ker, Calm The F**k Down, Fierce B*tch, and Get Your A**In Bed

Who Founded Snarky Tea?

Jenni-Lyn Williams, our Chief Snark Officer, founded Snarky Tea in 2016.

Jenni-Lyn is a native Philadelphian who pushed herself to the bone while earning her MBA and raising her children.

It was a rough life, and the more coffee she drank, the more upset she grew.

She contacted her doctor after suffering anxiety and mid-day jitters, and he suggested her to consider switching to tea in order to minimize her caffeine intake.

Eliminating coffee seemed catastrophic, and the tea brands she came across in stores sounded like they were intended for woodland fairies rather than human ladies.

Jenni-Lyn was unable to find useful tea options that fit her personality, so she founded Snarky Tea.

Williams gets her tea from an FDA-registered importer in China. The raw tea is then sent to Philadelphia, where it is blended in a USDA-licensed and inspected facility.

They may buy the tea from any of the country’s independent tea shops, with the majority of them concentrated in the northeast.

They’re also available on Amazon and the company’s website. Each tin includes 15 sachets of whole leaf tea and costs $12.99.

There are several combinations with variable flavours, caffeine levels, and health benefits, such as a soothing tea or one that is excellent for hangovers.

What Happened to Snarky Tea at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Jenni-Lyn, who was very pregnant, appeared and asks $150,000 for a quarter stake in her company.

This represents a $300,000 valuation. When she describes her products, the Sharks are amused. She serves samples to the Sharks, as she does with every meal or beverage.

Mr. Wonderful adds that the tea is only for females who have taken Calm. F**k the F**k. Jenni-Lyn claims it’s on purpose, but Kevin isn’t a fan of shutting down half of the market.

Bethenny adds that women buy the majority of tea in their homes, despite the fact that Robert and Mark claim to buy tea on a frequent basis.

Jenni-Lyn said that she sold both tea and attitude.

Bethenny thinks the message is confusing; tea is a sedative, but Snarky Tea didn’t use that element.

Things get more interesting when they start talking about numbers. The company’s internet accounts for 85% of revenues, while physical and brick-and-mortar shops account for the remaining 15 percent.

Over the previous eight months, she has made more than $200,000 in sales. Kevin O’Leary enquired about the cost of customer acquisition, which Jenni-Lyn stated was $11 per customer.

Bethenny inquired about Snarky Tea’s retail pricing, and Jenni-Lyn informed her that a container of 15 sachets would cost $12.99, which Bethenny thought was exorbitant.

When Mark Cuban enquired about the cost of making one box, Jenni-Lyn stated that each one cost $4.34 to produce.

Lori informed Jenni-Lyn that she did not believe the ‘Gimmicky’ branding was sustainable in the long run, and that she was departing despite her appreciation for Jenni-Lyn for being ‘Clever and smart.’

Robert reacts quickly, claiming that the post is “too specialized” for him.

Mark feels Amazon will develop their own brand and crush her, therefore he has also withdrawn.

Kevin and Bethenny are the only ones remaining.

Kevin is certain that he can integrate Snarky Tea into his “something amazing,” but it will cost him a fortune: $150,000 for a 50% stake.

Bethenny makes a similar offer, citing her distribution networks.

Jenni-Lyn approaches them and asks if they’d want to team up; they agree, but Jenni-Lyn wants them to reach 42%

They insist they are not. Bethenny says that Jenni-Lyn must have trust in her partners when Mark advises her not to give up 50%. After a little hesitation, she accepts, and the transaction is completed.

What Happened to Snarky Tea After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Snarky Tea did complete the acquisition with Kevin and Bethenny, but they have yet to officially disclose it.

Despite Bethenny’s worries, Jenni-message Lyn’s has not been diluted.

As proof, she’s selling mugs with the words “It’s Mutherf**king Tea Time!” One of the new features is a monthly subscription service.

The company purchased BRUW, a cold coffee filter gadget featured in Season 10 in April 2020. She repurposed the cold filter coffee machine and turned it into an iced tea maker.

Kevin O’Leary has extensively promoted Snarky Tea.

Mark paid $50,000 for a 25% share in BRUW; the acquisition price was not disclosed.

Around the time of the purchase, she began producing “Feel Good” teas with names like “Cleanse” and “Detox,” which are nearly identical to the Snark teas. The company is still in business as of June 2021, with annual revenues of roughly $1 million.

What is the Net Worth of Snarky Tea?

Jenni-Lyn came to Tank looking for $150,000 for a quarter of her company. This represents a $300,000 valuation.

She accepted a $150,000 offer from Kevin and Bethenny for a 50% ownership, resulting in a $300,000 valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Snarky Tea?

There is no competitor identified for Snarky Tea.

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Snarky Tea FAQS

What happened to snarky tea after shark tank?

Snarky Tea has increased its products since its appearance on Shark Tank, including a subscription program for repeat customers called the Snarkbucks Loyalty Program, and is actively seeking female reps to sell Snarky Tea to friends and family from the comfort of their own homes (like Tupperware parties).

How do they use snarky tea?

Brewing instructions: Steep one biodegradable tea pyramid in 8 oz. of boiling water for 4-6 minutes, then sip and enjoy.

Usage: This product is only intended for infrequent usage. Take 2-3 times per week in the afternoon/evening.

Did snarky tea get a deal on Shark Tank?

Jenni-Lyn Williams, maker of Snarky Tea, inked a $150,000 agreement for a 50% stake in the popular ABC show with Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) of Shark’s Tank and guest shark reality star Bethenny Frankel.

Does snarky tea have caffeine?

It has no caffeine.

Is snarky tea still in business?

They continue to sell tea, and the company appears to be doing well. Despite Bethenny’s worries, Jenni-message Lyn’s has not been diluted.

Who owns snarky tea?

Jenni-Lyn Williams, our Chief Snark Officer, founded Snarky Tea in 2016.

Is snarky tea Loose Leaf?

Their teas are packaged in high-quality tea sachets for ease of use. The sachet assists them in preserving the entire leaf of their teas, resulting in the greatest cup of tea imaginable.

Each tin contains 15 whole leaf tea sachets. Their Snarky BRUW teas are loose leaf, featuring 60 grams of whole leaf tea in each bag.

Are their teas safe for diabetics?

While the bulk of their teas are naturally sugar-free, they advise customers to consult with their doctor before consuming them if they have any concerns.

If they’re attempting to avoid sweets, stay away from Sweet as F**k and Energize.

What is in detox tea?

A detox tea is often a herbal combination that acts as a kidney and liver stimulant and promotes urination. Among the well-known herbs and spices used are fennel seed, coriander, milk thistle, and dandelion root.

What are the strengths of Snarky Tea?

Each Snarky Tea snarky tea pyramid comes with 15 natural herb sachets.

These are created from only the highest quality herbs to ensure a robust immune system, a detoxification of toxins, and a desire to lose weight.

What are snarky tea ingredients?

Snarky Tea has no sugar, no stimulants like caffeine, and no artificial flavours.

Snarky Tea is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. It’s produced by hand in small amounts to assure freshness.

What is the purpose of sarcastic tea?

6-Week Detox Tea -Program to Restore Gut Health, Snarky Tea-Get Fit Starter Kit, 60 Pyramid Sachets- All-Natural Toxin Release for Weight Loss, Bloating Relief, and Metabolism Boost.

Is Snarky a real word?

Sarcastic. Some have questioned the legitimacy of the adjective “snarky.” There is no doubt about it; the adjective first emerged in English in 1906.

What is the difference between Cleanse & Detox?

Detox is a daily tea that soothes the stomach, promotes intestinal health, and helps to decrease bloating.

Cleanse is a 2-3 times per week tea that jumpstarts their metabolism and contains a trace of Senna (a natural BM stimulant) to help their body rebalance.

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