What Happened to SnagaStool After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is SnagaStool?

SnagaStool was a reservation app for bars. This way, they’ll get the best seat, the best view, and the best service at the bar.

Not only that, but they get an uninterrupted view of the television and the chance to chat with the nice bartender.

They may use the app to book a seat at any business that has collaborated with the SnagaStool Company long before they arrive at the bar.

This ensures that they will never be in a situation where they go to their favourite bar and find that all of the seats are taken and they have nowhere to sit.

Saving a stool costs a few bucks (depending on the bar and the date of the event), whereas “luxury” events, such as the Super Bowl, cost more.

Users may reserve and pay for tickets using the program. Snag a Stool also has the added benefit of allowing bar owners to utilize the app to attract new customers by offering incentives (such as free appetizers) to users.

Bar owners may also make extra money by “selling” their bar stools, and the app benefits by taking a cut of the sale price.

Get a Stool customers feel like VIPs when they enter a packed pub and steal a seat immediately at the bar.

Who was the SnagaStool Founders?

Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin founded SnagaStool.

Jamie Manning, the creator and CEO of SnagaStool, was that man in the bar, impatiently attempting to watch a game with his co-founder Adriano Varassin. Aside from failing.

“Even before the game began, the place was completely packed.”

“I walked over to the bar and noticed a woman sat on a bar stool with two glasses of water on either side of her,” Manning explains. “So my friend and I asked her to move a seat so we could sit together.”

“No, I’m saving the seats,” she said. We asked if we might keep the seats until they arrived, and she declined.

So we sat down behind her, and guess what? Her teammates didn’t come until the second half of the game, and when they came, they all drank water for the rest of it.

It was amazing.”

Others would have left the tavern, others would have alerted the bartender about the seat snagger, and some would have started Boston’s first soccer riot.

Manning or his co-founder were not involved in any of these actions. Instead, they vowed to create a firm that would transform the experience.

“People are already booking bar seats,” Manning noted, “but establishments aren’t profiting from it.”

Manning and Varassin set out to create an app that would allow ardent customers to pay to reserve a bar stool during a critical or high-traffic time soon after their day of drinking had ended.

What Happened to SnagaStool at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Jamie and Adriano made their appearance on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 26 in pursuit of $120,000 for an 18% ownership in their firm. This equates to a worth of $666,666.67.

They describe the business and display the program on a huge screen.

Robert wonders why he needs Snag a Stool. They define the difference between peak and off-peak hours.

Lori feels that the regulars would be annoyed. It has the ability to stimulate people’s curiosity, according to Mark. Mr. Wonderful requests a seat 15 minutes before the start of a big game.

Dean notes that if the bar has a sufficient inventory of stools, they may satisfy the request to place a hold on the bar stools; not all bar stools are confined to the SnagaStool service.

Jamie observes that the stools are charged by the hour during peak hours.

They just have three bars left to show the notion. Mark is intrigued about what distinguishes this software.

Mr. Wonderful insists on cash guarantees to the bar; Mark insists on big quantities of money, such as $10,000.

Mark is departing because he feels they have not added sufficient value.

Daymond then says that he is not interested in working at a bar or restaurant and backs out of the contract.

The fundamental problem with the app scheduler is that the bar seats are always occupied during peak hours; the two of them are selling real estate that no one wants through their service, rather than hard-to-get things like chairs before an NFL game. As a result, Robert is no longer present.

Lori understands, but she thinks it’s too early, so she’s leaving as well.

Kevin invites the two of them back after SnagaStool problems are handled, but there is currently nothing to invest in. Kevin is no longer available, leaving the two of them and SnagaStool without an offer.

What Happened to SnagaStool After the Shark Tank Pitch?

In September of 2016, this company went out of business.

What is the Net Worth of SnagaStool?

Jamie and Adriano made their appearance on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 26 in search of $120,000 for an 18% ownership in their firm. This equates to a worth of $666,666.67.

Who are the Competitors of SnagaStool?

SnagaStool does not have any competitors.

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SnagaStool FAQS

What was SnagaStool?

SnagaStool is an application for smartphones and web browsers that allows customers to reserve a bar seat through a mobile-friendly website.

How does SnagaStool app work?

SnagaStool allows users to reserve bar seats, according to their needs, before actually arriving at the bar.

Who created SnagaStool?

Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin founded this company.

How much was Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin seeking in the Tank?

Jamie and Adriano made their appearance on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 26 in pursuit of $120,000 for an 18% ownership in their firm. This equates to a worth of $666,666.67.

Did Jamie and Adriano get a deal?

No. They did not receive any offers from the Sharks nor did they go into business with one of the sharks.

What was the company worth?

According to Shark Tank Blog, this company went out of business in 2016.

Where was SnagaStool located?

SnagaStool was located in Boston, Massachusetts.

How was SnagaStool charging?

SnagaStool was charging by the hour, or by the game, depending on the bar’s preferences.

Where can they find SnagaStool?

After going out of business, they can no longer find this company in any app stores or on any websites.

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