What Happened to SmartPlate After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is SmartPlate?

SmartPlate is a gadget that uses image recognition technology to identify, weigh, and analyse meals. Dieters can use it instead of manually calculating calories.

Professional athletes and coaches rely on it because it provides exact measurements of calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, salt, and other elements.

It’s a one-of-a-kind plate capable of analyzing everything you consume. Food combinations, single foods, and mixed dishes may all be investigated using its food recognition technology.

It uses a camera, a weight sensor, and algorithms to assess the nutritional value of the food to evaluate it.

Fitly’s SmartPlate got its start in May of 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

They were able to raise $110,000 to finish the tooling for manufacture.

Fitbit users may sync their data with their SmartPlate to receive a complete view of their calorie intake and expenditure.

Who is the Founder of SmartPlate?

Anthony Ortiz invented the SmartPlate. After his father fell ill, Ortiz created the plate.

Ortiz alleges that his father had triple bypass surgery and that the doctor told him, “You know, your father might have avoided this if he had eaten a little better and been a bit more active.”

At that moment, Anthony began reading health literature on a daily basis. He believes that Dr. Colin Campbell’s The China Study stood out more than the others.

Ortiz read something in this book that sparked the idea for SmartPlate.

Dr. Colin Campbell states in his book that a healthy diet may be the key to good health.

What Happened to SmartPlate at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Martin appeared on Shark Tank in quest of a $1 million investment in exchange for a 15% ownership in SmartPlate. This translates to a $6.6 million valuation.

He continues by emphasizing that, while many individuals seek to live healthy lifestyles on a regular basis, calorie tracking is inconvenient and incorrect.

SmartPlate uses food sensors and weight sensors to deliver nutritional information about the items on a person’s plate in real time.

He hands out prototypes to the Sharks, who groan in unison.

Mr. Wonderful wonders how it distinguishes between different oils, to which Martin says, “it cannot,” but it can list the various contents.

Daymond points out that “street meat” lacks bar codes, but Martin claims that the plate can analyse it.

Martin’s prototypes lack weight sensors, so he simulates the cameras in the plate with his smartphone, noting that the new cameras will be situated above the food.

Mr. Wonderful claims that a number of conditions must be in place for it to operate; he wonders whether an app might do the same thing and announces, “I smell pre-revenue.”

Kevin gasps, “honey, poopsie, baby, that is outrageous!” when Martin informs him that the plates will cost $199.

Daymond feels uncomfortable with the pitch and leaves.

Kevin claims that individuals don’t eat all of their meals at home and that the product is worthless; he withdraws.

Mark was removed because he was disappointed with the technology given and assumed that the SmartPlate was built by a third-party firm.

Sacca feels the plate is a crutch, that the camera should do all of the work, and that there are several ways for this enterprise to fail at the outset; he is out.

Martin attempted to pitch Barbara. Barbara, on the other side, remarked that Martin’s pitch was confused and bad, therefore she is out as well.

Martin claimed that despite the fact that his product was rejected by all of the Sharks, he still believes in its usefulness.

What Happened to SmartPlate After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Following its debut on Shark Tank, SmartPlate CEO Anthony Ortiz said that the company had raised $1.2 million and was working with Bed Bath & Beyond, Jet, and Target.

The SmartPlate is available in three colours: Pearl Black, Ocean Purple, and Arctic White.

Ortiz acknowledged Dell’Arciprete’s departure from the company, but rejected Dell’Arciprete’s assertions to Philadelphia Magazine that he was fired due to a bad presentation.

Despite the departure of the company’s marketing director, the SmartPlate’s designers persevered, successfully launching an Indiegogo campaign in January 2017.

The plates will be available by subscription beginning in November 2021: $149 for the plate plus $29 per month for the app, or $348 for a yearlong membership that includes a complimentary plate.

What is the Net Worth of SmartPlate?

Martin appears on Shark Tank in quest of a $1 million investment in exchange for a 15% ownership in SmartPlate. This translates to a $6.6 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of SmartPlate?

Some of the competitors are Anova Culinary and Thermoworks.

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SmartPlate FAQS

What exactly is SmartPlate?

SmartPlate is a gadget that uses image recognition technology to identify, weigh, and analyze meals.

Dieters can use it instead of manually calculating calories. It monitors calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, salt, and other elements precisely.

Who is the founder of SmartPlate?

Anthony Ortiz is the inventor of SmartPlate?

How was he asking in the Shark Tank Pitch?

He was seeking for $1 million in return for a 15% ownership.

Did he get a deal from the Shark Tank?

Nobody offered him a bargain.

Is SmartPlate effective?

Yes, SmartPlate works by automatically identifying, weighing, and analyzing their child’s food consumption, providing them with a comprehensive picture of their child’s eating habits.

How much does SmartPlate cost?

Customers who sign up for an annual SmartPlate PRO membership by February 2021 will receive the SmartPlate Device for free. The monthly membership price is $29, or $348 per year.

How do they contact SmartPlate customer service?

SmartPlate customer service may be reached by email at [email protected]. In addition, they can call (844) 438-3485.

Can they return SmartPlate?

The SmartPlate is covered by a one-year limited product warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can SmartPlate analyse restaurant meals?

The SmartPlate database includes almost 90% of the restaurant chains in the United States.

Where can they buy SmartPlate?

SmartPlate is available for purchase straight from their website.

Is SmartPlate compatible with other health programs and devices?

Yes, SmartPlate works with the following apps: Apple Health, WHOOP, and FitBit.

Can they purchase SmartPlate on a payment plan?

SmartPlate collaborated with Sezzle, an online payment plan provider, to provide consumers “four $87 interest-free payments.”

Is Smart Plate successful?

There’s also a warning tone that plays when they eat too rapidly. Fitly’s SmartPlate was released in May 2015 as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

They raised $110,000 to finish the tooling for production.

What size is the SmartPlate device?

Three precise food scales and three SmartPlate trays work together to create a white, ten-inch surface area that avoids “portion distortion” and helps clients adopt good eating habits.

What is the maximum amount of food that the SmartPlate device can hold?

The SmartPlate can carry up to 3,000 grams (almost six pounds) at once.

Can they take SmartPlate on the go?

Yes, SmartPlate has a portable cover that doubles as a food container, allowing customers to store the plate in their baggage for later use.

How do they clean their SmartPlate?

The white SmartPlate plates are BPA/BPS free, nonstick, heat resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe.

In contrast, the electrical base should NEVER be microwaved.

How does instant food recognition work?

Their methods employ Artificial Intelligence to develop the most accurate food detector possible.

Say goodbye to time-consuming, inconvenient, and inaccurate manual calorie counting apps.

What if they lack access to a smartphone?

To function, this item need the use of a smartphone.

Is their information confidential?

They follow HIPPA guidelines, which assure the security of all personal information. They do not share any personally identifying information with anybody else.

How and for how long do they keep track of their food consumption?

Their server can save data for up to a year.

How does the one-year manufacturer’s warranty work?

They will fix its hardware if it fails or malfunctions during the first 365 days of purchase (the scale).

Is it possible to purchase new components, plates, or lids?

They now sell the SmartPlate as a whole and do not sell individual components.

Is it possible to utilize SmartPlate by more than one person?

Yes. They only need to set up a second app account on their smartphone. A SmartPlate PRO subscription, like Netflix, permits up to five individuals to access.

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