What Happened to SlumberPod After Shark Tank?

What is SlumberPod?

SlumberPod is a portable privacy pod that slips over any kid’s sleeping surface to create a dark, peaceful atmosphere in which your child can fall and remain asleep.

This travel item is intended to fit in carry-on luggage, making packing for family holidays easier.

Katy and Lou are the creators of SlumberPod, a gadget designed to relieve parents’ sleep loss and anguish when on vacation owing to their children’s difficulties transitioning to a new sleeping environment.

This travel item is designed to be small enough to fit in carry-on luggage, making packing for family vacations easier.

Who is SlumberPod’s inventor?

Katy and Lou invented SlumberPod to alleviate parents’ sleep loss and sorrow when on vacation due to their children’s difficulty shifting to a new sleeping environment.

Katy searched the internet for anything she could bring with her on her travels to offer her child with a peaceful, dark resting environment. When she couldn’t find anything suitable, she (like many others) made her own to create a visual barrier between her and her child.

While the handmade solution worked, it was neither secure nor private, and it was also difficult to set up.

During Katy’s maternity leave with twins in the spring of 2016, she and Lou decided it was time to build a safe, easy, and portable solution to make trips more tranquil and joyful for everyone, and so SlumberPod was created.

They’ve had a lot of encouragement and support from friends and family, as well as product designers, fellow entrepreneurs, and consultants, and we’re really eager to bring SlumberPod to market.

In the spring of 2018, Katy and Lou raised $45,608 on Kickstarter to get things started. The patent-pending SlumberPod was a smash, and it is now available on Amazon for $155 USD. Katy and Lou feel they have discovered a genuine winner.

What happened to SlumberPod’s proposal on Shark Tank?

After raising $45,608 on Kickstarter, Katy and Lou advanced to the Shark Tank investor of partnership.

Lou and Katy approached the Shark Tank seeking $400,000 for a 20% ownership in their firm, which is valued at $2 million.

They introduce the company and wow the Sharks with their $556,000 in sales since its inception.

Furthermore, the Sharks enjoy how profitable and debt-free the firm is. Lou and Katy express a wish for a Shark to help them increase production in order to fulfill demand.

Lori feels they can make it on their own and she went out from the deal, followed by Robert and Mark.

Kevin provides $400,000 in debt, but Barbara offers $400,000 in exchange for a 25% share in the company, with the condition that she receives a part of each sale until she recoups her investment.

Following a protracted contract fight, they persuade Barbara to accept their offer of $400,000 for 20% equity. Barbara and SlumberPod finally reach a deal.

SlumberPod After Shark Tank: What Happened?

The deal with Barbara did not finalize after Lou, Katy, and Barbara cheered on the pitch. Since then, the company has succeeded brilliantly in its niche industry, and the company has constantly developed.

The firm got The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s Good Design Award (in the Children’s Products category for 2019) in April 2020.

Furthermore, since June 2020, the firm has been recognized one of Atlanta Inno’s “50 On Fire” in the Business – to – customer category.

Over 20,000 units have been sold by the company, and it plans to extend its product line in the future. They are also seeking to expand their store presence and increase their Amazon sales.

Unfortunately, the product is being imitated at an alarming pace. On Amazon, there are dozens of counterfeit things.

The product will be removed from their website in July 2021. They are being wiped out as a result of supply chain concerns. They plan to refill in mid-July 2021. Annual revenue was less than $5 million.

SlumberPod’s competitors

SnoozeShade Pack n Play Canopy, Milliard Darkening Tent, Minnebaby Darkening Cover, and EasyGo ZZZ Crib Canopy Blackout Tent are competitors.

SlumberPod’s net worth during the presentation, SlumberPod’s net worth was $2 million, and since they made some sales in 2021, the company’s net worth may have increased as well.

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SlumberPod FAQs

Are SlumberPod’s toxic?

No. They are non-toxic, and they absorb all kinds of odors, making them clean and odorless.

What are the retail prices of SlumberPod?

SlumberPod retail for around $155 USD. The price is subject to change.

How durable are the SlumberPod?

They are made of a breathable material, so they can be washed and reused without any problem.

Can the SlumberPod be used indoors?

Yes, SlumberPod are designed to fit in most any indoor sleeping environment including: home, car, office, airplane etc.

How can SlumberPod help kids who fall asleep while they’re still in their cribs?

SlumberPod is ideal for children who can’t sleep well in their own beds. They block out as much light as possible and create a dark, peaceful atmosphere that can help their child fall asleep without any fuss and stay asleep through the night.

What age is recommended for kids to use SlumberPod?

Children aged 6 months and older are recommended to use them.

Are SlumberPod magnetic?

Yes. They are magnetic.

How can parents know when they order the right size of SlumberPod?

Parents should measure the mattress that their child sleeps on in inches or centimeters, and then take those measurements and match them up with the dimensions of each SlumberPod.

What kinds of environments well-suited for SlumberPod use?

SlumberPod is ideal for use in most any indoor sleeping environment including: home, car, office, airplane etc.

Are SlumberPod a travel-friendly product?

Yes, they are!

How much does each SlumberPod weigh?

It weighs about 15 pounds.

What travel mode works well with the SlumberPod?

It can be taken on an airplane, train or bus easily through normal luggage channels by checking it in a bag or carrying it on with them.

Are SlumberPod intended for use in automobiles?

Yes, they are! They can be used in cars, trains, and buses easily through normal luggage channels by checking it in a bag or carrying it on with them.

Does the SlumberPod have a warranty?

It does. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if customers aren’t thrilled with it. No matter what happens, they promise to make it right by either helping them get out of the deal or by refunding their full purchase price including shipping.

How do I know that the company is legit?

The company is legit and their patented products are made in the USA.

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