What Happened to Slumberkins After the Sharks Tank Pitch?

What Slumberkins?

Slumberkins is a children’s toy company that makes friendly plush animals and blanket hybrids.

When used in conjunction with a Sleepytime Rhyme book or an Affirmation Card, the toys help youngsters develop social-emotional abilities including awareness, transitions, relaxation, and self-esteem.

Each plush animal has therapeutic qualities and practices that help youngsters sleep better while also teaching them important skills.

Who Founded Slumberkins?

Slumberkins was founded by Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen.

The business was founded by Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen, high school classmates and education parents turned entrepreneurs.

They are presently co-CEOs of the company.

Kelly Oriard began her career as a prevention expert at Trillium Family Services before becoming the school counsellor at Portland Public Schools, whereas Callie Christensen began her career as a Special Education teacher at Evergreen Public School before joining the Camas School District.

Kelly and Callie, childhood friends, established Slumberkins to address the issue of children beginning school with little or no emotional well-being.

They learned to sew and started tackling additional emotional issues in their products, such as sleep relaxation and bullying.

They started selling these goods on Instagram, where their business grew rapidly.

Their motivation derives from the concept that a kid’s bond with his or her parent or caregiver, as well as sensory stimulation, play an important part in determining how the child matures.

Their objective is to see children grow up with a sense of self-worth and confidence as a result of their interactions with their caregivers.

The two ladies intend to use their schooling and counselling skills to include children’s things into regular family life and rituals, thereby normalizing lengthy conversations between children and caregivers and parents.

A Slumberkin is made of “plush minky fabric, polyester embroidery thread, and hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill,” with no little fragments that a new-born may choke on.

The companies are most likely seeking for a Shark to help them build their brand and acquire access to mass retail channels.

What Happened to Slumberkins at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Kelly and Callie entered the Tank seeking $175,000 for a 5% ownership in their company, which is valued at $3.5 million.

They tell their story, make their case, and then distribute samples.

Each gadget costs $15 to produce and sells for between $44 and $52 (including the book).

Instagram is where they perform the majority of their marketing. Last year, they generated $200,000 in sales (2016).

This year, they expect to earn $500,001. (2017).

They need money to buy goods since they are unable to match current demand.

They have found a new manufacturer that will reduce costs to $6 per unit.

The market for soft toys is quite competitive. Daymond left the firm after becoming disillusioned with it a few years ago.

Kevin has withdrawn because he feels a premium plush toy would be difficult to market.

Mark decides that 5% is insufficient for him as an investor, and so he departs.

Lori remarked that she enjoyed ladies but was unhappy with the competitive aspect of the plush industry, so she quit.

Robert encouraged them not to try to expand, thanked them for their assistance as instructors, and then left. Finally, the pair left without completing a purchase.

What Happened to Slumberkins After the Sharks Tank Pitch?

Despite the fact that Slumberkins did not win Shark funding, its annual sales climbed throughout their time in the Tank.

In 2018, they announced a collaboration with the Jim Henson Company to produce a live-action Slumberkin series. The show will debut on Netflix in 2021.

In 2019, the firm received $2.8 million in venture capital.

They were placed 270 on the Inc. 5000 in 2020, after growing by 1657 percent in the preceding three years.

In addition, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, they developed the Slumberkins School in 2020.

It includes video stories from the Slumberkins books, as well as activities and colouring pages for children who like virtual learning.

As of June 2021, the firm is running and producing $3 million in yearly sales.

What is the Net Worth of Slumberkins?

Kelly and Callie entered the Tank seeking $175,000 for a 5% ownership in their company, which is valued at $3.5 million.

Who are the Competitors of Slumberkins?

Slumberkins’ main competitors are Eduware, The ShareSpace Foundation, TeamPrevent UK, Kimochis, AgScape, Tu Nidito, and DGrade DWC.

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Slumberkins Competitors FAQS

What is the deal with Slumberkins?

Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen, high school friends and educating mothers turned entrepreneurs, proposed Slumberkins, their cuddly baby toys that “promote healthy attachments,” on Shark Tank episode 11, but were not funded by the Sharks.

Who is the owner of Slumberkins?

The owners are cofounders Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen.

Where are Slumberkins made?

Their plush goods are made at ICTI-approved factories in Vietnam and China.

Slumberkins are made in the United States of America.

Excellent condition Slumberkins Sloth is created in the United States of America with pride. The latest ones are built in China, but this one is from a previous generation.

How long does Slumberkins take to ship?

Orders are typically processed and mailed one to seven business days after purchase. Once customers get a shipping notification, please allow 3-7 business days for domestic delivery. Expedited Orders are sent by USPS Priority Mail and normally arrive within 1-3 business days.

What is Slumberkins Camp?

Camp Slumberkins provides four weeks of hands-on learning.

With a new hardcover book, over 20 skill-building activities, a canvas map with completion badges, and a gift to acknowledge their camper’s mastery of the four key themes.

How is a Slumberkin washed?

Before being presented to their kid, all Slumberkins should be completely cleaned.

Launder in cold water in a washing machine and lay flat to dry.

Wash as required. Use of fabric softener or dryer sheets, as well as drying on high heat, can degrade the fabric and cause severe matting.

What are the recommended ages for Slumberkins?

Their Helping Hands Creatures are appropriate for youngsters aged 0 and above. These animals help children learn how to take care of themselves and others.

What is the shipping cost for Slumberkins?

For the time being, they provide free shipping on all domestic transactions of $75 or more, including those to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories.

Digital downloads and gift card purchases are not eligible for free shipping; their values do not count toward the $75 cart total.

Can they buy Slumberkins gift cards?

Yes! They may only be purchased using PayPal at Slumberkins.com. Please select either a credit card or PayPal as their payment method.

How does it makes money?

The sale of Slumberkins’ items generates revenue for the company.

What is their Return Policy?

Returns are accepted within seven calendar days after the item’s arrival.

Please contact their customer service team at [email protected] to initiate the return process.

Requests that are initiated more than seven calendar days after the delivery date will be refused.

What material are Slumberkins composed of?

Their Slumberkins are made of the softest velvety fabric. Slumberkins are composed completely of polyester and filled with hypoallergenic Fiberfil.

Do they accept custom Slumberkins orders?

At the time, they are unable to take bespoke orders for non-listed species or fabric colours.

Is Slumberkins a safe product for infants?

They are adamant about supporting safe sleep and following the criteria for providing a safe sleeping environment.

As a result, it’s vital for parents to remember that if their child is under a year old, they should avoid placing any object in the crib that might offer a SIDS risk.

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