What Happened to SkyRide After Shark Tank?

What is SkyRide?

SkyRide combines the concepts of a bicycle and a monorail to provide a theme-park-like experience. It’s essentially a carbon-free, human-powered rollercoaster that propels you around above ground at your own pace.

SkyRide, a popular Carnival Cruise ship feature, offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience on the top deck with panoramic ocean views.

Scott Olson started Sky Ride in 2012 and serves as its inventor and CEO. Many of us who grew up in the early 1990s remember him fondly as the inventor of rollerblades.

Scott, a University of North Dakota alumni, started OS Designs, which he presently runs, to develop and test new goods before releasing them to the public.

Who is the founder of SkyRide?

Sky Ride was founded in 2012 by Scott Olson. He was responsible for the development of rollerblades, which many people who grew up in the early 1990s recall fondly.

Olson came up with the idea for this new gadget around two decades ago, aiming to create an exciting and simple way for people to exercise as they would on a bicycle without having to worry about the risks of cycling on a road or in the mountains.

The SkyRide is only a vehicle hung on tracks. A person sits inside the vehicle and drives it along the rail, depending on the type of equipment used.

Olson’s track features Rollerblade wheels as well as the SkyRide vehicle. This is unlikely to have the broad commercial appeal that Rollerblades do, but it is a fascinating concept!

Olson has a prototype track in his backyard, but he sees SkyRide as part of metropolitan mass transportation. His goal is to use SkyRide instead of driving in congested areas.

What Happened to SkyRide’s Shark Tank Pitch?

SkyRide was invented by Scott Olsen, a prominent innovator. Most people are familiar with his most famous invention, the Rollerblades! Olson made an appearance on Shark Tank in episode 313 with his most recent idea. Scotty was seeking a Shark to assist him in growing his business.

Scott entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $3 million in exchange for a 20% stake in his firm, which is worth $15 million.

He has no sales but claims to be working on many projects at the same time.

He hopes to sell SkyRide to ski resorts, towns, and large campus buildings so that they may use it as economical transportation and, in the case of ski resorts, as a thrill ride. The Sharks think it’s cool (and it is), but they are wary.

Barbara admires Scott, but she doesn’t see a viable business possibility, so she went out.

Daymond enjoys it but has no idea how to convert it into a business; he also goes out.

Mark likes it as well, but improving it would need a great deal of building knowledge; Mark isn’t a builder, so he’s out.

Mr. Wonderful cannot find a customer use for the firm, and Robert just dislikes it; they both exit. Scott was evicted from Shark Tank without a deal.

What Happened to SkyRide After Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has had no noteworthy sales, and Scotty left without a deal. They are still selling the product and have a number of projects “in the works,” but nothing has been produced.

One or two operating systems should be in place by the end of 2013. In 2020, they will debut their third ride aboard Carnival Cruise Ships.

They are the most popular attractions on Carnival’s ships, according to the company. As of January 2022, the annual revenue is $900,000.

SkyRide’s Competitors

Tomato Pizzeria & Pour, E Gaynor Brennan Golf Shop, Masotti & Masotti LLC, Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC, and VAN BRUNT DUBIAGO & COMPANY LLC are among SkyRide’s key rivals in the market.

SkyRide’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $15 million. Since then, the company has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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SkyRide FAQs

How Long Has SkyRide Been in Operation?

Scott Olson and his team of inventors have been working on the project for around two decades. It is still being worked on, but the first functional prototype was made in 2012.

What Are the Key Ingredients of the Ideology?

The SkyRide combines the concepts of a bicycle and a monorail to provide a theme-park-like experience.

Which Intellectual Property License Is Used?

The intellectual property license is an exclusive, worldwide license. Scott Olson holds a personal and exclusive licensing agreement.

What Is the Average Sale Price for SkyRide?

The price of SkyRide is $1,200. This includes the cost of the machine and a host of accessories such as a helmet. The cost is more than double that of other monorails, which usually run at $900.

How Does SkyRide Work?

The SkyRide has a carbon-fiber chassis with aluminum wheels. The frame is mounted on tracks. A person sits inside the vehicle and drives it along the rail, depending on the type of equipment used.

What Are Some Advantages of SkyRide?

SkyRide is made to be easy to ride and to be safe, in comparison to other forms of transportation that are not.

Who Are The Target Audience of SkyRide?

This is a fun, exciting way for people to exercise without having to worry about the risks of cycling on a road or in the mountains.

What Are The Risks of SkyRide?

The company has not yet determined all the risks associated with their product that can diminish its sales, but they are looking into this issue since the day they invented it.

How Much Does SkyRide Cost?

The initial purchase costs $1,200, which includes a machine and a helmet.

How Much Health Risk Is There to Riding SkyRide?

The SkyRide can be safe as long as riders follow some safety precautions that are provided by the office of manufacturers.

Most importantly, riders should wear a helmet and make sure that they are attentive while riding.

What Is SkyRide Shipping Policy?

The SkyRide can be shipped from the United States to any location worldwide.

What Is SkyRide Return Policy?

If there is a problem with the product, the client can return it back to the manufacturer within 30 days. The cost of returning a product will be borne by them, but it’s better to find out if their machine is not functioning properly before putting any money on this risky deal.

Where is SkyRide Available?

SkyRide is made available at Ski resorts, amusement parks, and indoors. It’s available in locations that are large enough to accommodate it.

Who Markets SkyRide?

The company markets itself in various ways. It does this mainly by advertising online and on television commercials.

Also, the company has been present at a number of different trade shows to promote its product. They also tend to send out email newsletters containing their latest updates to those interested in the product.


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