What Happened to Ski-Z After Shark Tank?

What is Ski-Z?

Ski-Z is a trademarked ski caddy, a strap with a wheel that allows skiers to wheel their skis rather than carry them up the slopes.

Ski-Z is manufactured by SkiJunk, LLC. It is their lone option for the time being. It’s a skateboard wheel with an injection molded nylon wheel attached to a plastic frame. The frame is attached to two skis by butting their curved ends together.

Instead of carrying the skis on your shoulders, the Ski-Z allows you to roll them over a parking lot or hard-pack snow. When you’re ready to go skiing, simply put it in your pocket.

Who is the founder of Ski-Z?

Nick Palermo and Kyle Allen established Ski-Z. Allen, a Louisiana skier, was tired of carrying skis for his wife and daughters. He reasoned that there had to be a better way, so he invented Ski-Z.

Allen studied business at the University of Texas in Arlington. He wished to develop a device that would make skiing more fun for skiers regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

He subsequently joined forces with Palermo, a fellow TXA skier and Industrial Engineer from the University of North Texas.

Palermo and Allen first met in 2006, while they were both working on projects for their respective institutions. Ski-Z was created as a result of their shared enthusiasm for skiing and engineering backgrounds.

Ski-Z comes in four distinct colors: lime green, pink, grey, and red. It is light and resistant to high temperatures. They are available for $21.95.

The company and product are still in their infancy, and there is little news or information about them available online.

What Happened to Ski-Z at Shark Tank pitch?

Nick Palermo and Kyle Allen roll into the Shark Tank with Ski-Z, their ski wheel caddy, in the Shark Tank Holiday Special episode 1012. Kyle and Nick are on the lookout for a Shark to help them spread the word about Ski-Z.

Nick and Kyle arrived on Shark Tank in seeking of $50,000 in return for a 15% stake in their company, which valued at $333,333.

They present their argument and show the product. Following their presentation, they hand out samples. The company was founded in 2013 and earned $230,000 in sales that year. They subsequently put the company on hold owing to personal circumstances: Kyle’s divorce and Nick’s prostate cancer diagnosis. They intended to resurrect the company after the dust had settled.

Each gadget costs $.350 to produce and retails for $19.95. The two people have $350,000 in inventory and are in talks with a distributor. The sales projection for 2018 was $575,000.

Barbara provides the guys $50,000 in return for 15% stock shares, which was exactly what they asked for.

Barbara inquires about what the males are saying to one another.

They express a desire for an additional $50,000 in a line of credit, and she tells them that this will not be a problem.

Daymond was now offering $50,000 in return for 20% ownership of the company. They eventually struck a deal with Barbara and went away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Ski-Z After Shark Tank?

Barbara’s deal was finished. In the years since they aired, neither guy has made Ski-Z a full-time commitment.

Kyle managed his second company, Global Vessel and Tank, while Nick continued to market real estate in Colorado.

The company’s annual revenues were still $200,000 in June 2021. The company is no longer in business as of February 2022.

Net Worth of Ski-Z

During the pitch and following Barbara’s investment, the firm was valued at $333,333. Since then, the firm has ceased operations, and so the net value of the company is unavailable.

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Ski-Z FAQs

What is Ski-Z?

Ski-Z is a trademarked ski caddy, a strap with a wheel that allows skiers to wheel their skis rather than carry them up the slopes.

Who is the founder?

Nick Palermo and Kyle Allen established Ski-Z.

How much did Ski-Z earn asked on Shark Tank?

They were looking for $50,000 in exchange for a 15% equity share in the company, which was worth $333,333.

How much did Ski-Z receive on Shark Tank?

Barbara Corcoran pays them $50,000 in exchange for 15% ownership of the firm.

Is Ski-Z still in operation?

As of February 2022, the company is no longer in operation.

Where was Ski-Z located?

Ski-Z was a company established in the United States.

Is Ski-Z available at Walmart?

Ski-Z users can roll their skis across the snow without having to carry them. This unique gadget is lightweight and temperature resistant. They cost $21.95 each.

What kinds of places are you able to work on?

The industry appears to be divided into three basic categories: parking lots, golf courses, and civic recreational facilities.

What is the price of Ski-Z?

The price of the product is determined by the number of customers that purchase it. It costs $21.95 a pair and is available at Sport Chalet, REI, and Walmart.

What material is Ski-Z composed of?

The product is constructed of nylon and plastic.

Was Ski-Z available for shipping?

Yes, the item is in stock and available to ship to any location in the United States.

Is Ski-Z suitable for use on hard surfaces?

Yes, it is effective on any hard surface.

What material is Ski-Z composed of?

Ski-maker Z’s did not identify the material utilized to create their product. The gadget is small and lightweight, as well as resistant to high temperatures.

Is Ski-Z refundable?

Ski-Z is not returnable, and no refunds are available. There are no returns or exchanges after the transaction has been completed and the product has been dispatched. When the firm receives an order, it determines the quantity to be produced and then ships it to the customer.

Was Ski-Z a scam?

Ski-Z is a legitimate company that has been in operation for a long time. The product comes in four different colors: lime green, pink, red, and grey. It is light and resistant to high temperatures.

What payment methods did Ski-Z accept?

The funds were transferred through a direct deposit.

Who was Ski-intended Z’s market?

The inhabitants of the United States were the target market.

What was the mission of Ski-Z?

Their objective is to provide a solution for recreational skiers to transport their skis. It is lightweight and resistant to high temperatures. It has been on the market in Canada for nearly a year.

How long did Ski-Z last when it was used?

The producer did not divulge the product’s durability.

What was the manufacturing procedure for Ski-Z?

The producers did not provide information on the manufacturing procedure they employed to develop their goods.

What was the size of Ski-Z?

The product comes in four different colors: lime green, pink, red, and grey. The product measures 11 inches long, 8 inches broad, and 4 inches high.

What was the name of the Shark Tank episode Ski-Z?

Ski-Z made an appearance in Season 5 Episode 205 – The Sharks Strike Back.

What happened to the founders?

Nick Palermo is a successful entrepreneur who has established multiple businesses. Worldwide vessel and tank, a global shipping enterprise, are among his entrepreneurial undertakings. He founded the company after selling his prior company, Global Vessel Tank BMF International.

Later that year, Nick began investing in real estate in Colorado, where he has lived for the most of his life. Nick presently owns many properties in the Denver region that his construction firm, Nick Palermo Development Inc., constructed and developed.

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