What Happened to Simply Fit Board after Shark Tank?

What is Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is a little piece of exercise equipment that makes it simple to remain fit at home. This light-weight, curved board constructed of high-quality plastic strengthens the core, leg, and back muscles with fun twisting movements. Adding free weights to workouts might make them more difficult.

Gloria Hoffman established and owns Simply Fit Systems. She founded and ran Legacy Leadership Team before launching Simply Fit, where she mentored business leaders to success.

Her second venture was with a health and wellness organization centered on direct sales. Gloria and her mother, Linda, worked together to develop and market the Simply Fit Board in response to a desire for a more effective way to remove belly fat.

Who is the creator of Simply Fit Board?

Simply Fit Systems was created and is owned by Gloria Hoffman. Prior to starting Simply Fit, she developed and ran Legacy Leadership Team, where she helped business executives achieve success.

Her second business venture was with a direct-sales health and wellness company. Gloria and her mother, Linda, worked together to develop and market the Simply Fit Board in response to a desire for a more effective method of losing belly fat.

Linda’s struggles with reducing weight and staying active at the age of 60 served as a big source of motivation for the board. Linda recruited the help of her daughter, whose knowledge of fitness training enabled her to create a solution that was simple enough for the average person to implement.

Gloria’s goal was to create a balance board that could be used practically anywhere for quick and easy training (on carpet, linoleum, or hardwood).

Linda and Gloria started selling their wares from the trunks of their cars less than two years ago.

The product, which is made in the United States, is available in five brilliant colors and costs $44.95. It is available in a number of retail outlets in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas, as well as online.

They have sold over 28,000 Simply Fit Boards for a total of over $1 million. Linda and Gloria make the boards at their Simply Fit Board Factory in Lamar, Colorado.

What happened to Simply Fit Board’s proposal on Shark Tank?

Following the success of their product’s invention, Gloria and Linda decided to seek Shark Tank investors for help in speeding up manufacturing and distribution.

Linda and Gloria entered the Shark Tank seeking $125,000 for 15% of their company worth $833,333.

They say that using a Simply Fit Board to tackle the bulge increases cardio, core muscles, and balance since twisting works the core.

They also mentioned that their gadget has hundreds of workouts; Kevin wants to try it, and Mark joins him; Kevin appears strange on the board, while Mark can hardly stand up.

Robert takes a step forward and does a professional turn. As the Sharks spin, Linda confesses that they were inspired by a skateboard toy.

They’ve also designed a companion platform; the board/platform combination is patent-protected. Kevin says it is simple to remove.

Similarly, they have made over $400,000 with a $260,000 profit. Each board costs $9.89 to produce.

Kevin offers $250,000 for 30% ownership of the firm after hearing the statistics, which is more money but at the same valuation, they requested. Robert believes it isn’t confidential, therefore he’s out.

Barbara had a bad encounter with an infomercial fitness product in the past, therefore she was also out.

Lori feels this product was exactly what she’s looking for, but they need to strike quickly, so she’s giving $125,000 for 20% equity shares.

Lori refuses Gloria’s request to enter the house with Kevin. Lori continues to underline the benefits of making a deal with her, and Gloria answers with an offer of $125,000 for 18% ownership in their company. Lori ultimately accepts and finishes the deal with Gloria.

What happened to Simply Fit Board after it was shown on Shark Tank?

Following the shouts on the pitch between Lori and Gloria, the deal was completed, and the business is growing wonderfully.

After the episode aired, Simply Fit Board updated their website, and they also appeared with Lori on QVC the next day and sold three semi-trailers worth of merchandise, selling out of all their stock in the process.

The mother and daughter duo claimed to have generated $1 million in sales after the show aired. In less than a year, they had generated more than $9 million in sales.

They were also successful in getting the product into every Walmart in the United States. They have made over $160 million in sales and will be in business till 2021.

Simply Fit Board’s competitors

Simply Fit Board’s main rivals are Ville de Luxe and Florists’ Trans World Delivery.

Simply Fit Board’s Net Worth

The company has developed from a pitch valuation of $833,333 to significant success with an expected net worth of more than $10 million in 2021.

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Simply Fit Board FAQs

Does it offer good value for money?

The item has a cost of $44.95, which is relatively affordable when compared to similar exercise equipment available. The board itself is lightweight and portable, allowing easy exercise on the go.

 Is it durable?

The Simply Fit Board is made from high-quality plastic, ensuring that it’s sturdy enough to support the user while they exercise. This can also be combined with other activities or exercises to strengthen muscles and burn fat.

Is the product safe?

Simply Fit Board is designed with a non-slip surface to prevent accidents, whilst also offering users’ safety features such as a safety guard so that they can exercise safely. The instructions provided on the board make it clear how to use it correctly, and some are even available in Spanish.

How can Just Fit Board’s technology prevent back pain?

Simply Fit Board uses motion sensors that monitor their movement and keep track of their balance.

Does Simply Fit Board work for everyone?

The gadget is designed for anyone, regardless of their current level of physical fitness or ability to move. This could be targeting those with related issues such as pain or mobility problems.

Does Simply Fit Board work?

There are thousands of reviews online, on Amazon and elsewhere, that give the board a 4 or 5 star rating. Based on many customer reviews, it is clear that the device has helped improve strength, balance, and flexibility in users.

Why should you buy Simply Fit Board?

Simply Fit Board is designed to help anyone regain their balance, which is one of the main causes of back pain. Anyone can benefit from it; it doesn’t matter what their level of physical ability is or whether they’re a beginner or experienced in exercise.

What are the benefits of Simply Fit Board?

People have found the following benefits from using the product: Helps increase balance and lower back pain, Strengthens core muscles and improves flexibility, Improves posture and provides a full-body workout in just 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

How expensive is Simply Fit Board?

It retails at $44.95, which is reasonably affordable when taking into account the number of potential benefits that it offers users.

Can Simply Fit Board be shipped internationally?

Yes, Simply Fit Board is available worldwide, including shipping to Canada and Australia. The item can be conveniently shipped to their home and/or business address.

What colors does it come in?

The product comes in black, white, and aqua colors; the same colors as found on the infomercial.

What is the Simply Fit Board return policy?

Simply Fit Board is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee that offers users a full refund if they are unhappy with their product. Customers can request a return by contacting the company, and their request will be processed within 24 hours by someone from customer service.

Where can I buy Simply Fit Board?

Customer can buy it from the official website or from Amazon, which regularly offers special deals on the product.

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