What Happened to Send A Ball After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Send A Ball?

Send A Ball is an online greeting card company that sends out fully inflated vinyl play balls with no box, wrapping, or bubble wrap; just the ball, some stamps, and a “puntastic” message.

The address and postage of the recipients are printed on one side of the ball.

One of Sendaball’s trademark “pun” phrases appears on the ball’s back side.

Send a Ball offers a selection of colourful bouncing balls that may be customised with personalized inscriptions.

Who is the Founder of Send A Ball?

Send A Ball was founded by Chicago residents Michele Kapustka and Melisa Moroko.

Although the sisters had been delivering bouncy balls since the 1990s, it wasn’t until 2003 that the two mothers became overnight entrepreneurs after being asked to send a ball.

Melisa and Michele are still the owners of the company, with Michele serving as Chief Ball Handler.

The odd sisters were suburban women who lived in the same Chicago neighbourhood. Kapustka has a background in direct mail.

However, it wasn’t until a catastrophic trip to the post office that the idea for Send a Ball was born.

Kapustka stumbled upon a rubber ball in a cheap store and figured it would be the perfect silly present for a sick friend.

She then went to the post office to mail her prize. A man in line offered her money to mail him a ball.

While Kapustka first refused, preferring to share instructions with the man, the incident changed her mind.

She went home, phoned Melissa, and the two came up with the idea for a one-of-a-kind mail-order business.

What Happened to Send A Ball at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Kapustka and Moroko approach the Shark Tank with an $86,000 offer for a 20% stake in Send a Ball. This equates to a $430,000 valuation.

Melisa Moroko adds that they need specialized equipment to make more balls and meet all of their requests, which is why they need the Sharks.”

The sisters give a high-level summary of the Send a Ball concept. The balls are imprinted with phrases like “Have a ball on your birthday!” and “Return soon!”

The receiver’s address is engraved on the ball, and stamps are attached. There are no shipping costs, and because consumers enjoy their one-of-a-kind gift, the vast majority order another Send a Ball within 48 hours.

As a result, every year since the company’s founding, the sisters have been able to treble their orders.

Robert Herjavec wonders why the “unusual” value of $86,000 was picked.

According to Kapustka, the amount is based on the cost of the equipment required to make the balls in-house rather than outsourcing them as they now do.

Kevin O’Leary is intrigued about individual sales profit margins. Kapustka claims that for every $20 transaction, he will receive $15. O’Leary seems to be impressed.

Kevin O’Leary decides he “does not want to be in the ball business.” He’s already gone.

Barbara Corcoran wonders why they haven’t just sought a bank. Kapustka says that the Sharks’ abilities are more important to them than the investment itself.

Kevin Harrington observes that the business has “nothing proprietary” and anticipates that it will be surpassed by imitators in the near future. He’s already gone.

Daymond John claims that they don’t need him as a partner because he’s also gay.

Robert Herjavec says he enjoyed the presentation and may contact Michele or Melisa in the future to send a ball to someone, but he is not interested in investing in their company. Robert Herjavec has declared his demise.

Barbara Corcoran is unsure, claiming that her opinion has changed since they were on stage, but she does not feel the combination is a good fit. She’s no longer there.

The sisters from Send a Ball left the Tank without reaching an agreement.

What Happened to Send A Ball After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Despite their inability to secure an investment from the Sharks, the Send a Ball sisters are still going strong.

The show’s exposure raised sales and benefited the ladies in their efforts to grow their companies.

Copycat enterprises sprang up, as Harrington predicted, but Send a Ball has the special distinction of being the first to enter the niche market, which has allowed them to grow.

A patent application is pending, according to the website.

The Send a Ball story proves that you can bounce back from a Shark Tank rejection.

The company is profitable as of July 2021, with annual revenues of $1 million.

What is the Net Worth of Send A Ball?

Kapustka and Moroko approach the Shark Tank with an $86,000 offer for a 20% stake in Send a Ball. This equates to a $430,000 valuation.

Current valuation is evidently higher since the Company has grown.

Who are the Competitors of Send A Ball?

Send A Ball does not have any competitors.

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Send A Ball FAQS

Are they able to choose a colour?

They occasionally add a few additional colours. To find out what they have, simply drop them an email.

How do they ship?

The balls are delivered fully inflated via normal US Postal Service First Class Mail. Balls that have been hand-addressed, stamped, and mailed. There is no box, no bubble wrap, thread, or tape. Simply put, the ball.

How long does it take?

One week is about right. Orders are normally sent the next business day and arrive between 4 and 9 business days later.

Delivery is dependent on location. They are based in Chicago and ship from there.

The Postal Service is not always as efficient as they would want, and they must be patient.

International orders are normally processed in 2-3 weeks.

Can it fit in a mailbox?

No. Across the previous decade, they’ve sent balls to various sorts of buildings and mailboxes all over the world.

The balls are labelled as a ‘PACKAGE,’ which means the post office will find a way to get them to them.

Can they ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes, the post office will leave a note in the box, and the individual will be responsible for arranging for it to be picked up from the window, just as they would with a package.

What if the ball arrived deflated or popped?

Extremely rare, but not impossible. If the ball becomes deflated or popped, the post office has been told to return it to them, and they would swiftly issue a replacement.

If a ball arrives deflated or popped, please contact or call them and they will send you a replacement. They’ve moved hundreds of balls, so this is an extremely rare find.

What does the post office think?

Send A Ball is quite popular at the post office. They even put them on the front cover of the Great Lakes Quarterly, their quarterly publication.

The messenger usually has as much pleasure delivering this odd surprise as the receiver does receiving it. They say they love it since around 15% of their clientele are postal workers.

Can they send a ball out of the country?

Yes, it costs an extra $3 and takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

Can they ship to College?

Yes, absolutely! And what a blast it is! They usually place a letter in the mailbox telling the student to get a parcel from the window, which is subsequently tossed at them.

Can they rush an order?

Unfortunately, they are unable to offer expedited service at this time.

What is the email for Send A Ball?

They can contact them their email at [email protected]

What happened to Send A ball?

Shark expressed an interest in the project. Barbara Corcoran, who liked the idea but believed they didn’t need the Sharks’ help.

She eventually decided not to invest, and the Send a Ball sisters left the Tank without reaching a deal.

How Send A Ball does makes money?

Each ball costs $20, and Send A Ball receives $15 every transaction.

Are the Send A ball still in business?

Yes. With only one million dollars in income per year, it looks to be doing well.

Is Send A Ball a good idea?

The elegance of the ball makes it more than simply a gift; it is an experience.

The sisters discovered that the more creative someone is with how they use the ball, the more pleasure they have with it.

This fosters recurring business as well as the acquisition of new clients. The Send a Ball sisters have demonstrated that there is a market for their concept.

How much is Send A Ball?

Send A Ball costs $20 and includes delivery within the contiguous United States.

Is this a secure site?

Yes. Their orders are processed through Authorize.net, which was recommended to them by VISA/MASTER CARD as a secure website for small businesses.

Send A Ball does not have access to their credit card information.

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